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Now throughout Dec. 2020... until they sell; ask for images, grades and prices. These are in nice condition!

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Sold on Ebay for 22 year as graphic-illusion

Comic Book in Magazine Format for sale awesome art.


All are complete.  OFFERS?  Ask for a price.

COMICS:  All 1st prints some very special, 1950's -1996 ...+

Some Newspaper Strips from 1930's-1960's


Comics from $ .50 cents - $1500.00 randomly inserted into this 17+ page Eternal SALE.

Thanks for buying from me and for telling your family, friends and

comic collecting buddies where to get some nice variety.  Send want lists.


Comics & Art Listings + More

    All 1st prints and new stories unless noted


Prices upon request 

email preferred (don't forget the dots)

Images upon request

Free bags and boards


Marvel, DC, old and new Independent comics:

Dark Horse, Valiant, Image etc.  Tower, Charlton, Dell, Gold Key, Disney...

Most of my Comics are in High Grade.  Will indicate when not; offers always ok




Chaos, samples, semi organized;  most in VF or better


All 1st prints unless noted



Batman Predator II #2 of 4 BloodMatch DC/Dark Horse Comics High Grade unread  Beautiful art
ROM Spaceknight #1 Marvel VF or better
Conqueror #1 Harrier Comics  B&W VF- or better
Power Girl #2 Into The Web DC Comics Hoberg Kupperberg
Avengers #185 VF+/NM Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch marvel 1979 Awesome cover
Dr. Strange Ashcan Sorcerer Supreme Marvel B&W $9 NM-
The Spectacular Spider-man Annual #8 Gwen Stacy Young Gods EVOLUTIONARY WAR NM Marvel Bagley
The New FLASH #1 DC Comics High Grade VF- to VF+ small bend couple line breaks 1987
Secrets of the Haunted House #44 DC COMICS Wrightson Cover 1982 Dick Ayers +++ VG
Return of the New Gods #14 (2 copies)  Slight wear Fine each Newton /Adkins DC Darkseid
Return of the New Gods #13 Orion (2 copies Fine, one is VG due to wrinkles) Gerry Conway, Adkins, Newton DC
Return of the New Gods #12 Orion Darkseid Metron Fine- bends and indentations, read DC

Legionnaires #1 Unopened Sealed in Publisher's Bag DC High Grade free trading card Skybox (Computo).

Trains, tracks and electric gizmos available.

Rainbow Brite NM- 1986 DC Official Adaptation of the Movie  

Wonder Woman  #140 Jan. 1999 amazing cover and interior art DC Comics  
New Gods #25 Infinity Man Forever people DC Comics VF


SHADOW #1 By Howard Chaykin DC 1986 High Grade VF+ or better


Kobra #4 DC 1976 Stamped inside VG
Metal Men #50 G+ DC 1977
Spider-man Miles Morales The Ultimate #9 Direct 2014 High Grade unread
Spider-man Miles Morales The Ultimate #5 Bendis marvel VF+/NM-


Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD #16 Marvel 1990 VF/NM- Marvel  
Ghost Rider #64 Marvel VF- Mackie 1995
Spectacular Spider-man #162 Hobgoblin vs Carrion Marvel Comics Sal Buscema, Gerry Conway VG+/Fine range or better; minor wear  


ELEKTRA The Hand #2 Marvel NM 2004 Feels like Manga $5
Apocalyse In Waco Eclipse Comics One-shot really; True Crime Comics Special #2 is the title $25  
1602 Marvel Comics MK Part 6  Gaiman, Andy Kubert,  Isanove, Watcher Dr. Strange Thor...
Thunda #1 Frank Frazetta Fantagraphics
Marvel Tales #211 Spider-man and the Punisher; Zeck Cover; Andru, Conway MARVEL Reprint of #135 High Grade
Marvel Team-up #89 Spider-man and Nightcrawler Buckler Rubinstein Cover MARVEL 1979 VF range.

Ask for prices and scans of covers    EMAIL ME:

Vanguard Illustrated #3 Al Williamson Pacific Comics High Grade NM-  
Captain Canuck First Summer Special $19 High Grade lots of material  
True North II Lots of pages Inside Back Cover Kelley Jones art fold out inside front cover ug; 1991 Mobius Back Cover High Grade (like new) $19 obo  
Robotech CLONE #1 Special Edition 40 pages $7.50 Academy Comics  
Robotech #25 High Grade $7 Comico

GHOST #18 Dark Horse
Legacy #0 few dings Majestic Special metalic cover
STATIC #31 DC Comics Milestone Adam & Yves, Kane, Rollins Perfect shape sold as NM-  
Morbius #5 Marvel Comics NM-
Darkhold #3 (2 copies) Marvel Comics NM ea $2 each  
Spirits of Vengeance #2 NM $3.50 Marvel  
Spirits of Vengeance #3 NM Marvel Adam Kubert $3.50 unread unopened High Grade; have other issues inquire (see main website)
Batman #440 Lonely Place of Dying Part 1 of 5 NM DC COMICS (+4)
Batman #435 (+2)
Batman #420
Batman #500, #664,
Batman #437  
BATMAN #484, Batman #432 DC
Batman #343 Not Mint 5 line breaks and a tear DC  
Batman #494 Nightfall DC  




Batman #417 (Ten Nights of the Beast)
Batman #495 All NM
Batman # 441 (3) +  All NM
Batman #449
Batman Legends of the Dark Knight #36, #29 NICE NM
Batman Legends of the Dark Knight #11 (Prey)
Batman #485 High Grade
Robin Embossed #14 NM unread and unopened
Batman #418 (more Batman's on previous pages) Ten Nights of the Beast
Batman #439, High Grade
World's Finest #273 Bob Smith, Joe Staton
Batman #439 NM never read or opened
Detective Comics #506 (DC) NM
Detective Comics #615 NM
Detective Comics #639 NM
Detective Comics #660 NM
Detective Comics #622 NM
Detective Comics #510 NM
Detective Comics #522 NM


Detective Comics #648 NM
Detective Comics #614, NM #669 High Grade
Detective Comics NM
Detective Comics NM
World's Finest #303 NM
Alfred Returns #1 --1995 High Grade Annual NM


Batman and the Outsiders #5 Perez DC COMICS High Grade
Playboy Nov. 1965 Complete; Has cover wear.  007 Spy Theme. James Bond.
Batman #476 DC Comics


Batman #325 DC

Indiana Jones #1 Last Crusade Marvel  $10 NM
X-Force #1 (10 copies) Unopened still sealed
Heavy Metal May 2006
Astounding June 1942 Pulp Magazine
Jumbo Comics Deluxe  Format / or Small Trade Paperback B& 72 Pages Blackthorne Re $6
Heroes Against Hunger 1986 to relieve Hunger in Africa
Ghosts #93 Kaluta Cover DC

Marvel Presents #2 BLOODSTONE Origin Key

Club 13 Eight Ball Press
Weird Tales Illustrated #1 Millennium eerie cover
Captain Johner & The Aliens #1 nice Valiant Comics


Captain Johner & The Aliens #2 nice Valiant Comics
Big Boy #267 (1960's) Comics


The official Prince Valiant by Hal Foster B&W Pioneer #4 1988

All first printings unless noted.
Batman in Detective Comics Small thick Book Complete Covers of the 2nd 25 years Vol. 2 $11 cover price
Astounding June 1942 Large Pulp
Robin II #3 Hologram Joker DC
Spawn #12 Image 1st print and series
Batman #272 DC Comics
Superboy #158 nice 1st series after Adventure Comics DC
Freedom Fighters #12 DC 1978
RAI #0 Valiant High Grade
X-O Manowar Trade Papervak Thick Full color Valiant Comcis Book Nice Shape printing has some white showing on back cover still High Grade Sold as is.
WildCats Covert Action Teams TRADE PAPERBACk Thick High Grade Image
Cyber Force Trade Paperback High Grade White splotch on cover to side from printer Image Comics Book  Holofoil cover shiny
Marvel Team-Up #19 VF Spider-man and Ka-zxar Marvel
New Mutants #100 Ding 2nd print otherwise high grade Marvel Comics
The Amazing Spider-man #143 Marvel VG+
UNITY SAGA  #1 Trade Paperback Valiant Nice Shape
Vampire Tales #9 Marvel awesomness Magazine Size probably B&W with the most excellent artists, inquire for more info NICE SHAPE
Blackhawk #188 and 194 DC Comics
Black Dragon #4 High Grade Breat art Christ Claremont writes it John Bolton draws it Epic/Marvel Nice paper
Fantastic Four #338 Marvel Comics VF+
GhostBusters #1 First Comics Filmation
Adventure Comics #473 Ditko; Indentation DC
Rocket Ranger #2 Adventure Comics VF+ or better
Usagi Yojimbo Color Special #2  Sakai Fantagraphics
Ghosts #96 DC Fine to VF
House of Mystery #266 DC Comics Nice
Fantaco's Chronicles #4 B&W $10 nice AVENGERS
Subterra Braphic Novel B&W 56 Pages 4 Winds Bat person gothic cover Alcatena, Dixon, Barreiro
Metaphysique Breyfogle Malibu NM Ashcan Bravura Comics B&W
The Comic Reader Dec 1974 #113 B&W
Thunder Bunny #8 Warp Apple Comics
Little Monsters #3 wear at staples NOW
Pre-Teen Dirty-Gene Kung-Fu Kangaroos #3


Have a few valuable Coke Trays for sale

Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #8 Above Fine Marvel Magazine B&W great art
Vampire Tales #1 Morbius Fine- or above Marvel
Grateful Dead Comix #2 Big Bend
Duckberg Times #1 Fanzine cool
Third World War #1 Hamburger Lady Deluxe Format 2000 a.d presents
Next Men Dark Horse John Byrne#1 Silver Embossed Logo
Boris the Bear #2 Dark Horse all high grade:
Boris the Bear #1 Dark Horse
Boris the Bear #7 Dark Horse
Boris the Bear #9 Dark Horse (Marvel parody cover)
Boris the Bear #5 Dark Horse
UNITY #1 NM Valiant
Unity #0 NM Barry Windsor Smith
Jim Lee WildCats #4 NM
Doc Savage #1 Millennium Comics Devils Thoughts Harris
Jim Starlin BREED #6 Bravura
Jim Starlin Breed #1 Bravura
Ice Age Magic the Gathering #4 Vess Aramada
John Bolton #1 Eclipse Comics

Stain on envelope only, is light


Jeff Jones 6 Plate Signed and numbered FOLIO of ART $400

Black Goliath #3 VG+ or better wrinkles
Jon Sable #1 First Comics Mike Grell art Fine to VF- 2 water drops on cover
Mechanics #1 Fantagraphics Intro by Alan Moore
Archie and Me #19 Archie water damage comics offers complete readable
Battletech #5 Blackthorne High Grade  comics
Fish Police #1 NM Fishwrap comics
John Byrne's Next Men #15 Dark Horse 1993 NM
The Book of Ballads and Sagas Signed CHARLES VESS $25 NM
Twilight Zone #1 Premiere Issue Neal Adams Harlan Ellison  Now Comics  $15 NM
Twilight Zone #1 variant cover by Neal Adams big rip along lower spine of comic Now $2
  Many of the comics on these 17 pages so far are from my unread unopened High Grade personal collection
The Twilight Zone #1 High Grade different series later NM



And Comic Art For Sale.



  The word range means a half a unit above or below so Fine range would mean VG+ to Fine +


Poor: Worst Shape; tape, brittle, coupon out, pieces out, missing page, incomplete: may include the problems in fair;

Coverless fit in this grade of 0.5

Fair: Readable, lots of wear, may have stains or tape bends, complete, pieces out mostly in margins or

back cover or coupon out, dings, bends, line breaks, yellowing, stains,  tape residue, color problems, browning 1.0-2.0

Good: No pieces out, minor even wear, complete, dings, bends line breaks, slight yellowing or off-color,

stains; pages supple, fading, no brittleness, no browning 3.0

VG: Very Good line breaks, dings, wear, supple pages, staples in not pulling, color problems like fading a little. 4.0-5.0

VG+ Close to Fine, line breaks, bends, staples loose, pages supple here on, wrinkles 6.0

Fine: Average or above; inside pages nice, complete, no major wear or tears. Tiny tape; small chip,

small stain, small bend great gloss and color 6.5

Fine+: Above Average slight ding or line break or small indentation 7.0

VF  Very Fine.  A High Grade no real problems maybe a small bend or line break or two. 7.5

VF+  Almost Perfect, maybe a small line break or ding or bend--minor tiny 8.0

NM-   What I grade my comics even if NM (Nearly Perfect) 9.0

NM: Perfect 10.0

Mint: Comics are printed.  See NM Near Mint.

I specialize in G to NM but have a few in lower shape; 99 % are Fine or better.

which I will indicate every time, Ask

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