Newsflash  Feature:  Steve Fabian a great artist and being:

     I found a folder today with an old letter to me from Steve Fabian.  I now reveal it for the absolute first time ever released 3-14-2011.  A true fandom first as though a time machine was bringing this good stuff forward.  I had asked Steve Fabian for a  interview and he replies thusly on 2-27-1973 (a significant year):  

"I really feel that a detailed personal account of my life, as outlined on the questionaire you sent me is not the kind of things the readers of Graphic Illusion are interested in.  And I'm also not so sure I want to reveal that much personal stuff to the public.  I'm shy.  So, I'd like to give you a brief account of my present situation instead.  I hope you don't mind.

I have a wife, Dorothy, and two sons, Stephen Jr., and Andy.  I'm an electronics engineer (associate) by profession, specializing in aircraft and aerospace instrumentation related to the measurement of engine power, oil pressure, fuel flow, turbine speed, etc.  A typical middleclass American 9 to 5 factory worker.

I do art and illustration because I can't help it. I love to draw.  My other hobbies include the collecting of pulp magazines, books related to art, fantasy and science fiction, the comics, and radio, including collecting old radio program tapes.

As to my artistic ambitions, I'm hoping someday to phase out of the factory into free lance illustration.

     Some of my present projects (circa 1973) are:  

1. I've contracted with Dennis Kitchen of Krupp comics, and Ray Bradbury ( thru Meade Frierson's office) to do the complete issue of a new comic titled "The Bradbury Chronicles."  I'll do the cover painting and both interior stories:  "Leviathan 99" and and "The Moon Be Still as Bright."  

2.  I've just completed the interior illoes and book design for an upcoming Robert E. Howard double action western hard cover book to be produced by Tom Collins.   The title: "Shadow at Hell's Canyon" and "The Vultures. " Two early pulp stories.  

3.  With Jerry de la Ree I've agreed to do a series of illoes to go with a Poe-like verse titled "The Fire Fiend."  I believe it will be a soft cover booklet.  All the above projects are due out late in 1973, I hope."  He humbly signs it Best, Steve 2-27-73

With one final humble paragraph Steve Fabian writes to me: 

     "PS I hope you don't mind my reducing the interview to a short biog.  But I feel that an in depth revelation about my life is kinda premature right now.  I'm not that big a name in this field for such treatment.  I'd feel foolish.  Besides you've got such an incredible amount of top notch stuff lined up for Graphic Illusions #2 why not save some of it for future issues of Graphic Illusions."  

     And he was correct but I never really put out a #2 per se.  

     Here it is 2011 -- the future.  When the inside job happened in 2001 I felt it as though it were a dream after all.  When the Republicans (aka the Corporate elite) are in charge it is like a bad dream for America and the world.  But I feel Steve Fabian was and is a great big name talent.  There is even an illoe on the other side of the letter he wrote back to me.  It's printed and I don't have permission to use it.  But just below this line of type is an illustration I bought from him.  Don't know what happened to the original.