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COMICS:  All 1st prints some very special, 1950's -1996 ...+

Some Newspaper Strips from 1930's-1960's

Comics from $ .50cents - $1500.00 randomly inserted into this 13+ page Eternal SALE.

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Comics & Art Listings + More

    All 1st prints and new stories unless noted


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Marvel, DC, Independent comics:

Dark Horse, Valiant, Image etc.

Many of the Comics are High Grade

will indicate when not; offers always ok



Fine or above if grade not indicated.

All 1st prints unless noted


Brave and Bold #158 DC Comics Batman and Wonder Woman VF

Fashion In Action #1 Eclipse Summer Special NM  1986
New America #1, 3, 4, NM Ea. Eclipse; Offers?
Zot #13, 14, 4, 3, 2, 1 Eclipse Comics NM all
DNAGENTS #13 Eclipse NM , #2, #6, #11, 13 all NM
Zooniverse #2 Eclipse VF
Skywolf #2 Eclipse  VF
The Punisher No Escape Deluxe Format VF Marvel Comics
World's Finest #236 VG+
All In Color For A Dime Paperback, full color Golden Age Comics Covers  in middle complete, small pice out top back cover  Lupoff and Don Thompson 1970 1st Print $45
The Punisher War Journal 8 NM-
Sword of Texas #2, 3, 4   Eclipse Comics 1987 Dixon/Dunn all NM Unread

The New Wave #1 Eclipse VF/NM

This is the 1st appearance of this comic character

Mantech #2 Archie Comics 1984 Robot Warriors VF- Small bend.



The New Mutants Annual #5 Super High Grade NM, Atlantis Attacks.  Marvel Comics


Marvel Super Action #30 AVENGERS




Marvel Two-In-One #70 Thing And? 1980 Marvel Comics


Warlord Annual #2 DC Comics 1982  
World's FInest #236
Jack the Ripper #1 Oct. 1989
Shanghaied #1 1987 Etermity  
Rogue Trooper #1  
Black Kiss #11 still unopened in publisher bag Vortex Adults Only Chaykin  
Ms Tree #11 Aardvark-Vanaheim  NM  
Vox #1 Apple Comics great art bend back cover  
Want to buy a comic from me on Bonanza or Ebay or Facebook?  Happy to list there. Ask.  You can also always buy directly from me.  Email is best. 
Battletech #2 Blackthorne Comics, The Dragon's Last Stand B&W 1988
Wizard #16 unopened With Magnus Robot Fighter untouched Card Wetworks Card + another  Poster and much more.  A true collector's item.
Kull #17 Marvel The Destroyer
Indiana Jones #30 Marvel Comics
What If #15 If the Fantastic Four Lost the Trial of Galactus VF+ couple line breaks.

Ask for prices and scans of covers    EMAIL ME:

Capt. America #284 Marvel Comics NM 1983


Non Comics:  (Records 33.3 RPM):  Used records for sale:


Johnny' Greatest hits Johnny Mathis Columbia $2 used scratches and wear


Donovan Album Barabjagal with Atlantis Stereo 33.3 rpm Epic Record Album, album cover is open on sides $13  will ship via media mail

Personality Comics Presents MADONNA Marilyn Sept. 1991 $15 VF

Ballet Folklorico De Mexico $3 Record in great shape


Jack Wilson Innovations $9 offers ok considered 33.3 rpm Discovery

Rocketeer #2 Pacific Comics Dave Stevens Steve Ditko $25 VF+/NM-

Andre' Previn David Rose LIKE BLUE $9 ALL OLD ORIGINAL VINTAGE COLLECTIBLE RECORDS 33.3 VINYL some have no inner sleeves most do.


Robertino The Young Italian Singing Sensation $7 Danish Triola Recording Kapp Records

Mars Attacks #3 Topps $10 VF+

George Shearing WHITE SATIN  $10  Capitol


Rod McKuen's Greatest Hits - 2  $3

Tales of Terror #3 Eclipse Comics 1985 NM

Dave Grusin OUT OF THE SHADOWS $9 Arista


Eroica BEETHOVEN Album cover has wear $4

WARP #3 First Comics Frank Brunner Art and In Store Autograph. NM- $45

Burt Reynolds Sharky's Machine Musical Soundtrack 1981 Warner Bros, Orion

Piano Forte The Magnificient Piano of Peter Nero $5

Lucifer's Hammer #1 Innovation Autographed by Niven and Pournelle. VF+ $49

Around the Christmas Tree Decca Records Album cover in terrible shape inside record perfect DL38170


Lena Horne & Gabor Szabo WATCH WHAT HAPPENS 1970 Buddah Records $11

Predator vs Robot Fighter Valiant / Dark Horse  #1 Platinum High Grade $45

Soft Shoulder Generation Band 1982/1983 $8.95

Michael Franks

Michael Franks THE ART OF TEA $3 record is in lower shape

Marvel Spotlight on Red Wolf #1  Marvel Comics 1971 Fox / Shore VG+/Fine- ORIGIN, #1 Key / 1st solo book; Neal Adams cover

Friends The Singers Unlimited Gene Puerling


Johnny's Greatest Hits Johnny Mathis $2 (due to records below average shape)

Captain Stern #5 Kitchen Sink Wrightson

Few Pulps:


Astounding Science Fiction August 1941 nbc no back cover otherwise tight $10

Sin City #1 A Dame to Kill For Frank Miller, Dark Horse $12
Sin City #6 That Yellow Bastard $11 Dark Horse Comics
300 Frank Miller based on the film $20 DHC
Comics 101: How To History Lessons from Pros $1
The Art of Fantasy and Science Fiction Delaware Art Museum $39 Magazine Sized
Print of John Lennon; illustration -- item signed by Robert Gustaveson $15 limited

Astounding Science Fiction March 1940 nbc $10

Graphic Story Monthly #4  April 1990 B&W strips Fantagraphics VF $15  

Astounding Science Fiction  July 1946 Torn Back Cover large piece top down to below middle $10

Deadman #1 DC Comics Lopez NM- $10

Have 24 more unlisted as well recently acquired via Robert K.G.  inquire:

Horobi #8 VF+ $4 Manga  


Will Eisner's John Law Detective #1 Eclipse VF $3
Little Dot #25 Harvey Annual Size G+/VG- $5

Mr. Monster #4 Eclipse Comics

Hardcase Ashcan 1983 Nicols $9
The California Raisins 3-D #1 Blackthorne $10
Deathcrazed Teenage Superheroes #1 Arf Arf $19
P.J. Warlock #1 Eclipse  $2.99
TARZAN #5 ERB Malibu High Grade Unread 1992 Art not bad coloring ug
Grey #1 Manga Comic thick deluxe format squarebound  B&W $5 obo
Captain Harlock #5 Eternity Comics Leiji Matsumoto Robert Gibson Ben Dunn Fine Minor wear 1990 B&W $2.50
Crying Freeman #2 Part Three manga japanese Viz In Color Squarebound/Deluxe
Battle Beasts #1, #2 nice Blackthorne $25 obo 1985
Cases of Sherlock Holmes #13  B&W Renegade Press  Beautiful art High Grade 1988
Luger #1 Eclipse Comics Bruce Jones Bo Hampton Tom Yeates WOW 1986











Secret Origins #23 DC Comics Guardians of the Universe / Floronic Man 1987 NM
Icon #4 DC Great
The New Teen Titans #21 Nice DC
Ghost Rider #35 Marvel VF+/NM-
Clash #2 Deluxe Format Veitch and Adam Kubert  NM range DC
Lady Rawhide TOPPS McGregor Maroto ASHCAN VF or better
Firestorm #54 line breaks over 4 DC Comics
Marvel Two-In-One Presents #35 Thing and Skull the Slayer Marvel Comics VF+
Marvel Two-In-One #31 Thing vs Mystery Menace NM- Marvel
Marvel Two-In-One #57 Thing vs Wundarr Marvel Comics VF+

All first printings unless noted.

Jungle Jim Alex Raymond Pioneer Comics VF- #2 Reprints of 1930's comics B&W (SEE MY FLASH GORDON JUNGLE JIM; Prince Valiant and Tarzan by Hal Foster and Alex Raymond at my main website): :)  :) Thanks.  Buy some.  Ignore words on that page.  Everything  is negotiable.

DC COMICS PRESENTS #66 Superman and Demon (Etrigan)
Steelgrip Starkey #1 (Epic/Marvel) Fine-  line breaks dings
What If #16 Shang-Chi fought on Side of Fu Manchu Fine- wear bottom corner left.
Sabretooth #4 High Grade Marvel Painted Cover
Classic X-men #38 Dark Phoenix Saga BYRNE/AUSTIN 1989
Classic X-men #45 VF (2) Byrne Wolverine+++
Classic X-men #37 NM Dark Phoenix JOHN BYRNE
Six from Sirius #2 Epic/Marvel GULACY Moench VF
Darkman #5 Direct Edition NM High Grade nice paper
Ghost Rider  #52 Mackie Garney Marvel Midnight Sons
Motormouth #1 Marvel (UK) High Grade Nick Fury SHIELD $20
DC COMICS PRESENTS #10 Superman and Sgt. Rock 1979 VF
DC COMICS PRESENTS #2 DC COMICS 1978 Amazing work Flash Superman Race to the End of Time lopsided binding a little LOPEZ, ADKINS Zoom.
Blood of Dracula #14 High Grade Apple Comics
X-men and the Micronauts #4 DARK XAVIER Marvel
X-Terminators #1 with X-Factor INFERNO Begins, Nastirh! (X-men related) VF MARVEL.
Marvel Fanfare #19 Cloak and Dagger Fine or better minor wear MARVEL
Kamandi #57 The Last Boy On Earth VF- 1978 DC COMICS
Kamandi #51 Fine 1977
Tales To Astonish #1 Sub-Mariner some of cover top edge wrecked by tape ask for scan not that bad VG-
Red Sonja #1 Marvel (She Devil with a Sword)  one line break
Red Sonja #15 She Devil with a Sword Marvel  Robert E. Howard, DeZuniga, Buscema
Capt. Harlock #1 Eternity VF- line breaks
The Crusaders #3 Impact Comics DC Wade Augustyne NM-
Honeymooners #11 Triad Photo Cover TV related Jackie Gleason..
The WEB #14 Impact DC VF range two line breaks or small dings Gread Color and Gloss

(Everything in color unless noted)

Blackburn #2 Bloodlines (B&W)
The Futurians #3 color Dave Cockrum LP comic book 
Who Dunnnit #2 Eclipse Comics Full Color
Ninja Elite #1 VF B&W Adv. Publications
Warlock 5 #9  B&W Aircel Nice
Warlock 5 #17 Aitcel unread High Grade B&W
Blood of the Innocent #2 Warp Graphics Color Jack The Ripper and Dracula
Warp Special #3 First Comics 1984 VF/NM-
Viking Heroes #1 Frank Frazetta cover Genesis West  $25
Viking Heroes #3 $10 Kirby and Thibodeaux
Death Dealer Frazetta Delxue Format  Danzig $20
Catwoman #1 DC Comcis VF awesome
Lady Death #1 Brian Pulido's MEDIEVAL  NM
Lady Death #3 (2005) Brian Pulido's MEDIEVAL  NM
Dr. Boogie #1 Media Arts
Grim Jack #34 VF/NM First
The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles #4 Dark Horse VF/NM
Wild Cats Adventures #4 Image
Radio Boy #1 Eclipse
Pact #3 $3.50 high grade
Jack Kirby's TeenAgents #4 Topps
Savage Dragon #2 Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtles High Grade thicker Erik Larson
WildCATS #4 Sealed in Publisher Bag High Grade Image
UNITY #0 Time is not Absolute Barry Windsor Smith $10

Will add more covers (feel free to ask now)

FAUST #8 Adults (2)  Rebel NM-
Daredevil #263 Marvel 1989 Romita Jr. Anne Nocenti NM
Invaders #2 Image to come Fine or better Marvel
Morbius #14  High Grade
Punisher #50 High Grade Marvel
Nightwing #1
G.I. Joe yearbook #2
Worlds Unknown #2 G Thomas, Mayerik, Chua L. Sprague de Camp 1973
Daredevil #184 Marvel Miller Gun story
Justice League Europe #1 DC
Hulk Thing #1 Hard knocks Marvel
Deadman #2 High Grade DC Lopez
Warlord  #122  Fine - 1987 Power Girl Fleisher Thibert Marcos Jennifer Morgan Fine- great art
The Weird #2 Jim Starlin Bernie Wrightson High Grade DC 1987 NM-
Hot Stuff #138 Harvey 1977
Stygmata #1 Eternity  Cardstock covers, B&W 1994 God Embossed cover
Warp #10 First 1984
Adventures of Bob's Big Boy #258 Manny Stallman 1978
Big Boy #213 (Adv. of)
Monsters on the Prowl #17 Marvel  VG+ Kirby probaby reprints from the 1950's
Marvel Premiere #32 Monark Starstalker Bends wrinkles Chaykin nice gloss and color
MARVEL ADVENTURE featuring Daredevil #4 Gene Colan 1976
Machine Man #1 Jack Kirby The Living Robot Marvel Comics
Amazing Adventures #14 X-men Kirby Early Reprint Title VF+
Laser Eraser Pressbutton #6 Eclipse Awesome Cover
All Star Western #3 DC 1971 chip Gil Kane Art +
What If  #28 Daredevil was an Agent of Shield MARVEL COMICS 1981 Ghost Rider, Watcher, TOM SUTTON Thicker
Power Girl #1 DC VF+
Nathaniel Dusk Private Investigator #4 Gene Colan 1984
Cable #1 Marvel 2008
Howard The Duck VF+/NM- Colan 1977
Defenders #3 Giffen DeMatteis Marvel 2005
Spider-man Unlimited #1 Marvel 2004
Amazing Fantasy #1 2004 NM  



Lost In Space #3 Innovation  


  The word range means a half a unit above or below so Fine range would mean VG+ to Fine +


Poor: Worst Shape; tape, brittle, coupon out, pieces out, missing page, incomplete: may include the problems in fair; Coverless fit in this grade of 0.5

Fair: Readable, lots of wear, may have stains or tape bends, complete, pieces out mostly in margins or back cover or coupon out, dings, bends, line breaks, yellowing, stains,  tape residue, color problems, browning 1.0-2.0

Good: No pieces out, minor even wear, complete, dings, bends line breaks, slight yellowing or off-color, stains; pages supple, fading, no brittleness, no browning 3.0

VG: Very Good line breaks, dings, wear, supple pages, staples in not pulling, color problems like fading a little. 4.0-5.0

VG+ Close to Fine, line breaks, bends, staples loose, pages supple here on, wrinkles 6.0

Fine: Average or above; inside pages nice, complete, no major wear or tears. Tiny tape; small chip, small stain 6.5

Fine+: Above Average slight ding or line break or small indentation 7.0

VF  Very Fine  A High Grade no real problems maybe a small bend or line break or two. 7.5

VF+  Almost Perfect, maybe a small line break or ding or bend--minor tiny 8.0

NM-   What I grade my comics even if NM (Nearly Perfect) 9.0

NM: Perfect 10.0

Mint: Comics are printed.  See NM Near Mint.

I specialize in G to NM but have a few in lower shape; 99 % are Fine or better.

which I will indicate every time, Ask


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