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Tales Of Suspense #98:  Capt. America / Iron Man; With Black Panther, Jack Kirby, Stan Lee, Gene Colan; 1st brief Panther. VF+  Key

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COMICS:  All 1st prints some very special, 1950's -1996 ...+

Some Newspaper Strips from 1930's-1960's

My Comic ART:   click link.  Done by PROS.

Comics from $.50 cents - $1500 randomly inserted into this 14+ (and growing) page Eternal SALE CATALOGUE.

Signed by Galacci

Comics & Art Listings

    All 1st prints and new stories unless noted


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Marvel, DC, Independent comics:

Dark Horse, Valiant, Image & many others.

Many of the Comics are High Grade

will indicate when not; offers always ok



Punisher War Journal #6 with Wolverine




Price is based on Grade 99% of the time; 60's-70's, plus others

All 1st prints unless noted

(These are VF+/NM- each) TERMINATOR's unless noted 

not expensive Inquire









Witching Hour #11 DC 1970 Toth



Marvel Premiere WEIRDWORLD #38 Marvel Comics



Graphic Storyworld #7 Richard Kyle kind of a pro-zine Fine-


Pure Art Quarterly 4 #9/100

1995 Batman Forever Promo

Shogun Warriors #3 Marvel



At urmzogna on youtube find 200+ comic related videos by me


Nightwatch #5 Marvel VENOM 1994


Amazing Spider-man #258 Marvel Punisher 1991


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Rockmeeze #2 1992 Jzinc Comics Silver Logo VF




Starslammers Special June 1996 Dark Horse Comics


Capt. Power #1 Continuity Comics Neal Adams




Weird War Tales #58 DC Comics Joe Kubert Cover 1977


Showcase 95 #4 Thorne DC Comics

Solar Man of the Atom #22 Gold Key nice shape great art $25 (60's/70's)  
Doomsday #4 Byrne  
Detective Inc #3 (mini series) Eclipse Gene Colan $2.50 Good stuff
Peter Parker Spect. Spider-man #3 Marvel Comics Lightmaster  
Spawn #108 damaged cheap $.85  
Viking Heroes #7 NM Genesis West  
Who Dunnit? #1 Eclipse Comics 1986   
Mediascene #7 Jim Steranko Newspaper Format $50 obo  
Shogun #20 Marvel Comics VF  
The Return of Aladdin #1 Marvel Comics VF+/NM  
Roger Rabbit's Toontown #1 Marvel  




ask for prices

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Walter Lantz Oswald the Rabbit #792 Dell (1957)




The Hawk #10 (1955) St. John



Apache Trail #230 $25  America's Best


Romatic Adventures #138 ACG Comics


Bugs Bunny #10 Dell  1953


Jungle Comics #134 Fiction House


Straight Arrow #14 ME

Mod Wheels Gold Key 1975 G
Futurians #1 Dave Cockrum 1985 Full Color (Pre X-men?) Nice Art Lodestone VF


Debbie Dates #5 DC VF 1970
Quadrant #5 Hsu sexy
Jurassic Park #4 VF
Black Belt Hamsters #5 Eclipse

Aliens #2 Dark Horse

Batman Womder Woman in Brave and Bold #158 DC

More Comics to List here:

GHOSTS #8 DC G complete stains
X-Factor #61 High Grade Marvel
Who Killed JFK Revolutionary Comics #1
Badlands #3 & #5 Dark Horse Comics
What If  #15 Nova Had Been 4 other people Marvel VF+ or better Ann. Size 1979
Mr. Monster #6 Eclipse 1986
Faust Act (issue) #6 Rebel Edition (have others on a page between 1 and 13 here)
The Savage Dragon & Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 Mirage 1993 They share this comic
Where Monsters Dwell #2 Sporr +; Kirby Ayers 1950's reprints 1970
Scooter #23 DC Comics VF 1969
Captain America #1 Marvel VF+
Spider-man #2099 #1 NM High Grade
Green Lantern Green Arrow #1 nice  format DC nice paper High Grade Full Color
Justice League of America #48 80 Page Giant  (DC, Aurora Ad Back Cover) tape; Complete tight 1966 VG range
JLA #216 Nice Art and Story Heck and Conway
Marvel Comics Presents #73; Weapon X; ART by Barry Windsor Smith; VF+/NM-
She-Hulk #37 Punisher Spider-man and Wolverine nice art 1992
Ghost Rider #15 GOLD version Glows in the Dark High Grade Marvel 1991 Tex 2nd Print $10 obo VF+/NM
Ghost Rider #15 Glows in the Dark 1st print High Grade Marvel 1991 Tex $15 VF+/NM range I see no flaws.
X-men #282 Gold Marvel Bishop VF+
Marvel Super Heroes #14 VG+ Spider-man Complete Marvel Comics ANDRU 1968
Quasar #38 An Infinity War Crossover Warlock Thanos GruenwaldVF+
The Sensational She Hulk #30 Marvel Comics 1991 Hobgoblin
Namor #24 Marvel Wolverine 1992 Bryne Dr. Strange VF+
Adventures on the Planet of the Apes #1 faded piece out of back cover Otherwise tight 32 Pages 1974 VG range MARVEL
Starmasters #3 Marvel 1996 Eaton
The Scorpion #2 Atlas Comics
House of Mystery #212 DC Comics
Super Mario Brothers #8 (Adventures of)
Fusion #3 Steve Barnes Autograph Eclipse $25 obo Gallaci

signed at my former comic store Ninth Nebula 1987

Next Men #0 John Byrne $2 NM- Dark Horse Comics
Ghost Stories #31 Dell Comics 1972 VG+ aprox
Terminator Enemy Within $4 Dark Horse
Terminator Endgame #3 Dark Horse Comics
Terminator Endgame #1 Dark Horse Comics

 Frazetta Toy nfs 

Have a few other Toys

Terminator Secondary Objectives #4 Dark Horse Comics
Terminator #10 NOW Comics (3)
Terminator #11 NOW Comics
Terminator #12 NOW Comics
Heavy Metal May 2006
Ghosts #109 Kaluta DC
Superman The Man of Steel #1 DC
The Best Of Dennis The Menace 1968 Fawcett
Marvel Tales #147 Steve Ditko All Spider-man Enforcers Early Reprint great art and stories Stan Lee. 1982 of 1960's. Marvel
Conan #1 Hama Crain 1995 Marvel
The Witching Hour #66 DC
Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion #5 Oleck Heck staples pulling and loose DC Comics 1972 VG+ range
House of Secrets #103 DC Wrightson cover 1972 Alex Nino +
Bernie Wrightson #3 PC Comics 1st print and series
Bernie Wrightson #4 PC Comics 1st print and series
Bernie Wrightson #2 PC Comics 1st print and series
Bernie Wrightson #1 PC Comics 1st print and series


You get both sides of this promo card above $15 obo


Miracleman #1 Eclipse 3D

Transformers #1 -- 3D Blackthorne 1987
Barbie Fashion #6 Marvel
Def Leppard Rock and Roll Comics #1 Revolutionary B&W $7 (+1)
Baseball Superstars #1 Revolutionary
Personality Comics Presents Sports Comics: Pete Rose  $7
Personality Comics Presents: Kim Basinger, Michael Keaton
Personality Comics Presents Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore
Rock and Roll Comics Rod Stewart $6
Personality Comics Presents Willie Mays Baseball Classics
TOR 3-D #2 Eclipse Kubert 1986
California Raisins 3-D #2 Blackthorne Comics
Gumby 3-D #1 Blackthorne
TMNT meet Archie 64 pages Ann. Size 1990 Mirage/Archie
Seduction of the Innocent Part 1 Eclipse
The Mighty Magnor #1 Sergio Aragones  Evanier
Hulk #420 Aids Death Issue Marvel Comics  $25
Jim Starlin Breed #6 Bravura
Femforce #96 Claw Heike B&W
Capt. Power #2 Adams Continuity
JLA #100 Return of a Hero Special cover DC Doublesize 1995
SPAWN  #28 Image McFarlane
SPAWN  #34 Image Todd McFarlane
SPAWN  #126 Image McFarlane
SPAWN  #119 Image McFarlane
SPAWN  #104 Image McFarlane
SPAWN  #8 Image McFarlane Alan Moore writes it
DHP #55 Frank Miller  Title:  Dark Horse Presents  
DHP #52 Dark Horse Miller  
DHP #53 Miller Story and art Dark Horse  
Sin City #1 Frank Miller art Dark Horse Have a couple boxes of Dark Horse comics
Predator #4 Dark Horse  
Black Kiss #12 (Adults)  

Manthing #2 Marvel 1998 Ask about the old ones.




GRADING: Poor is a low grade comic so low that it could be missing coupons and have chunks out of the covers, Fair is a low grade comic less bad than poor probably readable lots of wear color fading cuts tears bends; G (Good) is a low grade comic but very readable with wear.   The word Range means a half a unit above or below so Fine range would mean VG+ to Fine +
VG is a Very Good Comic which means the bends and cuts are minimal, color ok may have stains, ink, stamps; Fine is a good enough comic to collect and read and should be bagged and boarded a couple bends line breaks dings, Fine+ and Very Fine- borders on High Grade line breaks (a few) allowable; VF Very Fine is high Grade wear is minimal perhaps one bend gloss and color perfect; Grades for Golden Age and New Comics should have  a different standard.  Very Fine + ( Plus) has almost nothing wrong..printers ink no splatter, a little spine roll perhaps or off center maybe all inside pages perfect; Of course coins are minted and comics are printed.  It is high Grade; Very Fine+ is a worthy comic to collect and read carefully or slab and never read. Near Mint - is the highest grade that should exist IT IS ACTUALLY MINT but we call it NM- because no Mint really exists.  Buy comics cause you love the Stories and Art and you love to collect and complete your collections.  1st modern quick draft.


Shows my Amazing Fantasy #15 which I no longer have. 

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