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this page is in process

Please inquire for prices & availablity via email. 6-10-14

This is a page not really updated in 2 years...just cleaned up a little today.


Newest *

Photo of Comic Artist

Neal Adams

Ms Mystic, Green Lantern, 

Deadman, X-men artist


Welcome to Graphic Illusion's original art website.  

I have sold art  & comics for about 45 years. (And doing mail order since 1965)!  

This art is available and for sale.  I accept checks, money orders and Paypal.  Thanks for visiting.

***Click all images to see the art larger


(Not prints, not proofs, but real original art for sale here now!) (Glossary/Index) raw in process

My stuff on youtube:  urmzogna (see the newest 4 updated pages).

Please inquire for details or price.  Thank You.

These are all actual pages of comic art not proofs or stats but real comic art.  Covers, Splash Pages and Interior pages of comic art plus paintings.  Most were used in pro comics.  If otherwise that is noted.


     Over 16 pages of art just acquired*. Will list soon.  Featuring unprinted story by Thomas Yeates in full color, Starlin and Rubinstein art, Two Covers, Green Hornet Pageand more.  Inquire sooner.  :) click this art link.

Note:  I buy.  What do you have to sell?  

I am interested in purchasing art by Al Williamson, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, Joe, Kubert, Jeff Jones and 1000 other comic and SF artists.


 (Scroll to the bottom first) email me now!  Let's deal.)  

July August 2011 Arrivals for sale and viewing and trade (will price upon request): $35-$50 for animation drawings* other than Pink Panther.



Real Animation Drawings of the Pink Panther. $15.00 each.  There are 2 Available




Capt. America $350


Vampirella from DeZuniga for sale. $380


$400 Conan


 $380 Jonah Hex art CLICK TO SEE wild


*Bought from Dezuniga



**Bought only one page from Brent Anderson directly.



The art that looks like it is on rice paper was used to design theme parks.  Real art by animators and designers...

  *  Cover * $500 signed

offers OK

Main offerings:
Dean Zachary Covers (2) see main page
Steve Fabian Small Drawing Inquire (got from my pal)
 X-men; $400


JUST IN NEW COMIC ART SIGNED:  Starlin, Yeates, Rubinstein, Colan, DeZuniga...Superman, Dr. Solar, Graphic Novel by Kaluta and Yeates  just being released from Dark Horse; 

* Gene Colan and Alfredo Alcala art

Lilith Horror $290

Marvel Preview #16 Pg 45

Gene Colan art most likely;  Dezuniga (inks)(signed)  NEW!

Original Comic Art from graphic-illusion

* Tony DeZuniga

$380 inquire may be sold.

* FF

$350 Still have

* "

Jim Starlin; Rubinstein (signed) Dr. Solar

One page sold.

I now have this graphic novel and can look up exact page.

* $1500  offers...OK.

Page #8 probably

Michael Kaluta Layouts

Tom Yeates Art 


Based on Adaptation of Outlaw of Torn; 

featuring King Henry the 3rd 

* Thomas Yeats

Michael Kaluta Layouts.

for sale now 


all actual art not proofs or stats
* Thomas Yeates


Page 37 Probably



Michael Kaluta 

actual art I own 


* " Maybe Page 10

you'll get the art showing regardless of actual page count

Thomas Yeates

Full color Acrylic Wash  


  1 sold have the rest.
Daredevil Genen Colan Marvel comics Gene Colan 


Gene Colan Spectre DC comics  Spectre 

Gene Colan 

$1500--$5500 range

* Jim Starlin, Joe Rubinstein art (signed by Joe) Dr. Solar  U2


2 pages sold $250 ea Starlin Rubinsten  Valiajnt.
Have 2 or more pages left.
 *  Dr. Strange + DeZuniga; Inquire
 Estaban Maroto

$1500 -- $2000 entertain offers


$200 obo

  might be sold inquire
original mickey mouse disney animation art framed image by 
graphic-illusion  Real Disney Mickey Mouse animation drawing 

$550 framed

  offers ok
efr001.jpg homer simpson origianal art framed image by graphic-illusion Real Simpsons Bart Simpson art  framed $350 
Wally Wood art  Wally Wood art $1500 - $2200 make offer
thorchan1.jpg image by comiczar Thor  by Chan $350
art4new.jpg image by comiczar Guardians of the Galaxy Annual


ironmannew2.jpg  Gene Colan
7art004.jpg inquire
 Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby $25,000 





$2000 range


Inquire may be sold

Warlord with Titans double page spread Mike Grell

$700 (2 pages) = ($350 ea -- connected) offers ok

Jack Kirby $4900

Kazar offers Now.

Severin, John

Page from Mad imitator Cracked Magazine.


Tom Christopher Marvel Artist and Inker old from Eon #3 a fanzine $250


Thomas Yeates large old Swamp Thing Art 

$2000 old obo

 SWAMP THING $2500 "  with the famous Demon (from Hal Foster's Prince Valiant)



 Wallace Wood art WARREN  $2500


Warren  $2500 offers OK

Gene Colan Capt. Marvell 


   offers ok


barr1.jpg image by comiczar   George Barr

 Elves $250

 George Barr


Cover art to EON #3

craigr.jpg image by comiczar   Craig Robertson


from Eon.

Thomas Yeates 

might be sold inquire; for sale

draculacol.jpg Gene Colan $900-$2500 each old and rare signed
  one with red sold
drac3colan.jpg  "
colan2.jpg  "
art2051/22.jpg  "
colanspectre.jpg  "
  got from colan and his wife about or so 8 years ago
 George Perez


100_2185.jpg   Dr. Strange 

inquire $450.

Click images to see Comic Art larger


"Super Skrull"  Fantastic Four

full color Marvel art -- Painting 

Kieron Dwyer

1995, Signed


Super Skrull Fantastic Four Villain 

 Marvel  $800 obo SALE

Where the main art page still is:

Teen Titans, Jenkins, George Perez art 


The Teen Titans #10 Page #21 Original Comic Art 
From DC comics.  Not a proof or stat.  Actual original comic book art.
  High quality nicely rendered ART!

Original Comic Art SAD SACK SPLASH #28 Page #10

ORIGINAL COMIC ART Silver Surfer #98 PG #28 Hall Signed

IRON MAN ART by Gene Colan 

original comic art  -- recently acquired.  Low price. Tony Stark as Iron Man.

Marvel Comics.  Says: Inventory, Page 8.



accurate and still for sale until deleted; inquire;  Thanks


Managed comic store chains in the 1970's and 1980's;

In 1978 for one year I owned Beyond Illusion New Age Books and Comics.  

I was the sole owner and operator of ninth nebula from 1986 --1996 

I am graphic-illusion since 1965 (published zines from 1965 --1971, 2001)

Threw  19 comic book conventions;  Mail Order since 1965 or earlier.




"Rob is very easy to deal with and knows the value of comic art." -- Sam Peterson

"My art came well packed and very fast.  I am well pleased." -- Ken R.

Thanks for buying directly from me.

     I accept  Paypal for all payment possibilities (including electronic & for credit cards) and ship very fast.

I happily accept Checks & Money Orders, Paypal, cash in person not through mail.


Robert Gustaveson

P.O. Box 1261

Phoenix, OR 97535



I'm good and fast with email (preferred); phones are starting to work better.

Also on Ebay as graphic-illusion for 14 years so far.

buy sell trade

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