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Have a variety of comics with hologram from these series contact me to buy


All are complete.  OFFERS?  Ask for a price.

COMICS:  All 1st prints some very special, 1950's -1996 ...+

Some Newspaper Strips from 1930's-1960's

Comics for sale from me

Comics from $1 - $1500 randomly inserted into this 17+ page Eternal SALE.


Comics & Art Listings

    All 1st prints and new stories unless noted


Prices upon request 

email preferred (don't forget the dots)

Images upon request

Free bags and boards


Marvel, DC, Independent comics:

Dark Horse, Valiant, Image etc.

Many of the Comics are High Grade

will indicate when not; offers always ok




Starlin / Wrightson




Price is based on Grade 99% of the time; 60's-70's, plus others

All 1st prints unless noted

(These are VF+/NM- each) unless noted 

not expensive Inquire


 Dark Horse Comics:  
John Byrne's Next Men #0, #4, #5, #11 Dark Horse Comics  
Aliens Hive #3 Dark Horse  OFFERS OK email me
Aliens 3 #1 Dark Horse  
Aliens Genocide #1, #4 Dark Horse  
Aliens #2 (1989) Dark Horse  
  Star Hunters #1 DC Comics VF++/NM-
Captain Marvel #1 Gold Embossed Logo 1995 Marvel Comics  
MARVEL TALES Sensational Spider-man #196 Ms Marvel  
  Super-Villains #6, 5, 11, 7 DC Comics
Brigade #1, #2  
Savage Dragon #4, 8, #1 June 1993 Larsen, #3  
Hellshock #4  
Prophet #1, #8 (1994) colorful High Grade all unread unopened  
Youngblood #2, #3, #4, #0  
Wetworks #21  
DV8 #2  
Vogue #2  
Zealot #3  
Darker Image #1 sealed in publisher bag unopened
Ripclaw #1
Wildstar  #1 blood comes back as you rub it off; #3, #4
Gen 13 #8 #4
Wildcats #12, 14  
Troll #1 Halloween Special  
Stormwatch #11, 3 at urmzogna on youtube find 200+ comic videos by me
Cyberforce #3  
Savage Dragon #2, #6, #11
Tribe #1  
Youngblood Strikefile #5  
Blindside #1  
Wildcats #1, #2 Holo Cover awesome $20 obo, #4 Sealed unopened in publisher bag, #3 (5),  
Deathblow #1 black cover embossed logo metallic red #2  
Images of Shadowhawk #1 Want to buy this from me on bonanza or ebay or facebook?  ASK Or directly from me.  Email is best.
Supreme #2, 6, 3

Fast one day service.

Cyberforce #0  
Union #3  
Troll #1 Halloween Special $5 Hippy Halloween.  
Vanguard #1 IMAGE  


         Investment quality comics.  And other items.
MARVEL COMICS INDEX #6 STRANGE TALES 98 pages 8 1/2"x11" G&T Enterprises 1977 $45 probably nfs
Project Superpowers #0 Dynamite Comics 2018 High Grade $5
Captain 3-D #1 Harvey JACK KIRBY 1950's $150
The Maxx 1/2 Wizard NM+ $50
Marvel Tales Vol. 1 #5 Summer 1935 (not a comic) More like a pulp or magazine. $50
Spider-man #2 King Sized Annual  STEVE DITKO long new story CGC'd (1965)  4.5 Marvel $450
Giant Superman Annual #7 cgc'd DC Comics Off white to white pages 1963  4.5 $350
Pizzazz 1978 Bill Bixby Hulk transformation photo cover Stan Lees Pro-zine for Marvel. $39
Maxx #1 Glow In The Dark NM+ $99 obo
WARP #9 First Comics AUTOGRAPHED Frank Brunner (At an Autograph Party I threw with him in the 1990's). $95 obo SIGNED
Warp #2 FRANK BRUNNER SIGNED First comics High Grade $125 Autographed
Warp #1 FRANK BRUNNER SIGNED First comics High Grade $139 Signed / Autograph by Frank Brunner
Warp #8 FRANK BRUNNER SIGNED First comics High Grade; Flubbed Signature with extra signed piece of paper $89 at an Autograph Party I threw for him at Ninth Nebula

in the 1990's next door to LASFS* Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society

Warp #5 FRANK BRUNNER SIGNED First comics High Grade Signed $98 Autographed (Have many Dr. Strange Signed by him as well).
Warp #9 FRANK BRUNNER SIGNED First comics High Grade $98 Autographed By Brunner offers ok
Green Lantern #13 Original Blonde Hair 1940's DC Comics Golden Age $450
Erbdom #33 Small Fanzine by Cazedessus Jr. April 1970 Jeff Jones back cover, much more $30
Sachs & Violens #1 Epic Heavy Hitter Metalic looking special cover special edition GEORGE PEREZ Peter David (Marvel) $75
Savage Dragon and The Savage Megaton Man #1 High Grade Gold Embossed logos $65
Youngblood #0 Image Comics  Gold Embossed Special Image Super High Grade  $55
Supreme #1 Gold Image Comics High Grade Special Vol 2 $65
Shadowhawk #2 Image Comics Gold Embossed $49 High Grade (High Grade is VF or better) VF is Very Fine. Fine is average or slightly above. 

This is NM. Near Mint is super high grade. 

Jack Kirby's Secret City Saga #0 Topps Comics Thomas / Simonson High Grade $90
Dark Horse Presents ALIENS Platinum Edition Deluxe Format AllHigh Grade unless noted $45
Batman Detective Comics  #700 nfs Nice
ROBOCOP Vs TERMINATOR Platinum Edition Dark Horse Comics High Grade  $100
Razor #0 High Grade Special Cover still sealed in unopened publisher bag unread $40
Marvel Edge Omega Nick Fury's Death not for sale DoubleEdge NFS unopened unread High Grade Death Of Nick Fury NFS Special Comic Metallic embossed
Rune #0 Ultraverse Malibu Barry Windsor Smith High Grade with Rune Card and Tattoo (I have other copies that I bought later for $10 aprox). This one is my personal copy and is $100
Lynch by Bob Jensen 1994 Metallic Special Cover High Grade $39 obo
Comics Journal #125 Has my ad for my store Ninth Nebula 1986-1996  nfs
   Los Angeles Times Magazine Shirley MacLaine's Mysticism for

the Masses Super Sales Woman of the New Age

 Smaller size.  







Jim Starlin and Wrightson


$8.99 large EC reprint full color have a few others




See my web page link of Strange Tales and Dr. Strange Comics


Gray Morrow a great PC Comic


When Deluxe Formats began a great Marvel Comic Item in scan is the item you will receive

And when Direct Sales began, probably.


Back Cover of comic above


Offers? Painting framed



More Comics to List here:  
 Hellblazer #9 The Smokeless Fire; DC Universe Rebirth Kesel $3.99
 Archie's Madhouse Returns Halloween Comicfest
 DC Nation #0
 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Day Sampler 2017
 All New Guardians of the Galaxy #2, #3 Marvel
 Jessica Jones #3 Direct Marvel
 Jessica Jones #13 Marvel 2017
 Avengers Free Comic Book Day
 Bongo Comics 2018 Free comic book day
Less Modern:
Spider-man #7 Ghost Rider McFarlane Marvel  Feb. 1991 1st print (16 copies) NM ea. unread
 Next Men #0 John Byrne Dark Horse all high grade
 ALIENS Hive #1 Dark Horse (see it twice means have more than one). (+1)
 Predator Cold War #2 Dark Horse
 Warlock and the Infinity Watch #7 (4) 1st print Marvel
 Detective #591 High Grade DC Comics "
 Detective #612 "
 Detective #626 All 1st prints
 Detective #625
 Detective #616
 Detective #664  Ask to see a cover or see over 8 Batman Videos by me on

youtube as Urmzogna  -- go there to see the covers.

 Detective #615  
 Detective #617
 Detective #618
 Detective #535
 Detective #619
 Detective #621 First 1st Printings
 Detective #659 (2nd print) all rest are 1st print and series ALL HIGH GRADE
 Detective #650  1st prints all                                                                   
 Detective #647
 Detective #652
 Detective #628
 Detective #612
 Detective #615
 Detective #613
 Detective #648
 Detective #650
 Detective #595
 Detective #675 Knightfall
 Detective #651 NM
 Detective #624 "
 Detective #664 All NM range
Detective #
Batman #441 NM  all unread and unopened
Batman #439 NM
Batman #401 (All high grade in free bag and board)
Batman #485 (1992) "
Batman #420
Batman # 434
Batman #499 Knightfall (+1)
Batman #480 NM
Batman #449 "
Batman #459
Batman #500 (Part 19) Knightfall NM
Batman #365 wrinkled (This one is VG+)
 Batman Legends of the Dark Knight #4
 Batman Legends of the Dark Knight #34
 Batman Legends of the Dark Knight #2  
 Batman Legends of the Dark Knight #35  (1992)  
 much more to come
 Also Have New Age Material for sale make an offer. More at my main website.







  The word Range means a half a unit above or below so Fine range would mean VG+ to Fine +

Later pages thru 17 have more of a grading guide as well


Shows my Amazing Fantasy #15 which I no longer have. 

Ignore the intro and halloween vids.

My Old Grading Guide click link just above


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