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All grades are plus or minus a half grade range. Comics not sold by grade though I am influenced by actual grade in pricing (low and in your favor); I do use Overstreet and the Owl card.  Questions please ask.  I merely want to sell my 50,000 comics asap.  Work with me buy a bunch.  

Over 45 years grading, selling, buying, grading & preserving comics and art.  I am pmc grading service too; Comics come with free bag and board are unslabbed and graded for free.

Earliest series.


$65.00 one copy

Weird Western Tales -- 1st Jonah Hex

Jonah Hex #50



VF/NM+    $15.00  Earliest series.

Jonah Hex #92


Nice Cover too $40.00

(last with this series)

continues into Hex




Jonah Hex #38

Jonah Hex #38 NM $14


Jonah Hex #30 1979 $22 NM




Jonah Hex #21 NM $22


Jonah Hex #27 NM $22 1979


Jonah Hex  #52 Fine+/VF $8 small chip



Jonah Hex #22 NM $22


Jonah Hex #13 NM $40


Jonah Hex #24 Fine

 indentations  all have nice gloss and new-like color 



Jonah Hex #51 NM $9


Jonah Hex #23 NM $22


Jonah Hex #26 NM $22.00


Jonah Hex  #20 NM $40




Jonah Hex  #12 NM 1978 $40.00 Starlin


Jonah Hex #49 NM $14


Jonah Hex  #22 NM- 

minor flaws such as small bends or indentations 







Jonah Hex  #7 

Nice shape indentation 

NM- $90





Jonah Hex #34 

wear bottom staple (miniscule) & top edge cover otherwise high grade 

$11 VF-






Jonah Hex #20 NM $40




Jonah Hex #27 NM $22




Jonah Hex  #19 VF/NM 1978 $40 small bend


Jonah Hex #54 1981 NM $9


Jonah Hex  #2 of 5

1995 Truman $4

later series

Title Change:
    later series
Hex #2 Fine or better bends

Hex #3 VF


Hex #4 VF/NM

$5.50  ask for photos and price

Hex #7 NM


Hex #9 Fine to VF 

with extra printing ink


Hex #10 VF/NM

Hex #14 NM 

Fleisher Texeira Garzon


Hex #15 DC COMICS FINE+ or better small bend 


Hex #5 NM 

Fleisher Texeira (of Ghost Rider Fame)


Hex #13 VF+/NM




Hex #16 NM


Hex #17 VF+/NM-


Hex #18 VF+


  Images coming.

May have other related items ask.




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