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COMICS:  All 1st prints some very special, 1950's -1996 ...+

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Comics from $1 - $1500 randomly inserted into this 13+ page Eternal SALE.

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    All 1st prints and new stories unless noted


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Marvel, DC, Independent comics:

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Many of the Comics are High Grade

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Price is based on Grade 99% of the time; 60's-70's, plus others

All 1st prints unless noted


Warlock #14 Jim Starlin Art AUTOGRAPHED VF+/NM- range or better MARVEL COMICS $109


Hulk #1 Marvel Comics 1968 STERANKO COVER G. Friedrich M. Severin INHUMANS Ann. Sz.  $149  
















Brave and the Bold #179 VF+/NM- DC Comics Batman with  Legion of Super Heroes  
Brave and the Bold #164 Batman and Hawkman DC VF+/NM-
Brave and the Bold #165 Batman with ManBat DC VF+/NM-
Brave and the Bold #186 Hawkman & Batman share the title  DC VF+/NM-
Beetlejuice #2 Harvey Comics lin breaks otherwise High Grade VF+/NM-  
Destroyer Duck #5 Eclipse Comics Fine+/VF  
ARAK KAHN #1 (The Fantastic World of) 1977 Andromeda nice condition  
Doc Savage #1 (High Grade) With Hulk excellent shape  
Want to buy a comic from me on bonanza or ebay or facebook?  Happy to list there.    You can also buy directly from me.  Email is best.
Deathmate  Preview (from Capt. City Catalogue or Diamond Prevues) torn from catalogue for ordering intact; preview for sure; Comics; Full Color; 1993; Image Voyager Valiant; no spine; best offers; Have other varieties.  
Fantastic Four #254 Marvel Comics  NM  
Fantastic Four #287 "   Visit this site  VISIT my FF pages
Fantastic Four #328 High Grade meaning VF+ to Near Mint range Marvel Comics  
Silver Surfer Warlock Resurrection #1 from my High Grade Personal Collection Death of Shalla Bal? Offers Ok priced on demand















McFarlane Cover




John Byrne (have other #'s

Quasar #50 Special Cover Holofoil reflective High Grade double-sized Marvel Comics  






The Fantastic Four Chronicles wrap around John Byrne Cover not a comic but dimensionally same size 50 Pages B&W  Articles art words photos done excellently  
Logan's Run #4 Marvel nice shape  
Logan's Run #7 Marvel great condition  
Maxx #1 Image comics high grade  
The Adventurers #2 Aircel Hsu  
Elflord #1 Aircel 1986  





Signed by Steve Barnes SF Author


Hot Rod Racers #5 Charlton 1965 minor wear  
Crow of Bear Clan #2 Blackthorne low grade G- water damage  
Shazam #18 water damage DC Comics Complete  G  





Pete Millar's Drag Cartoons #41 Magazine Photos and cartoons and fun
Captain Justice #2 High Grade Nm Marvel
Liberty Project #1 Eclipse Comics High Grade
Dark Dominion #2 Developed by Shooter and Steve Ditko; Defiant Comics; High Grade unread unopened; Have #1 and others plus a card set and binder.
Dark Dominion #3 "
Moon Knight #50 High Grade Marvel Comics Thicker cardstock embossed die cut cover 1993
Moon Knight #39 " 1992
Spider-man #7 Ghost Rider Hobgoblin Marvel Comics  High Grade unread
Spider-man #12 Wolverine Marvel Comics NM

Archie's World 1977 Archie Enterprises Spire Christian Comics (Howz that Riverdale doing for you?!  I Love the series.))

Uncanny X-men #286 NM- Marvel
Wolverine #65 1986 Tex nice shape NM-
Marvel Comics Presents #100 High Grade Marvel Comics WOLVERINE Ghost Rider Dr. Doom Nightmare
Mars #2 First Comics High Grade
more below


Sam Slade Robohunter #11 High Grade Quality Comics
DHP (Dark Horse Presents) #52 Frank Miller's Sin City B&W excellent
X-men Hologram for X-men #1 All four covers 1992 (Had to order 300 copies to get one).  Add X-men #1 to deal $25 obo high grade
Amazing Comics:  Untouchabots #2  An Independent line Nice=almost no wear if any)
Amazing Comics Premieres: FRIENDS #5 Nice
Mr. Monster Eclipse Comics #5 Nice
Midnight Sons Ashcan Edition Ghost Rider smaller nice
Classic X-men #36 The Dark Phoenix Saga!  Marvel Comics  NICE
Dennis the Menace #98 Fawcett nice
Dennis the Menace #109 COMICS 1972 Gags and Games Fawcett
Red Sonja #1  Marvel NM 1982
Capt. America Annual #7 Marvel Comics nice
King Conan #6 Marvel Comics 1981 nice
BADGER #50 Deluxe Format squarebound High Grade unread unopened First Comics 1989
Howard the Duck #4 Marvel Comics  nice 1970's
Howard the Duck #26 nice Marvel 1978
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow  Collectible Poster offers $5
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow Comic high grade offers
Detectives Inc #2 Gene Colan NM
The Amazing Spider-man Ashcan Edition 1994 B&W Marvel Comics smaller some bends $5
Sandman #47 Fine or better DC Comics Vertigo 1993
Conan The Legend #1 (1993) Dark Horse nice art and grade
Detective Comics #664 Batman VF   --DC Comics
Detective Comics #617 NM --DC
Dr. Fate Annual #1 one line break otherwise high grade
Swamp Thing #102 DC -- Near Mint Condtion COMICS great art and stories  old fashioned hand made webpage  SEE MORE ISSUES click it

Captain America #407 Marvel nice
Teen Titans Annual #1 Bloodlines High Grade
Robin II #4 Joker's Wild NM DC Comics no hologram (Have several with hologram please inquire).
SHADOW #1 Dark Horse Comics Michael W. Kaluta (limited series of 2) From Universal Pictures Film
Viking Heroes #5 Genesis West  VF (has ding)
Viking Heroes #2 Genesis West High Grade Nice
Cold Blooded Chameleon Comands #3 Nice minor wear
Wally Wood's Thunder Agents #1 High Grade
Armor #1 Neal Adams NM


Cross Gen Sampler VF
Strange Days# 2  Eclipse NM
Maxx #4 Image NM- with ding at spine
Destroyer Duck #3 The Starling by Jerry Siegel and Val Mayerik Eclipse Comics Jack Kirby 1983
Dark Claw #1 Amalgam (Marvel DC team up)  tiny wear VF-
Vampirella #1 Harris VF + 1995
Dracula #3  Vlad the Impaler  Topps Comics Thomas Maroto NM
Bernie Wrightson #5 Eclipse NM
Cannon #1 Wall Wood At Eros Comix NM
Jungle Jim #3 Alex Raymond $5 NM
Quadrant #7 High Grade
Platinum #1 Predator vs Magnus Robot Fighter $40 NM BWS
King Conan #2 Marvel 1980 Buscema/Chan NM
Spectre #11 DC NM
Lady Death #1 NM Brian Pulido's 10th Ann 2004 wicked good.
Normalman #3 Haunt Vault Crypt VF few line breaks or dings at spine but good gloss


Eastman and Laird's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #14 -- Archie Adv. Series 1990 NM


Planet Comics #2 Stout Blackthorne NM
Strikeback #3 Bravura Malibu NM
Edge #1 Gil Kane NM  Bravura Malibu NM
Melting Pot #3 Kitchen Sink NM
Black Zepplin #1 Gene Day April 1985 NM
Rune #0 Ultraverse Malibu Barry Windsor Smith's masterpiece NM
Tales of Terror #1 Eclipse 1985
Super Mario Bros #8 Nintendo NM
Viking Heroes #5 great cover and contents 1988 Thibodeaux with Royer and Sinnott.
Lucifer's Hammer #1 Signed Nov. 1993 (AUTOGRAPHED at party I threw) by 2 SF Authors of fame:  Jerry Pournelle and Larry Niven High Grade  $35
Warp #3 signed Frank Brunner (Famous for Dr. Strange and much more) First Comics NM 1983 A U TO G R A P H E D.
Personality Comics Presents MADONNA #1 1991 few dings at spine of comic otherwise super-nice B&W
Tales of Terror #3 Eclipse Comics 1985 couple line breaks
Mars Attacks #3 Topps Comics 1995 Fine to VF range or better great cover
Rocketeer #2 Dave Stevens, STEVE DITKO (big story) both precision artists of the  highest calibur; 1983; Pacific Comics; awesome VF- or better looks better tight
Star Trek#1 DEEP SPACE NINE, MALIBU COMICS NM- couple line breaks
King Kong #3 Stout Cover Donald Simpson art VF or better Monster Comics
King Kong #2 (of 6) Monster Comics Schultz cover SIMPSON 1991
Starfire #8 DC Comics High Grade
Question #1 DC High Grade
Doc Savage #7 Marvel Buckler Werewolf Some wear top left cover
SPAWN#93 Image
MAXX #6  Image Comics
COMIC VALUE PACK: UNOPENED HIGH GRADE $20 Image / Marvel Spawn #2, X-Men 1 A Cage #2 DD #300 Still sealed never read
Shade #1 DC Comics
Strange Tales #171 Brother Voodoo  VG+/Fine or better Nice Gloss and Color on all comics here
Marvel Spotlight #3 Werewolf By Night Marvel Comics 1972
Marvel Premiere #31 WOODGOD Mantlo Giffin Janson
Outlaw Kid #3 Marvel VG+ range grase pencil lite wear 1960's
  Images and Prices upon request
Ms. Marvel #5 Marvel Comics Pretty High Grade  
Devil Dinosaur #1 Marvel Comics Kirby VF  
Marvel Spotlight #11 Captain Universe Steve Ditko High Grade NM-  
Marvel Spotlight #10 Captain Universe Steve Ditko (2 copies)  
Marvel Spotlight #9 Steve Ditko Art Marvel comics VF- or better  
X-Force #5 Marvel Comics  
X-Force #15 Cable Deadpool Marvel Comics NM  
Human Fly #8 Fine+ or better range  





  The word range means a half a unit above or below so Fine range would mean VG+ to Fine +


Poor: Worst Shape; tape, brittle, coupon out, pieces out, missing page, incomplete: may include the problems in fair; Coverless fit in this grade of 0.5

Fair: Readable, lots of wear, may have stains or tape bends, complete, pieces out mostly in margins or back cover or coupon out, dings, bends, line breaks, yellowing, stains,  tape residue, color problems, browning 1.0-2.0

Good: No pieces out, minor even wear, complete, dings, bends line breaks, slight yellowing or off-color, stains; pages supple, fading, no brittleness, no browning 3.0

VG: Very Good line breaks, dings, wear, supple pages, staples in not pulling, color problems like fading a little. 4.0-5.0

VG+ Close to Fine, line breaks, bends, staples loose, pages supple here on, wrinkles 6.0

Fine: Average or above; inside pages nice, complete, no major wear or tears. Tiny tape; small chip, small stain 6.5

Fine+: Above Average slight ding or line break or small indentation 7.0

VF   A High Grade no real problems maybe a small bend or line break or two. 7.5

VF+  Almost Perfect, maybe a small line break or ding or bend--minor tiny 8.0

NM-   What I grade my comics even if NM (Nearly Perfect) 9.0

NM: Perfect 10.0

I specialize in G to NM but have a few in lower shape

which I will indicate every time, Ask


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   Each page gets updated check back refresh and reload.

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