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Alan Moore


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COMICS:  All 1st prints some very special, 1950's -1996 ...+

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A Foreign Comic


Warp #15 First Comics

Unity #1 Valiant High Grade  Comics
Unity 0 Valiant High Grade unread
Albedo #0 Signed Gallachi $25 obo High Grade
New Age #1 High Grade
Justice League International #9 Giffin DeMatteis Millennium Week 1 DC Comics High Grade  
The War Book 3 Marvel Deluxe Format one ding on cover  
Miracleman Apocrypha Book 1 Eclipse Kelley Jones, Breyfogle, Wagner, Woch, High Grade=Nice; unread condition  
Dennis the Menace Bonus Magazine Series #156 Fawcett 1976 Fine minor wear   NOTE: At urmzogna on youtube find 200+ comic videos by me
The Best of Dennis the Menace #58  Fawcett 1968 Hall Syndicate Annual sized VG+ range  
Viking Heroes #3 Genesis West  
DNAgents #1 NM William Meugniot Eclipse  
PAT SAVAGE Woman of Bronze Millennium  
Myth Adventures #7 Warp Graphics NM  

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Whole comic is available.



       Investment quality comics.  And other items.

Vess Cover

No Such Thing As Monsters #3 Gary Voodoo 1986 High Grade unread  
Myth Adventures #7 Warp Graphics Foglio High Grade  
Grendel War Child  Dark Horse #1 VF  
Grendel Ashcan Advanced Comics B&W Small wrinkles Fine-  
The Man of Rust #1 B  Blackthorne High Grade
Terraformers Shapers of Worlds #2 Wonder Comics Kelley Jones Jim Sinclair 1985 High Grade  
Terraformers Shapers of Worlds #1 NM K. Jones  
Sultry TeenAge Superfoxes #1 Solson; Buckler NM  
Near To Now #2 Fandom House 1987 Fine or better  
Oracle #2 NM- (comics unless otherwise noted whole page)  
Mildly Microwaved Pre-Pubescent Kung Fu Gophers #1 Just Imagine B&W NM  
The Realm #9 --1987 NM  Arrow Comics some comics may be listed twice 90% of my stock is just one copy per title and number  
The Realm #4 #6 #3 #5  #8 all NM unread unopened B&W $5 ea. multi
Hawkworld #17 DC, #7, #17,  #15, #5 (wear, complete) 6, 2, 3 $3.99 ea. nice shape
Adventures with the Brothers Al Hartley, Spire Hang In There 1970 # 1 $9  
Flash Gordon #4 DC Comics  #3.99  
Aliens vs Predator #3 Dark Horse $3.99  
Collector's Pack SPAWN 2, X-MEN #1 A, DD300, Cage #2 all still sealed in collector's package $19 High Grade
Comic Strip Removal of Navajo Nation to Fort Sumner 11 x 17" pages B&W $45  

Much more to be listed on this page soon!

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