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First Issue Special #1 JACK KIRBY DC Comics 1970's for sale

 There are 200 small and large Boxes of hand chosen comics to list and sell.


Uncanny X-men

21 Different Comics -- lot 1

LOT High Grade Marvel

Uncanny X-men 1st series 1st prints* and 3 X-men 2nd Series also

Personal Collection (21 different issues).  First print unless noted.*

Mostly super High Grade unread.

All have beautiful gloss and color.

Group Sale.  Back Issue COMICS.  SOME May be future gold!

When you hold them in your hands you will know the power of
the Uncanny X-men.

Uncanny X-men:

#257 VF-/VF 1st print $10 Jim Lee
1st series 1st print

#256 NM/M range  $20
1st print
1st series

#258  VF+ or better $10
1st print 1st series

#150 VF+/NM- double-sized Magneto line breaks  $14
1st print 1st series

#282 GOLD Bishop 2nd printing* $8 High Grade

Dazzler #1 Fine or better $20 X-men 1st print and series

X-men #1 VF+/NM- 2nd series 1991  -- 1st print $3 *

X-men #2 NM- or better 2nd series 1st print $2 *

X-men #3 NM- 2nd series 1st print $3.50 *

Uncanny X-men #259 VG+/Fine- 1st series $7

" #302 VF+ or better $3
1st print 1st series

" #189 Fine or better $9
1st print
1st series

" #283 VF- or better  $12  --1st full Bishop
1st print
1st series

Uncanny X-men are all 1st prints 1st series unless noted otherwise*

#173 VG+ line breaks indentations at spine $10
1st print
1st series

#250 VF+ or better 1989 $7
1st print
1st series

#176 NM Paul Smith 1983 $9
1st print
1st series

#152 Fine or better McLeod, Claremont 1981 $12 or more

1st print
1st series

#234 VG or better $8 a good seller

1st print
1st series

#280 NM Andy Kubert 1991  $8

1st print
1st series

#285 NM nice gloss  and color ALL $4

1st print 1st series

Giant Size #1 reprint* 2nd print Fine range
with line breaks double $10-$25
sized Marvel Milestone Edition

TOTAL $198 value range for all, offers OK !

(At stores sometimes double or triple).  Or if cgc'd.

Actual value if cgd's 2-10 times higher maybe on some, I think.

Anyway I am trying to give a good deal I am not into competition. 

I may have a few more copies of each too!   Free bags and boards


$140 obo  Have other wants let me know.


Pink Panther Animation Drawing $25 old original bend obo  
Random illustration by Rob Gustaveson * $20  
  comics and art shipped in one weekday fast 50 years on mail order and grading
Rune #1 Barry Windsor Smith NM free bag and board with all comics -modern- Malibu Comics $5-$10 make offer  
Marvel Team Up #130 Marvel Comics Fine Spider-man and Scarlett Witch $9 obo  
Marvel Team-up #46 Spider-man and Deathlok MARVEL  1976 Stains Fine or better $15 obo Bronze Age  
Life Magazine Sept. 9 1966 incomplete David McCallum and much more $9  
Web of Spider-man #90 BIG GOLD HOLOGRAM high grade NM-  Marvel Comics $12  
Spider-man #26 Big Hologram Marvel Comics NM- $12  
Astonishing Tales #5 Ka-zar Dr. Doom Marvel Comics Tiny wear left spine small area BARRY WINDSOR SMITH $39  

on Ebay I am graphic-illusion

Many images on ebay and bonanza right now or

on my facebook or pinterest pages*

Shazam #1 high grade DC Comics 1970's Capt. Marvel $100  
  now selling toys too for a short time
Amazing Spider-man #363 Venom and Carnage... NM $19  
Amazing Spider-man #378 Marvel Comics Venom Carnage $19  
Logan's Run #1 Marvel Comics 1976 $20  
Giant-Size Doc Savage #1 Marvel Comics 1976 Annual size $32  
  ask for an image
Giant Size Super-Villain Team Up #2 (1975) Wrinkle Marvel Comics Annual size $35  
Marvel Feature #1 Red Sonja Marvel Comics Giordano 1975 High Grade $40  
   See all ten + pages of my 200,000 tems,,mostly comics and art
Marvel Comics Presents #2 Wolverine $10 NM  
Magnus Robot Fighter #15 Unity VALIANT Comics Nice Shape unred unopened Frank Miller Cover $9  
Modern FOOM Magazine #1 $10  
Spectacular Spider-man #134 Sin Eater Part 1 Marvel Comics Fine or better 1987-- $25  
Web of Spider-man #127 Marvel Comics Punisher $7  
Plasm #5 VG+/Fine $2

 I should have most Plasms available too.


My website has many images too

Visit and buy today, thanks.

  You can buy directly from me or I can list on ebay or Bonanza or Facebook, ask

email preferred

Spider-man #1 McFarlane Marvel Comics 1991-ish  NM Black Silver 1st Print Cover High Grade $25 Spider-man Purple Green Version  $19 Marvel 1st print issued same day as Black Silver Version. Same contents. Inquire about Gold 2nd Print Spider-man #1
Spider-man Versus Wolverine #1 (one shot) Thicker nice paper Marvel Comics wrinkles $25  
John F. Kennedy Champion of Freedom 1964  Wordin & Childs Inc.comic book  $35 obo  
Marvel Spotlight on Red Wolf #1 Syd Shores art 1971 Gardner F. Fox words Marvel Comics $30  
Action Comics #1 Giant Reprint FAMOUS 1st EDITION  C-26  (1974) Originally 1938 1st Superman $100 obo  
LOBO Infanticide #1, #2, #3, $6 ea obo  
Lobo #3, #11 $4 each  
Lobo Blazing Chain of Love $1 (1992) DC COMICS $5  
     high grade unless noted (meaning VF to NM)
Youngblood Strikefile #10  Image Comics $3  
Deathblow #18 Image Comics $4  
Union #2 Image $4  




Thanks for Buying from Me!       

     More to come.

Marvel Presents #1


Adventure Into Fear #20 The Living Vampire

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