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Batgirl photo by Gustaveson 2009

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Guardians of Earth Prime

1982 by Gustaveson

ji011.jpg image by comiczar

Self Generating Theory

1982 by Gustaveson  ACRYLIC

robsnewart001.jpg image by comiczar

Pastel Study 2009



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Mr. Tao Variant's

by Gustaveson 1976, 1982, 2009

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Mr. Tao says you are the immortal Soul


(Body / Emotion . Mind / S O U L)




John Lennon 1981 Gustaveson


Werner Erhard creator of est and the Hunger Project+.


NatureOfSoul.jpg image by comiczar

      Nature of The Soul


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1982 Gustaveson

Undersea Alien Observer

Thou Art That photo bomomo-2138.jpg


From the Comic Strip Coven Buster

a fictional tale






Krishna by Gustaveson


cover Graphic Illusion #1  2001

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Another logo designed by me. 

Real Stain Glass Window obo


Gustaveson doing Flash Gordon

/ala Alex Raymond.








An Astral Face

By Gustaveson


1977 by Gustaveson "Old Man" Ink Wash


Painting and modification 1995 Gustaveson

"N" Logo Variant 1st


 Ninth Nebula The Complete Comic Book Store 1986-1996



Paul McCartney 

Painting By Gustaveson 1982 Acrylic


Lady Life

Variant by Gustaveson / W. Leonard circa 80's/90's

Model for Hawkmistress by Gustaveson

George Harrison Acrylic Painting by Gustaveson of

George Harrison 1982

By Gustaveson

















I belong to the Church of All Religions.  And I do not belong to any religion that does not believe in God.  God has no opposite.  God is the context of all that is.  It is ok if you choose to use another word other than God.  Or no words at all.  

Silence is even better.  "The Word" lives as the vibratory force that sustains existence.  All is illusion or Maya.    God is the only reality.

I have not studied all religions and I put my faith in Spirituality Lived

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Variant 13


Variant 9

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