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 photo IMG_7705.jpg $1500 obo

Will do due diligence prior to selling. Offers always considered.

$500 Genuine antique rare old nice Cameo Necklace obo

Inquire for more photos

 photo IMG_7691.jpg


 cats eye


 photo IMG_7686.jpg


Ring $500


 photo IMG_7701.jpg


Real Amethyst Ring / Silver $798  obo Silver


 photo IMG_7685.jpg


Bracelet Watch Vintage old $350 obo collectible antique


 photo IMG_7684.jpg


 photo IMG_7683.jpg


 photo IMG_7676.jpg


 photo IMG_7677.jpg



 photo 2013g053.jpg



 photo 2013g052.jpg  photo 2013g051.jpg


 photo 2013g050.jpg





   photo 2013g048.jpg  photo 2013g047.jpg  photo 2013g046.jpg


 photo 2013g045.jpg  photo 2013g044.jpg  photo 2013g043.jpg


Personal Treasures



 photo 2013g042.jpg  photo 2013g041.jpg  photo 2013g040.jpg ***



 photo 2013g039.jpg     photo 2013g038.jpg  photo 2013g037.jpg  $50


Ring not valuable but make offers.


 photo 2013g036.jpg   photo 2013g035.jpg  Locket Gold Plate only


 photo 2013g034.jpg  photo 2013g033.jpg  photo 2013g032.jpg  Pin


 photo 2013g031.jpg  photo 2013g030.jpg Ear rings


   photo 2013g029.jpg  photo 2013g028.jpg  photo 2013g027.jpg real


 photo 2013g026.jpg  photo 2013g025.jpg 


 photo 2013g023.jpg  photo 2013g022.jpg  photo 2013g019.jpg real


 photo 2013g018.jpg  photo 2013g017.jpg  photo 2013g016.jpg    

   photo 2013g001.jpg 

with jewels real

This Jewelry has not been processed though I have owned it for 11-25 years already :) 

Click it all make offers.  That will motivate me to find out about it for you and me.



 photo Image35.gif