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X-men #103 VF/NM 

Uncanny X-men #114  NM 

Riveting tale   $180.00
Uncanny X-men #116  NM 

Kazar     $175.00
Uncanny X-men #116  NM Savage Land  $75.00
Uncanny X-men #117   NM 

Terry Austin In PSI-WAR  $175.00 origin Prof X

(Probably sold please inquire!)

Uncanny X-men #117  Mint Dave Cockrum Cover; John Byrne interiors;  $75.00
Uncanny X-men #118  NM/M 

Uncanny X-men #119 Fine or better Few small bends $175.00
Uncanny X-men #122  Fine Trial of Colossus wear   $165.00
Uncanny X-men #124  Fine/VeryFine 



Uncanny X-men #125 NM 



John Byrne Phoenix  $170.
Uncanny X-men #127 NM/M+



John Byrne   Proteus  $165.00
Uncanny X-men #129 NM- John Byrne Austin Hellfire   Kitty Pryde $120. each.  Popular issue
Uncanny X-men #129 NM John Byrne Austin Hellfire   Kitty Pryde $120. each.  Popular issue
Uncanny X-men #130 ExFine / NM John Byrne Dazzler 1st ever  $90.00
Uncanny X-men # 131  NM

White Queen John Byrne $90.00
Uncanny X-men #132 NM  Hellfire John Byrne $90.00 
Uncanny X-men #132  NM    Hellfire John Byrne $90.00 
Uncanny X-men #132 Fine/VF    Byrne $90.00
Uncanny X-men #133 VG bends, stain   Byrne $75.00
Uncanny X-men #134  NM  Hellfire Club  $70.00 Dark Phoenix
Uncanny X-men #137 NM/M


Phoenix  John Byrne $65.00


Have another on sale today for $55.00 plus $4 shipping

X-men #139 Fine Kitty Pride intro  $70.
Uncanny X-men #140 inquire $75. 00
Uncanny X-men #140 NM/M


John Byrne Wendigo  $75.00
Uncanny  X-men #143 NM/M


Last issue by John Byrne  $55.00

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See more below OLDER EVEN 1st series X-men!

Silver Age -- Early    1960's!

All Uncanny (actually)!

Old Marvel's for sale.










X-men Comics

 (Uncanny X-men 1st series 1st prints) SILVER AGE +

X-men Comics



X-men #5

Jack Kirby art



Chip back cover. "The Angel is Trapped."  $289.00

Magneto and the Evil Mutants.  Tiny corner cover gone--miniscule.  Excellent appearance--great gloss and color. VG+;



X-men #6

Jack Kirby Art

Possibly VF/ExFine or better.  

Sub-mariner joins the Evil Mutants; Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.  In an old bag marked $480.00 from 6 years ago.  Looks really nice.  Couple chips very minor wear.  


X-men #8

Jack Kirby Artwork!

VG+/F+ 1st series 1960's 



"Unus the Untouchable"  Looks really nice.  Awesome like new color and gloss.  Very small amount of tape bottom of spine. VG+/F+  Also tape over unnecessary stress lines back cover.  Both areas no tape was needed.  $630.00



X-men #10

Jack Kirby Art


Introducing Ka-zar  (and Zabu).  Sharp gloss and color.    Pretty book.  Looks VF or better. Grade VG/VG++wear bottom inside spine, yellowing.  Other wear.Small bit of tape base of & Top of spine. $485.00




X-men #13 


Jack Kirby, Gavin, Sinnott;  VG/Fine range. 

Where Walks The Juggernaut; Minor Yellowing.  Little roll at spine; wear; Looks nice.   Stain top right cover, translucent food or something in logo-a little.  $350.00


X-men #15

 Jack Kirby

VG+/F: My grade

Origin of the Beast;  Nice Gloss.  Looks great; Very minor wear.   Easily Fine or better.  VG+/F:  $350.00 




  ask for a larger picture


X-men #36

Ross Andru and George Bell

"Mekano Lives."  Some yellowing and a chip, minor wear.  Looks like Fine (looks better actually).  Nice gloss and color.  




X-men #41 (Bonus Origin of Cyclops)

Roy Thomas and Don Heck

Now Strikes the Sub-Human; Minor wear; VG+/Fine or better  



X-men #51 

Steranko Cover; Arnold Drake Art within.  VG+/Fine 

Have others from this time frame as well

Wear top of cover, 3 bends vertically;  Nice gloss and color.  Looks Fine or better, sub fold, one chip, wear.


Uncanny in reality, is the very 1st x-men series ever (Above here)

 All 1st prints. 

 First series.

More X-men Available, please inquire.



Pretty cover by Barry Windsor Smith interior art too.  He did 3 issues.


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I may still have about 2000 more X-men in NM at this moment between issues #144 and #350 up to 10 or 20 copies of certain ones.  HIGH GRADE.

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By famed X-men Artist John Byrne!  


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