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If you want me to sell a key comic book for you let me know.  I have 50+ years experience includes grading, mail order, con throwing, sales (store owner twice), manager, buying, collecting, reading etc.

Everything here is priced at grade.  Send me your want lists by email.  Thanks

Comics & More for sale on this page.  This is an eternal for sale list.



Fantastic Four #56 Jack Kirby Stan lee Marvel Comics 1960's for sale.

Fantastic Four #32 Jack Kirby Stan Lee Marvel Comics 1960's

Fantastic Four #81 Jack Kirby and Stan Lee


BLACK MAGIC #1 (Missing Logo, parts of cover otherwise complete) Jack Kirby $70  (If NM- years ago $2700)



Usagi Yojimbo #21  Sakai 1990 Fine +


Strange Tales #176 The Golem  Marvel Comics

Thor #335 Marvel NM  
  Star Wars #73 Marvel 1983 Marvel
Thor #376 Marvel NM-  
  Tomb of Dracula #17 Marvel
Capt. America #230 Variant Marvel Fine-  
  Fantastic Four #32 Marvel Comics Jack Kirby nice Ask for details
Good Girl Quarterly #15 (1994) AC Thicker B&W and Color Photo Cover  
  Fantastic Four #56 Jack Kirby  Marvel Comics nice
Fantastic Four #116 Thicker Bends Wear Buscema Cover Split Top half Marvel 1st series and print  
Fantastic Four #81 Marvel Comics Jack Kirby nice
Super-Villains #9 DC Comics 1974  DeZuniga  
  Mediascene #7 Steranko Clint Eastwood TV, Film, Pulps, Comics, PB's Undergrounds (Became Mediascene Prevues) Nov. Dec. 1973
 Heavy Metal Fall 2010  
  Ultraverse The Strangers #1 Malibu  ASHCAN Rick Hoberg Cover B&W
 EC Classics #4 (Shock Suspenstories 1/3) An 8 1/2 x 11 EC Magazine Sized on slick paper comic (1950's) (Printed again in 1985 in this format)  
   Black Kiss #11 by H. Chaykin still sealed unopened
 Rogue Trooper #1 Quality  
   Shanghaied   --Eternity Comics Vol. 1 #1 (1987)
 Detectives Inc. #3 Gene Colan Eclipse Comics McGregor Sepia Tone VF+/NM-  
   Vox #1 John Byrne McCellan Apple
 Fashion In Action #1 Eclipse Comics Summer Special 1986  
   Jack The Ripper #1 Oct. 1989 B&W

New America #1, #3, #4 Eclipse Comics 1988 Mini Series


   Viking Heroes #7 Genesis West
 SKY WOLF #2 Eclipse Comics  
   DNAGENTS #2, #6, #11, #13 Eclipse Comics (Random out of the box for first time since issued kept in a cool dark dry closed bagged and boarded ever since).
 Zooniverse #2 Eclipse Comics  
  Terminator #1 High Grade Hunters and Killers Dark Horse Comics NM Jaaska
New Wave #5 and #6 First Comics  
   PsychoBlast #3 First Comics

Strange Tales #176



   Zot #1 ,2, 3, 4, 13, 14 Eclipse when comics got great
 Swords of Texas #2, 3, 4 Eclipse Comics  
  Who Dunnit #1 Eclipse 1986
Ms Tree #11 Aardvark-Vanaheim  
  Marvel Tales #223 Marvel Comics Doc Ock McFarlane cover
Doomsday Squad #4 John Byrne  
  Manthing #2 Marvel Painted Cover  Dr. Strange Modern
Southern Comfort #1 Adults Lesbian theme Gary Groth (Must prove you are over 21)  
  Johnny Demon #1 Dark Horse
Capt. Quick & the Foozle #1 Marshall Rogers Goldberg ECLIPSE COMICS  
  Demon #5 DC Byrne  1995
Demon #1 and #3 DC COMICS (1986) All comics are unread high grade -- owned a store, collected  See Page 13 for images.
  Sensational Spider-man #195 Maarvel 1986
Invaders #31 Marvel Comics  
  Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-man #3  Marvel Lightmaster
Marvel Fanfare #1 Spider-man  VF Golden 1982  
  Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-man #8 Morbius
JLA #185 Darkseid DC  
  Batman Forever 1995 Holofoil Card Promo 1995 Shiny $15
Marvel Team Up Annual #2 Spider-man / Hulk  

Capt. America #336 Morgan Marvel 1987  
  Doctor Solar Man of the Atom #22
The WEIRD #! Starlin /Wrightson DC  
  Justice League of America #100 DC Comics REURN OF A HERO
The Man of Steel #6 John Byrne  
  Punisher War Journal #8 Marvel
Spawn #8 Moore / McFarlane Image,  #28, #34 (have many others)126, 108, 104, 119  
  Punisher No Escape One Shot Deluxe Format High Grade Marvel
What If #22 Dr. Doom Mephisto Marvel  
Blackhawk #181 Coverless DC  
  Warlord Annual #2 DC NM-
Superman #227 Low Grade G aprox  DC Giant sized complete (See page 6/7 of etenal sale)  
  What If The Fantastic Four Had Lost the Trial of Galactus #15 NM Marvel
Tarzan of the Apes #186 Poor / Fair Gold Key staples , piece out back cover complete  
  Femforce #96 AC Comics nice art Black Gorby
World's Finest #236 VG+/Fine-  
  Capt. Power #2 Continuity NM
Edge of Chaos #1 Gray Morrow High Grade PC Comics  
  Capt. America #284 Marvel Super Nice
Marvel Super Action #30 Kang MARVEL  
  Hulk #420 Marvel 1994 Peter David Death by Aids issue VF
New Mutants Annual #5 Marvel Comics NM-  
  Wizard Price Guide DEC 1992 sealed in publisher bag with Wildcats card and  Predator vs. Robot Fighter card









Adventures of the Big Boy #157 (1970)  
  The Mighty Magnor #1 Sergio Aragones / Evanier  $9 obo almost all comics I have only 1 copy

The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones #30 Marvel Comics Fine+ or better Pollard




  Kull the Destroyer #17 Marvel $8
Battletech #2 Blackthorne  





Nick Fury Agent of Shield #6, #7, #9 #14, #15 NM Marvel

  Seduction of the Innocent #3 Eclipse $15

Pricing close to Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide and other ways; some may be worth much more.

Mantech #2 Archie Series
  The Collector #28 Fall 1973 Ken Barr, Bob Smith Fantucchio +++ EC Tribute issue lots of art articles feautres

Cave Girl #1 AC





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Phoenix, OR 97535 (EMAIL IS PREFERRED)

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