My intent here is not to create more heat or friction.

But I must share the common sense I have acquired after experiencing the present "Health Care" system.

Since I have a BA in Journalism I feel I must write.  Since I care about the present and the future of humanity and all the kingdom's of nature and feel my path is of a Spiritual nature I must share this stuff.  There are many different issues to look at here.

Firstly, Health is more than just not being sick.  Feeling healthy and being healthy is far superior to just not being in pain or being ill.

Most "Doctor's" are actually technicians & not usually "healer's."

And now for my # 1 pet peeve:  When we watch TV (and more than 5 minutes a week is too much) in the advertisements for Medicine and drugs the symptoms are now listed.  This should be illegal.  People are adversely affected by this propaganda (as by Fox News).  Then the greedy Pharmacological companies list the side effects too, now, that could happen if you take a certain drug they produce.  Is this insane or what.  These side effects are sometimes more serious than the original ailment.  Am I the only one catching this?  Why is this allowed?

Naming symptoms creates the disease in the fertile imagination of man and then he or she gets the symptom.  Every medical student knows this from when they were reading the symptoms when they studied Medicine lo those many years ago.  Make airing symptoms illegal.  (I've been preaching this for 20 years).

What inspired me to write this piece:  Some nursing homes rip off the Estate of their "inmates" as I like to call them for the tune of $3000. -- $6000. per month. Whoever created a law that would use up the estate of a family throwing their children into destitution should be removed from office. Fact. When the money is used up then Medical or Medicare takes over.  Something is wrong in River City.

If I received even half of my Father's Estate I'd be spending the money and helping the economy.  But I'll get zip unless a miracle happens.  So I'll send this to some media and some Senator's I trust and a few hundred of my closest friends.

Doctor's across the board with rare exceptions seem to be looking for a magic pill that will fix every ailment. (The intelligent know white sugar & flour and refined foods are a leading source of most illness. Read "Sugar Blues.").

Medical Science is more interested in dollars than "cures." Though preventative Medicine and Arurvedic is a nice start many Doctor's now consider.

And Doctor's over-prescribe and cannot keep tabs on all they do prescribe. Many people get sick or die because of misdiagnosis and inaccurate prescribing.

People die from hospital error often. People do not go to overpriced hospitals to get well. They are not healing institutions. Though some of the Nurses are good and are healer's and are helpful.

Recently I saw a guy handing food out in a Hospital who was not wearing gloves.

After my Mom's back operation the ambulance driver's, hired by Henry Mayo, actually dropped her to the pavement (3 back operations later).

Just say no to HMO's.

Some Pharmacists are real rip off artists too and give out the wrong prescriptions. Some over the counter medicine is more effective than the behind the counter stuff. So much con going on. I asked for a generic drug and was offered twice the quantity I wanted for twice to 10 times what I wanted to pay.

I went to a Dentist recently and they handed me unneeded unasked for pain pills -- they hand them out like candy.  (I refused).  They also overcharged and lured me in with a coupon for $425.00 but came up with a bill for $695.00.

 This sort of corruption should be shared with congress or the Attorney General of your State.

These are facts and personal experiences.

Fast food medicine is the wrong approach. Hiding and suppressing pain is clearly the wrong approach. Deepak Chopra and Yogananda and Viktoras Kulvinskas, M.S. "Survival Into The 20th Century" know, live and share this important information (among others).  But mainstream USA just doesn't get it.

Imagine with the current Anthrax "scare"  a "Health Care System" teaches it's citizens to take antibiotics as a means of prevention.  This is absolutely the wrong approach ( I suffered this as a kid growing up -- My Doctor's over prescribed antibiotics for everything; My earliest Doctor used his patients as guinea pigs too). (Who helped put the Bush in power and influenced one of the Supreme Court Justices? Powerful Pharmaceutical lobbies! All Lobbies that put Bush into power are making bucks now hand over fist--are you?! Those who rule through fear are not fit to rule.).

Many people die each year from fear rather than actual illness.

There is a mind body connection.  Emotions affect health.  So do thoughts. 

Prayer and meditation -- God contact, is the real healer!

Suppressing pain with drugs, seems to me, to be clearly, the wrong approach.  The approach of last resort of a Doctor and Patient who have given up.  Perhaps its laziness.  Are Doctor's still overworked?  When I was a kid they were -- I'd wait 45 minutes to 3 hours before my Pediatrician showed up (surrogate father).  As a young adult I remember if you got 5-10 minutes of attention at Kaiser Permanent you were doing good. 

I nearly died in 1979 and one reason was that no one cared (plus my own stupid wrong activity).  The pain then was enormous.  I actually wanted to die then to avoid that level of pain.  It was partly emotional and partly physical, I think, but I learned a lot.  But I am glad I chose to live. 

 Since there is no one there for us, I learned that we must rely on ourselves and not the greedy fearful overworked inept "Medical Profession."  Professional at billing maybe -- no inept even at that; They rarely get it right.  The joke "he almost had a heart attack when he got his bill," is no joke.  

In China Doctor's are paid only when they keep the patient well.  Makes sense to me.

There are elderly alive today who have had so many body parts replaced, few remain that were originally theirs at birth.  What is quality of life?  Why do we fear the natural process of Death?  Perhaps Kevorkian is not a criminal but a seer. 

The Food & Drug administration is not doing their job and should be disbanded.  With an army of a million they could not do a fraction of their job. 

Why don't Dentists' use the latest technology like Laser dentistry?  Scraping off the protective coating on a tooth is wrong and should be illegal -- cleaning that actually makes things worse is the wrong method!!!! My God, scraping bone with metal -- how barbaric.  As when they intentionally or accidentally damage other teeth while repairing the one you came in to have fixed.  

Insurance rarely covers half of the bill now and in Seattle the fees are 10 times that of California.  

Mercury poisoning is occurring at an alarming rate from our own teeth -- work done when we were kids.  The ADA should give discounts to anyone who has mercury fillings and remove and replace them for free.  A filling recall.  Free.  Now!  Or a class action lawsuit!

My childhood Dentist was arraigned on child abuse charges for tying his young patients into the chair while he operated.  I remember great pain as I sat there for 3 hours with my mouth wide open.  Seems to me nerves in the mouth are close to the brain and Dentists should work with Doctor's and acupuncturists to arrive at a new modality.

I bet about 50% of the Dental work done in America is unnecessary and dangerous.  I can't even afford it.

Our water supply and food supply are woefully unnutritious and polluted.  People suffer because of it.

Some electronics are hurtful to the human nervous system.

MSG is a known poison and is still in Campbell's Soup! Even quality Chinese Restaurant's have stopped serving it. I think MSG is a cancer causer. Why do parents buy it? I use to get sick as a kid because of this Soup!

Why did President Clinton (my Favorite President of this lifetime) promote the monster McDonald's? Imagine they serve cancer causing food then create Ronald McDonald House to cover that up or justify it! All food at McDonald's is dead. Eat live food. McDonald's is a rainforest burning company and should be boycotted. (All that to grow more cows? This burning of rainforests ((with all their potential for Medicine, and more)) is a travesty against nature that will catch up and get all of us one day. 

Global warming was greatly contributed to by this action of man. Trees create oxygen and old growth forests have been reduced to a fraction of what once existed. There is no separation between the air we breathe and the Earth (at the physical level).  If you have never been to an old growth forest then you do not know the level of Spirit I am taking about!  Schools should take Kids on field trips.  

In fact this new Bush-War and Anthrax situation are two fronts of fear to consider carefully; so is this Bush economy.

Our Government is in league with the devil known as the Corporation. There are good and bad corporations. 

As there must be separation between church and state there must be separation between Government and Corporation.  Government should work for us not the other way around.

Vote people in based on their merit instead of how much money they use to get the job.

One must heal the whole person not just  one part of the body: The body, emotions, mind & Soul. Science has proven the 4th Plane Etheric body exists -- aka Soul aka Consciousness. Consciousness does continue after ones (outer garment) body dies.

Soul lives forever. Was never born and never dies. Outer shell only returns to ash or dust someday.

Ted Kennedy was talking about Universal Health Care I think. Where is his lone voice in the darkness of the AMA now and this Corporate institution in the White House!

Don't let this administration reintroduce Smallpox into the population of Humanity.  It is a bad idea and only creates profits for pharmaceutical houses.

Rage against the dying of the Light.

Fish is polluted by mercury and is a reason I don't eat it anymore. Makes me sick every time.

Stop industrial pollution.

The Earth has its antibodies. And Quakes are one of her ways to retaliate against Man's evil, greedy, fearful actions. Learn or die.

Love one another or die.

Education is about teaching people how to think not what to think!

Once an institution comes into being it becomes self serving. Cares most for its own existence. Take the Red Cross or Sierra Club, for example.  Charities should, from now on, distribute 95% of what they take in, I feel. And this law should come into being now.

Tobacco companies and Gun Lobbies brought us Bush along with Oil interests and Pharmacological interests. Tobacco companies produce our cereal. Insect particles in our cereal and candy bars is at too high a level.

Chocolate is not good for me I cannot speak for you. Candy Manufacturers are in the Pharmacological business now. Is there conflict of interest? (Yes I think so). Imagine -- cigarettes and cigars made of sugar. Imagine M&M's to get you hooked on drugs as a kid. 

Disease is spread on airplanes because outside air is not allowed in. People from other countries could bring ancient diseases to America that had been eradicated. Airline food is unhealthful usually. 

Acid rain? Is the FDA not doing their job? Don't drink the water after it rains. 

Beware how vitamins and medicines are delivered.

Meat such as pork and beef cause more strep throats every year than any other source. And are the first foods given up when considering a certain Spiritual path I know about. Spirit heals. 

But for those not on a Spiritual Path (and yes everyone is) quality food and quality vitamins could help too -- to a lesser degree. Even medicines used correctly could jump start someone who is ill. But habits must be changed. 

It is all connected. If we don't eat a cow then we could help save the tiny remaining Old Growth Forests and the trees can produce more oxygen and we could stop global warming. It is all connected. All is indeed relationship

How many American's get sick every year from food additives in their Holiday Turkey's.

Even cow juice (milk) like the hormones in Turkey's (along with other properties) keep us dumb and sedated.  Milk and ice cream are the number once cause of double chins I think (and cause  clogged arteries).  Your Mother was not a cow was she?  Try soy.

Want violent crime to fall and people in Prison's to be less violent?  And for people to make fewer babies?  Then try vegetarianism.  Or vegan for peace and purity.  Phase meat out.  Especially pork and beef.

When the FDA goes after Tea it will be time to go after the FDA and those who vilify herbs.

Herbs are a good and healing thing too.  Eat spinach for calcium & protein. 

Don't get me wrong I do regard Doctor's as necessary for setting broken bones etc. 

But plastic surgery should not be done routinely.  Only for serious accidents and disfigurements and birth defects, I feel.

Leave those noses and boobs alone. 

Do they still consciously starve people to death in Hospitals when very ill or old?

Get involved.  You can make a difference.  Write your representatives.  Boycott products TV & radio stations that accept advertising from corrupt Pharmaceutical companies! Want it better when you get there?  Act now.  Get involved.


To all good Doctor's ever learning and ever caring I say thanks!

--Rob G. ęCopyright Gustaveson 

1985, revised 1996, 2007, 2009


God, of course, is the only true healer -- the source of life.



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