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Random Comics for sale from me

Uncanny X-men #155 Marvel Comics great cover Wolverine (1981) 1st print and 1st series  
  Prices upon request
Uncanny X-men #156 Marvel Comics Starslammers 1st series and print  

Grade upon request

Wolverine #5 Marvel Comics  1st series after mini series  
  Images upon request
Uncanny X-men #211 Great Wolverine Cover 25th Anniversary Issue Marvel Comics  
  Daredevil #198 Marvel Comics
Wolverine #17 Classic Wolverine iconic cover John Byrne Marvel Comics  
  Mystery In Space  #111 DC Comics
Wolverine #41 Gold Marvel  2nd print  
  Mystery in Space #113 wear DC Comics
X-force #2 Marvel Comics 1st print 2nd Deadpool $10 obo  
  Green Lantern Green Arrow #89 Neal Adams DC Comics
Guardians of The Galaxy #15 Marvel Comics  
  X-men #205 Barry Windsor Smith Marvel Comics
Guardians of The Galaxy #8 Marvel  
  Amazing Adventures #12 The Beast marvel Comics VG+
Marvel Two-In-One #36 Marvel Thing and Mr. Fantastic Ernie Chan art / Marv Wolfman  
  Iron Man #53 Black Lama Marvel Comics Some Starlin Pencils 1972 Fine
King Conan #1 doublesized Fine+ or better  Marvel  
  The Mighty Thor  #338 2nd Beta Ray Bill Marvel Comcis 1st print and series
New Mutants #93 Great cover Marvel Comics  
  Wonder Woman #1 George Perez  1987 DC Comics $100
Alpha Flight #87 Wolverine cover Marvel  
  Superman #422 Great cover DC Comics 1986
Amazing Spider-man #325 Todd McFarlane 1st series and print Marvel  
  Ren and Stimpy Show Special Four Werks #1 Jan 1995 double-sized Marvel Comics
Web of Spider-man #125 Marvel  
  Secrets of the Legion of Super-heroes #3 DC Comics 1981
WEB OF SPIDER-MAN #4 ANNUAL bigger size Evolutionary War Marvel  
  Cable #1 Marvel  Romita
Red Sonja #1 Marvel  
  300 #1 Dark Horse Special paper Frank Miller Dark Horse
Marvel Comics Presents #74 Barry Windsor Smith WEAPON X Marvel  
  Sin City The Yellow Bastard #6 Frank Miller Dark Horse 1996
Legion of Super Heroes #301  DC Comics 1983 High Grade  
  Sin City #1 Frank Miller 1993 Dark Horse
Disney's Tailspin #1 Walt Disney Prod.  
  Daredevil #177  Frank Miller Marvel Comics VG+
Superman #76 Funeral For a Friend DC Comics 1st print  
Superman#74 Doomsday JLA  Check out all 10 pages if you love comics
Justice League of America #71  



Iron Man #1 second series

Wildstar #2 Image Comics  
Adventure Comics #490 Dial H For Hero DC Comics High Grade  
Shade The Changing Man #42  
Namor #31 Marvel Comics bend Dr. Doom 1992  
Marvel's Greatest Comics  #69 FF Marvel Reprint Title 1977  
Marvel Two-In-One #12 Thing & Iron Man Marvel Comics 1975  
Black Panther #2 Marvel Comics 1988  
Earth 4 #1 Continuity Comics 1993  
Silver Surfer Warlock Resurrection Mephisto #3 Marvel  
Warlock Chronicles #4 Infinity Crusade Crossover Marvel  
Warlock Chronicles #1 Special cover Marvel  
Warlock Chronicles #5 Infinity Crusade Crossover  
Action Comics #416 Superman G- DC Comics 1972  
Deathstroke the Terminator #38 DC Comics  
Outlaws #1 DC  
Justice League Europe #1 DC Comics  
DC Special #12 VIKING PRINCE JOE KUBERT art  1971  from 1960's DC COMICS  
Legends #1 DC Comics Darkseid 1986  
Trinity #1 Special Cover DC Comics with Green Lantern Darkstars LEGION  
Infinity Inc. #20 DC Comics  
Spectre #10 DC Comics  


DC Silver Age Classics SHOWCASE #4  
Doc Savage #11  DC Comics  
The Spectre #13 Glow and the Dark Cover  
Atari Force Special #1 Double-size DC COMICS  
Swamp Thing #151 DC Comics  
Swamp Thing #169 Jon Constantine  
The West Coast Avengers #42 Marvel Comics  
Howard the Duck #5 Marvel Comics  
Daredevil #183 Marvel Comics Drug Death Frank Miller art intense  
New Mutants #100 last issue Marvel Comics  
The New Mutants #1 Marvel Comics 1983  
The World of Metropolis #3, #4 Superman DC Comics  
Krypton Chronicles #1 Superman DC Comics  
Krypton Chronicles #3 Superman DC Comics  
World of Krypton #2 Superman DC Comics  
Iron Man #290 Gold Embossed cover cardstock Marvel Comics  
Kull #25 Marvel Comics 1978 Ernie Chan  
Hulk #396 Punisher  
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