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Detective Comics #438 Double-sized DC Comics


100 Page Super Spectacular. Batman, Some old 1950's+ comics reprints

Jim Aparo (New 1st story), Wear at spine bends (very small cut) still looks nice ($100 if NM-)

Also contains Green lantern, Atom, Robin, Hawkman, Manhunter



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COMICS:  All 1st prints unless noted, 1950's -1996 +,

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Silver Age 1960's... DC Comics

Many of the Comics are High Grade

will indicate when not



Thundercats #1 Marvel Comics


DC Special Series #20 Swamp Thing Saga February 1980 by Wein and Wrightson

Dollar Comics Double-sized  $20 DC Comics Fine+ minor wear Almost 40 years old. (Ask About the Box of them or see my DC page where what I have is listed).  Light on bag not comic.

Price is based on Grade 99% of the time; 60's-70's, plus others

All 1st prints unless noted

Detective Comics #401 DC Comics $35  
  Blackhawk  #246 Fine range DC
Brave and the Bold #90 DC Comics Neal Adams$15 (should be more) 1960's  
  Justice League of America #111 Right edge of this DC 100 Pager is brown; piece out lower left cover at spine; wear;  Writing; Complete $7 ( if NM- $85 value)
Batman #168 DC $110 ($400 if NM-)  
  Flash #153 DC Comics  $13 Silver Age 1960's
Batman #384  DC  
  1st Issue Special #1 JACK KIRBY DC Comics High Grade 1970's
Batman #162 DC Comics $29  
  Crisis of Infinite Earths #8 Death of Flash  DC Comics $10- $20 make offer
Batman #173 DC  
  Firestorm #1  DC Comics $100 Fine to VF or better range High Grade
Batman #283 DC $23  
  Firehair #87 DC Comics Joe Kubert $16 Silver Age
Batman #207 DC $25 ($115 if NM-)  
  Secret Origins #9 Stain DC Comics Skyman Flash Star Spangled Kid  $5
Batman #217  DC $18  ($95 if NM-)  
  Flash Annual #3 DC Comics
Batman #194 DC $18 (If NM- $170) wow  
  Darkseid and Galactus The Hunger John Byrne DC Deluxe Fomat one shot
Batman #183 DC $45 2nd Poison Ivy ($350 if it was NM-)
  Amethyst Princess of Gemworld  #1 DC 1986 $6
Batman #184 DC $10 (If NM- $230)
Batman #205  DC  $15 (If NM-$115)  
  Hellblazer #41
Batman #220 DC $12 (If Nm- $85)  
  Flash #212 $20 ($55 if in NM-)
Batman #173 $30 (If NM- $230)
  Black Orchid #1 DC $4-$5 ish
Batman #195 $17 ($650 if NM-) (Good use to be 10% in the good old days) (p.s the Good old days were never really that good)..:) But the Best Comics were from 1950's-1997 I feel.  
  Hulk #227 Marvel  $7
80 Page Giant BATMAN #185 $20 $240 if NM- DC  
  SWAMP THING #1 (Saga of) DC Comics  $12 High Grade
DC BATMAN #258 100 Pages full color $24 the first mention of ARKHAM $150 in NM-  

Transmetropolitan #13 NM- DC Comics  $3.50-$4.50 ish offers

80 Page Giant BATMAN #187 DC $19 ($245.00 if NM-) DC  
  Justice League of America #233 Vibe $6 DC
BATMAN #225 Giant G-73 $9 ($125 if NM-)  
  The New Titans (one Shot DC Comics Drug Battle Drug Abuse comic) Anti Drugs $10
Batman #175 DC $19 ($220 if NM-)  
  Firestorm #1 High Grade DC Comics $100 don't forget 10% off when you buy 2 comics or items; Get 10% off Orders of $50 or more not counting shipping.  Shipping is $4-$5 for 1-2 comics, Insurance is extra.  All come with tracking.
Batman #215 DC $16 (If NM- $95 in guide  
  Amethyst #1 Giffin, Newall, Maroto #1 of 4 DC Comics
WORLD's FINEST #188 Giant Batman & Superman  $15 (If NM- $85  
  Green Lantern Ganthet's Tale JOHN BYRNE One Shot Larry Niven $15-$20 I threw an autograph party with Niven. Silver embossed logo.  1992 Unsigned (Will probably keep) Niven wrote the Green Lantern Bible. Famed SF Author. Minor wear. Deluxe Fomat. My Comic Store was next door to LASFS for 10 years.  (Famed SF club).
World'sFinest #206 Giant G-88 DC $10 (If NM- $70  
  Aquaman #5 DC $3
World's Finest #164 DC Comics $15  (If NM- $75)  
  Weird #4 Jim Starlin & Wrightson DC Comics
Detective #431 DC $7 ($70 if NM-) BATMAN  
  Punisher #8 Marvel Comics
DETECTIVE #478 High Grade Clayface  $37 ($55 if NM-)  
  Amethyst #4 DC $4 #3 DC $4, Amethyst #2 DC $4, Amethyst Annual #1 DC $7 All high grade great art unread
Newer: Batman #453 DC Dark Knight Dark City
  Sgt. Fury And His Howling Commandos #27 Marvel Comics Silver Age  $14 (If NM- $110)
DC  100 Page Super Spectacular 31604  BATMAN DC-14  $19 (IF nm- $125)  
  Sgt. Fury #9 Marvel Comics $39
Justice League of America #160 Nov. 1975 Variant  
  Sgt. Fury #26 Marvel $25 (If NM- $105)
Justice League of America #71 DC VG Scrape at spine.  
  Sgt. Fury #25 Marvel $49 If NM- $110
FLASH GORDON JUNGLE JIM SUNDAY NEWSPAPER STRIP BY ALEX RAYMOND 10-02-38 $29.00 Supple Paper. Sealed in Plastic. Reverse side:  Ad and Bringing Up Father by Geo McManus 1st Print Original Platinum Age      My Facebook Page has all these Sgt. Fury Images (see top of page for the url address)
  Sgt. Fury #24 Marvel $30 (If NM- $105)
FLASH GORDON JUNGLE JIM SUNDAY NEWSPAPER STRIP BY the great ALEX RAYMOND 5-03-36 Sealed  In Plastic. Supple paper. $29.00 Reverse Side:  Van Swaggers & Tillie the Toiler by Russ Westover Original Platinum Age see more click and visit, see the list

Sgt. Fury #67  $18 (If NM- $40) Last .12 center  
TARZAN Sunday Funnies Newspaper Strip by Hal Foster Aug. 28, 1932 Sealed in Plastic $35.00 obo  Reverse Side Has Mr. & Mrs. and Winnie Winkle by Branner Supple paper  
  Sgt. Fury #21 Fine Or Better Marvel Comics  $33 (If NM- $105 ALL 1st prints and 1st series)
Prince Valiant 9-21-41 Hal Foster Artwork Beautiful supple page sealed in plastic  $35.00 Reverse Side Katzenjammer Kids by Knerr plus an ad Golden Age/Platinum age  
  Sgt. Fury #9 (Dup) MARVEL $48 (If NM- $375)
Swamp Thing #24 DC COMICS $18 (If NM- $38)  
  Sgt. Fury #17 Marvel $45 IF NM- $185
Swamp Thing #23 DC $15 Nestor Redondo 1976 1st Print & Series New Logo  ($38 if it was NM-)  
  Sgt. Fury #18 Marvel  $35 (If NM- $185)
Swamp Thing Saga Sept 1979 High Grade Berni Wrightson $20 DC  
  Sgt. Fury #19 Marvel $30  If NM $185
SWAMP THING #9 Berni Wrightson Double-sized  $69 DC Comics (If NM- $69)  
  Sgt. Fury #23 Marvel $65 (If NM- $105)
Swamp Thing #18 VG- $8 DC Comic Books  
  Sgt. Fury #10 Marvel $35 (If NM- $375 Jack Kirby Silver Age (Does some in many as does Stan Lee)
New X-men #155 Marvel Comics  
  Sgt. Fury #14 Marvel  $75 If NM- $185
New X-men #114 Part One of 3 MARVEL  
  Sgt. Fury #16 Marvel  $65 (If NM- $185)
New X-men #152 Marvel Comics  
  Sgt. Fury #28 Marvel $73 (If NM- $105)
Wolverine #1 Soultaker Marvel, Direct  
  Sgt. Fury #29 Marvel $35 (If NM- $105)
What The #11 Wolverina Marvel Comics  
  Sgt. Fury #30 Marvel $45 (If NM- $60)
Astonishing Tales #12 Ka-Zar Marvel 1972 Buscema, Adkins Marvel Comics  
  Sgt. Fury #31 Marvel $43 (If NM- $60)
Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-man #98 Marvel Comics  
  Sgt. Fury #32 Marvel $45 (If NM- $60)
Spectacular Spider-man #201 Marvel Comics Venom Carnage etc/ 1st Print Sal Buscema Black Cat NM- $15 obo  
  Sgt. Fury #33 Marvel $49 (If NM- $60)

Astonishing Tales #11 with Ka-Zar Gil Kane, Yellowing Wear, Corner piece gone VG


   ASTONISHING TALES #9 Nice Shape 1971 Marvel KA-ZAR See above Gil Kane
Justice League #1 VF DC 1987  
  Sgt. Fury #35 Marvel $45 (If Nm- $60)
 The lower price showing is the price minus your discount
Blade #1 Marvel  Special cover  Midnight Sons  
  Sgt. Fury #37 Marvel $45 ($60 if NM-)
Human Fly #1 Fine Range 1977 Marvel  
Sgt. Fury #36 Marvel $23 ($60 if NM-)
Lobo Convention Special #1 Giffin DC Comics  
  Sgt. Fury #40 Marvel $50 (IFNM- is $60)
Lobo a Contract with God #4 Dwyer Giordano Grant DC  
  Sgt. Fury #41 Marvel $28 ($60 if NM-)
Lobo #4 DC 1994  
  Sgt. Fury #43 Marvel $19 (if NM- 60)
Cerebus #82   B&W Aardvark-Vanaheim Great cover  
  Sgt. Fury #44 Marvel $35 (If NM- $60)
Scarlett Spider #4 (of 5) thick Marvel  Planet of Symbiotes Spectacular Spider-man Super Special Flip cover NICE  
  Sgt. Fury #45 Marvel $27 (If NM $60)
LOBO's Back #2 High Grade DC  
  Sgt. Fury #46 Marvel $39 (If NM- $60)
Lobo Portrait of a Victum #1  
Sgt. Fury #47 Marvel $28 (If NM- $60)
Lobo #3  

Send your want list.  Ask for a scan, price and or grade


  Sgt. Fury #47 Marvel $35 (If Nm- $60)
Ewoks #2 Marvel  
  Sgt. Fury #48 Marvel $28 (If NM- $60)
Gotham Nights #2 DC  
  Sgt. Fury #49 Marvel Comics
Gotham Nights #1 Batman DC  
  Sgt. Fury #50 $32 (If Nm- $60)
Spawn #1 Image (Have 2,3, 4, and more too) inquire  
  Sgt. Fury #51 $20 (If NM- $50)
Amazing Spider-man #244 Marvel Hobgoblin Stern Romita Jr.  Klaus Janson 1983  
  Sgt. Fury #65 $18 (If NM- $40)  All 1st series and 1st prints (a few later ones could be reprints) ASK
RAI #1 Valiant high Grade  Flip Cover with Magnus Robot Fighter  
  Sgt. Fury #99 $9 (If NM $24) (All these comics As seen in the Sgt. Fury Video On You Tube My You Tube Channel is Urmzogna)
Spider-man #9 McFalane Marvel  
Sgt. Fury #93  Marvel Comics $13 (If NM- $24)  Thanks or buying from me.
Batman Legend of the Dark Knight #6 High Grade Gothic Morrison and Janson DC  
Batman Legend of the Dark Knight #10 DC Gothic  
  Sgt. Fury And His Howling Commandos #89  $14 Marvel Comics 1st print 1960's ( If NM- $24)
Lobo #7 DC  
   Sword of Valor #3 F+ A+ Comics
Spider-man #6 Hobgoblin McFarlane Marvel  
  Galactus Devourer #3 Marvel Nice
Spider-man #7 MARVEL COMICS Todd McFarlane of Spawn/Image fame  
  Silver Surfer #106 (1995 ) Marvel High Grade
Superman #76 Funeral For A Friend #4 (After Sups Death by Doomsday) DC  
Silver Surfer #109 Marvel all in excellent shape fair prices
 Batman Spawn Deluxe Format Comic NICE DC War Devil  
  Silver Surfer #110 Capt. Marvel awesome art
Justice League of America #69 (all 1st prints on this page) DC DOOMSDAY part of Superman's Death  
  Silver Surfer #99 Temptation Lust MARVEL  Have a lotof other great issues, inquire.
Superman #74 Doomsday (Superman's  Death Stories) DC  
  Huntress #2 DC Great Cover $6
Kitty Pryde and Wolverine #4 VF one ding MARVEL  
  Beavis and Butthead #20 MARVEL MTV
Batman Legend of the Dark Knight #53 DC High Grade as all modern comics I have are  
  Marvel Comics Presents #135 Ghost Rider and Cage Flip Cover Wolverine Iron Fist
Batman Legend of the Dark Knight #55 DC NM-  
  Alien Nation #1  Premiere Issue Adventure Comics The Spartans Nice Shape
Batman Legend of the Dark Knight #47  NM- HEAT DC Doug Moench and Russ Heath  
  Jon Sable Freelance #27 GRELL First Comics
Batman Legend of the Dark Knight #45 Turf Part 2 Steven Grant McManus  
  Jon Sable Freelance #26 VF + First Comics Grell
Fantastic Four #248 John Byrne Marvel  
  Jon Sable Freelance #37 Line breaks dings  Grell First comics
Vision and the Scarlet Witch #10 Marvel  nice  
  Sirens of the Lost World #1 Comax
Vision and the Scarlet Witch #2 West Coast Avengers Crossover Grim Reaper Marvel  
  Secret Weapons #3 Valiant Comics
Vision and the Scarlet Witch #1 Marvel Comics Double-sized wear at staples  
  Boris The Bear #2 (Transformer looking characters) Dark Horse Comics
What If #2 Daredevil Killed Kingpin 1989 Nice Marvel  
  Whisper #2 Capital comics Nice
Nightstalkers #4 NM Marvel  
  Gnatrat The Dark Gnat Returns Batman Parody $7
Hawkworld #32 Truman DC  
  Dreadstar Annual #1 JIM STARLIN Double-size Epic/Marvel
Avengers Invaders Sketchbook New Marvel Alex Ross (Probably a give away) 2008  
  Steeltown Rockers #6 Marvel
MORBIUS The Living Vampire #23 Spider-man 1994 Marvel  
  Marvel Two-In-One #58 Aquarian Marvel Comics
Namor #1 Marvel (If I have it here twice means I have a t least two of them) John Byrne High Grade Marvel ASK FOR SCANS!  
  New Order #1 CFD Publishing
FORCE WORKS #8 Marvel 1995  
  Thunder Agents #5 Wally Wood Ordway 1986 Deluxe Comics
MoonKnight #32 Marvel  nice
  Jezebel Jade #3 COMICO
Doctor Strange #26 Marvel  

See my web page link of Strange Tales and Dr. Strange Comics

Nightglider #1 Jack Kirby Free KirbyChrome Trading Card within Conway Thomas Heck TOPPS Still Sealed in Publisher Bag
Doctor Strange #37 Marvel Near Mint Clea  
  MIGHTY MOUSE AND FRIENDS #1 Spotlight Comics  Holiday Special Deluxe Format
ROM #41 Marvel  Living Tribunal Doctor Strange Mantlo Sal Buscema In-Betweener+++  
  Yogi Bear Giant Size  #1 High Grade Hanna Barbera
Captain America #338  MARVEL Fall of the Mutants Tie In  
  Harbinger #19 Valiant Comics Howard Simpson
HULK #286 Marvel Comics  
  Valkyrie #3 Eclipse Gulacy
Rom #37 Marvel wear  
  Valor Thunderstar #1 And His Fireflies NOC COMICS  Ordway Cover
X-Force #6 $2 NM Marvel  
  Question #13 DC Comics Cowan
Deathlok #4 Marvel NM $1  
  Manthing #8 Marvel  1980 High Grade
Doom 2099 #1 Marvel Comics Shiny Cover  
  Kid Colt Outlaw #221 Marvel Comics Larry Leiber Gil Kane Cover
Marvel Tales ##208 Spider-man and Red Sonja  NM-  
  Kid Colt Outlaw #210 Gil Kane Cover (Older Stories possibly reprints) Marvel
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein #3 Topps Comics Unopened in Still sealed Publisher bag never touched or read  
  Kid Colt Outlaw #228 Jack Keller and Tom Sutton Marvel
Femforce Up Close #3 AC Comics Dragonfly Dave Roberts In color  
  Flash  #199 wear on right side DC (gift, not part of my high grade collections))
Marvel Premiere #41 Seeker 3000 (#1 key) Tom Sutton Fine marvel  
  Two Gun Kid #133 Marvel Nice Shape
The World of Metropolis #1 DC Comics Fine/VF- wear at staple  
  Ringo Kid #29 Marvel Gil Kane cover
X-Factor #67 Inhumans Marvel VF- or better (A high grade with a ding)  
  Kid Colt Outlaw #211 Marvel 1976
X-Force #5 $2 VF+ or better Marvel  
  Kid Colt Outlaw #223 Marvel  1978 bends wear Thomas Ayers Note Cover By Palmer and Colan VG-
Detective #653 DC Scrape on cover Dixon Nolan  
Kid Colt Outlaw #212 Iron Mask Marvel 1976 Keller
Spider-man #7 Marvel McFarlane Ghost Rider hobgoblin $3.95 marvel  
  Rawhide Kid #136 VG range Marvel
Silver Surfer #25 $4 Giant Sized NM Marvel  
  Rawhide Kid #141 Marvel Kane Cover Jack Davis reprint contents
Beauty and the Beast #3 VF/NM- (ding or line break or minor wear) (+2nd Copy VF or better) Marvel  
  Rawhide Kid #213 Marvel
Beauty and the Beast #2 Marvel Comics Marvel Beast VF- or better ding  
  Secret Origins #20 Batgirl and Dr. Midnight  Thomas Clark 1987 Leonardi DC
Beauty and the Beast #4 Marvel Anne Nocenti and Don Perlin VF+ or better (2 copies)  
  Cable #35 Marvel Heroes Reborn Onslaught   Watcher nice high grademarvel
WULF #1 Atlas Comics (Larry Lieber, Stan lee's Brothers company) Wear great item  
  Venom #2 Lethal Protector NM Marvel Comics
Spider-man #12 Todd McFarlane Wolverine  Marvel  
  Venom #1 Madness Marvel Embossed cover
Amazing Spider-man #249 Kingpin Hobgoblin wow art  NM 1983 Marvel  
  Venom #3 Funeral Pyre (Punisher) all High Grade NM- range
Gambit #1 Nice Dmarvel Gold Logo Embossed high grade  
  Venom #3 Lethal Protector Marvel Spider-man High Grade
Quasar #8 (With X-men's Warlock) New Mutants Secret Wars The Cosmic Avenger  
  Venom #2 Lethal Protector High Grade (2nd copy, may have more) NM-
DEADPOOL #4 VF+ or better Marvel
  The Vault of Horror #1 Reprint EC Gladsone High Grade unread  full color $$7
Secret Weapon #2 Valiant Comics  
  Guardians of the Galaxy #25 GALACTUS Shiney Metallic Cover Marvel Surfer 31st Century
Secret Weapon #4 Valiant Comics  
  Question #25 DC
Shadowhawk #0 Image Comics  Liefeld ding  
Question #27 DC Comics (2) high grade
The Fly #4 Red Circle (An Archie title) Superheroes  
  Cable #30 Line Break Marvel Comics
The Fly #5 Archie Series STEVE DITKO Nebres Cover High Grade  
  Avengers West Coast #47 Marvel
Magus Robot Fighter and Nexus #2 Valiant and Dark Horse 1994 great art  
  Nicki Shadow #0 VF- Signed
Deathblow #2 Marvel VF  
  Green Hornet #2 Now Comics 1991 Dixon/Smith
Armor #6 Continuity Comics  
  Seven Block Deluxe Format 1990 Epic/Marvel Thicker One shot
WildCATS #1 Jim Lee VF  
  Naive Inter-Dimensional Commando Koalas #1 Wrinkles stamped 1986
The Chronicles of Corum #7 (1988) First Comics, 1988, Water Damage, nice art  
  Super Powers #4 Jack Kirby Kupperberg DC
Rai Future Force #11 Valiant  Chen  
  Mephisto vs the X-men #3 Marvel
AMAZING ADVENTURES #24 Marvel Comics  War of the Worlds Killraven  VG range Buckler Janson cover  
  Marvel Fanfare #35 Vess Marvel
Amazing Spider-man #101 Morbius Reprint Bend 1992 marvel  
  Marvel Fanfare #36 Marvel  Vess
Spider-man #10 Todd McFarlane Wolverine Wendigo  MARVEL COMICS  
  Entertainment Shorts B&W 1993
Falcon #1  mini series Marvel VF  
  Survivors #1 Spectrum (So many comics in High Grade meaning VF or better)
Tales of the Green Lantern #2 DC G  
  Moon Knight #8 Punisher bend Masrvel
Timewarp #2 Kaluta #2 (1979/1980) DC Steve Ditko  
  Atlantis #2 DC 1990
Timewarp #1 Kaluta DC Aparo DITKO  
  Warlord #126 Duursema/Mandrake DC (Have Many Other Issues of this title most by Grell)
X-Force #4 Spiderman Marvel X-Over Sabotage Pt 2 Liefeld $5 obo  
  Warlord #127 DC
New Talent Showcase #2 DC Fine $1  
  Warlord #118 (Extra printer ink not bad) DC
New Talent Showcase #3 DC 1983 VF or better $4  
  Strike #1 Eclipse Comics
New Talent Showcase #4 NM $4 obo DC  
  Captain America #339 Fall of the Mutants Tie in 1987
Critters #19  Fantagraphics  
  Marvel Milestone Edition 1st THE PUNISHER -- AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #129 deluxe format Comic Marvel Re-Print  $20.00 Nice Shape
Elementals #1 Comico  
   World's Finest #139 Batman and Superman DC COMICS 1960's
Amazing Heroes 1990 Swim Suit Special (Omaha cover)  

100's of boxes to go through still

 My Website gives an orderly clue but there is 10 to 100 times more than that, I've been sharing this for 20 years.
MOON KNIGHT #33 Spider-man HOBGOBLIN  Garney Palmer Marvel  
  Captain America  #295 Marvel Comics VF-
MOON KNIGHT #39 NM- Marvel  
  Valkyrie #3 Eclipse (2nd copy probably) VF+
MOON KNIGHT #50 Embossed special cover and comic die cut MARVEL High Grade unread  
  Adventure Comics $453 SUPERBOY DC 1977 1st print and series
MOON KNIGHT #31 nice art; Written by J.M Demattis Marvel Comics  VF- or better  
  Warlord #102 DC
Starman #4 DC Comics  
  Warlord #93 DC
Warlord #78 DC  
  Nova #24 Marvel VG 1979
Detective Comics #610 Batman  
  Silver Surfer Annual  #2 Marvel 1989 Double Sized 64 Pages
Amazing Spider-man #321 Marvel Todd Mcfarlane 1989 NM-  


If we are close to a deal let me know,

Grimms Ghist Stories #57 high grade nice gloss and color; Whitman 1971 Western  
  Next Men 0 by John Byrne Dark Horse Comics
FLARE #3  Hero  Comics 52 Pages  
  Panda Khan #3 Abacus 1988  Dave Garcia
SHIELD #2 Red Circle 1983 VF or better  
  Abraham Stone 1985 Deluxe Fomat one shot #1 Thick Joe KUBERT art
Justioce League of America #62 worn complete DC Comics  
  Miracleman Apocrypha Book 1 comic Eclipse Comics Kelley Jones 1991
X-O Manowar #21 Barry Windsor Smith VF Valiant  
  Megaton Man #5 and #8 Donald Simpson Kitchen Sink
Venom #3 Funeral Pyre Punisher Part 3 NM  
  Night Visions #1 Arrow 1986
The Black Hood #1 Red Circle (Archie) Alex Toth; Mighty Crusaders #6 Archie NM 1984  

 Tower of Shadows #2  Marvel Neal Adams  World's Finest #250 DC thick Batman and Superman + 250th smash issue
GRADING: Poor is a low grade comic so low that it could be missing coupons and have chunks out of the covers, Fair is a low grade comic less bad than poor probably readable lots of wear color fading cuts tears bends; G (Good) is a low grade comic but very readable with wear. The word Range means a half a unit above or below so Fine range would mean VG+ to Fine +
VG is a Very Good Comic which means the bends and cuts are minimal, color ok may have stains, ink, stamps; Fine is a good enough comic to collect and read and should be bagged and boarded a couple bends line breaks dings, Fine+ and Very Fine- borders on High Grade line breaks (a few) allowable; VF Very Fine is high Grade wear is minimal perhaps one bend gloss and color perfect; Grades for Golden Age and New Comics should have  a different standard.  Very Fine + ( Plus) has almost nothing wrong..printers ink no splatter, a little spine roll perhaps or off center maybe all inside pages perfect; Of course coins are minted and comics are printed.  It is high Grade; Very Fine+ is a worthy comic to collect and read carefully or slab and never read. Near Mint - is the highest grade that should exist IT IS ACTUALLY MINT but we call it NM- because no Mint really exists.  Buy comics cause you love the Stories and Art and you love to collect and complete your collections.  1st modern quick draft.


Shows my Amazing Fantasy #15 which I no longer have.  Ignore the intro and halloween vids.

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