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For sale til deleted. 

This is a short 13 page list of additional comics, art & such that I have or will list on facebook or ebay or bonanza for sale.  I have not listed most of these before.  My intent is to list everything I own here and at my main web pages.

Comics, SF, Comic Art,

Magazines, Fanzines, Books +

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aka The Comic Book Store

aka The Comic Book Store Museum

 Offers always considered

Inside my former comic store Ninth Nebula 1986-1996 In North Hollywood, CA


Marvel Spotlight #9 Fine or better STEVE DITKO CAPT. UNIVERSE #1  $12 ...

...(Marvel Comics 1980 1st print more than one copy available some in higher grade).   

Captain Marvel Giant-Size #1 Gil Kane 1975 1st Marvel series & Print $39

Strange Tales #178 WARLOCK 1st Jim Starlin, Key Marvel 1975 $85

THOR #149 Origin Black Bolt JACK KIRBY Marvel Comics 1968 STAN LEE 1st series $88 see my Thor Webpage at Marvel.

Gray Morrow Original Comic Art   DC Scarlett #9 Page #7 1993 Newly Acquired-- $395

(Shipping of art is $19 insured) Comics ship for $4 via 1st class,

or via Priority for around $8 or less;  insurance due if valuable

(I usually cover the first $2);

Unused shipping above $2 is refundable upon request.

X-Force #1, #3 high grade $2 ea. Shipping is $4; 

(#1 with Deadpool Card $3)

 X-force #2  (2nd DEADPOOL) $7 All NM range.

(have few now.)

X-Force #4, #5 #10, #11, #14, #15 many have Deadpool inquire.+

Others from this series I have in High Grade.

X-men #1 $3.00 or #2 $2 ea; Green X-men #1 $5 NM Jim Lee

Images on request.  Prices on request.

Tower of Shadows #4 Marvel Comics

Tower of Shadows #8  Marvel

Chamber of Darkness #7 Marvel 1970's

Prince Namor the Sub-Mariner #7 Silver Age 1960's

FRANK BRUNNER Autograph on old quick print  $25

 --for autograph party at Ninth Nebula; (Doctor Strange and HTD artist +).

Famed comic artist extraordinare'.

FRANK BRUNNER signature on a check $25

Rascals In Paradise #2 a great magazine format comic with excellent art

Ask to see list of magazines.

Marvel Preview Bizarre Adventures 2 #23 Magazine size B&W  Marvel

Marvel Preview #1 Man-Gods + Neal Adams Marvel all excellent shape

Marvel Super Special #28 Marvel Comics Magazine Format Full Color KRULL


Marvel Preview #21

Sold my last one at $45 this final copy is $199 going for much

higher apparently all the way to $700 if cgc'd

Big Steve Ditko Story within; much more greatness!



Page 6 and 7 +  others have most of my DC / Superman / Batman / Superboy

Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Adventure comics.

Some graded some also priced. Inquire anytime. 10% off purchases above $110

Spend a lot get bigger discounts.








Q. How long have you been selling comics and comic art

A.  Over 51 years

Q.  How long have you graded professionally and done mail order?

A.  For over 51 years.

Q.  How fast do you mail stuff?

A.  I ship in one weekday (rarely if ever does it take longer than that).

I ship comics and art in a very secure manner.  Strong cardboard is used.

Q. Why do you sell comics?  

A.  Besides making money to support my family I like making people happy selling what I love.

Q.  Best way to contact you?

A.  Email (

Q.  Best Way to Pay?

A.  Paypal. I accept checks and money orders too (takes longer, til they clear)

Q.  Credentials?

A.  Ebay and other persons.  I am graphic-illusion on ebay.  Ask.

Q.  What happened to the toys and lithographs you were also selling?

A.  I sold the hell out of them and then returned unsold ones to the happy consignors.

I can still get stuff from both of them upon demand -- often in a day. 

Q. What would you sell every comic book you own for?

A. At book they are probably valued at $3-5 Million Dollars.

I would consider offers above $500,000 since

I know the reality of the comic book universe.  I would look at serious offers.

Q.  What would you sell all your comic art for? 

A.  About $85,000 this month.  Have the Ditko / Kirby TTA* page. 

It alone may be worth $50,000 and can only go up.  Offers considered.

*Tales to Astonish  (My final selling costs will be low enough for you to make a profit).

Timing is everything.  And NOW is all there is. 

Agreements are kept.

Q.  Do you have other lots or collections for sale?

A. Yes email or call me. 253-632-3175 (leave message); Email preferred.

They include 1930's-1950's Sun. Newspaper Strips en mass by Alex Raymond and

Hal Foster.  Flash Gordon, Prince Valiant and Tarzan and more. 

I'll make a list of what else I have for sale as well but my Home page has most of It.

Q.  Why are your web pages so awful?

A.  Cause I am self taught (photobucket sucks) and

don't know what I am doing (trial and error for 20+ years).  :) 

I will move to another format soon.

Q.  Do you still love comics?

A.  Yes I love them.  I also love Art galleries, film, nature, travel, fun, drawing,

philosophy, spirituality lived, writing and much more (ping pong, horses)...

What's your favorite comic?

A.  See bottom of my website.  Anything by Al Williamson,

Frank Frazetta, Steve Ditko, Jack Kirby, Steranko, Neal Adams,

Joe Kubert, Gil Kane, Curt Swan, Wally Wood, Gene Colan,

Gray Morrow, Kaluta, Yeates, Jeff Jones, Wrightson, Metzger,

Bode', Barry Windsor Smith. 

Wendy Pini, Tim Kirk, George Barr, Alicia Austin,

Steve Fabian and many others.

Q.  Do you buy?

A. Yes?  (I have interest in 1950's and 1940's comics, also 1960's,

70's on but only certain artists, companies and Authors).

Tell me what you have.  Currently want Fiction House, 

10c and .12 comics, fanzines, comic art, X-men by Byrne;

Will trade comic and art for property.

Q. Do you sell outside the USA?  (Globally and Internationally).

A.  Yes (but you must cover all costs involved in mailing it to you including customs).

Minimum for outside the US is $75.00 (ask always).

Q. Do you charge a buyers premium?  No.


Thank you.  Rob G.


More about me (all this was on my about me page at ebay and elsewhere long ago):

(I had a small ad (3 actually) in Overstreet in 1985

(as Ninth Nebula, The Comic Book Store);

I attended San Diego Comic Con

from the earliest days -- earliest 1970's and SF/Fantasy Conventions

dozens of times around the Country).

Sold there (in S.D.) twice with a table 1985, 1996.  Dealt with Rogofsky where

I bought Superboy #1 for $10) back in time from him;

Managed a chain; owned two stores (Ninth Nebula** 1986-1996 and

Beyond Illusion New Age Books and Comics during all of 1978 (comics paid the rent),

threw comic conventions (19 of them),

one store** was next door to LASFS (Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society),

published 6 Fanzines (see my blog on main home page)+ many covers for Apa-L.  

My interviews have been published.  One with Gerry Conway and one with Roy Thomas.

Wrote an article which appeared on the front page of the Burbank Daily Leader

Made hundreds of videos of my comics for sale I have so many in super high grade. 

They are on youtube mostly as urmzogna, but also as funster13 and zero0aeo.+


I am on facebook (see to see them all and JOIN.

In my youth one of my first jobs was at Collector's Bookstore. 

I haunted the Newsstand on Cahuenga Blvd. in Hwd., Argosy,

Cherokee and Bond St. (Friends with Steve E. and his partner) and Collector's Bookstore

(Friends with Leonard Brown--he treated me well selling

me copies of Conan #3 by BWS in mint for $8 each at the time).

Mostly I just want to sell my comics and art since it is how I pay my bills.

Suggestions and offers appreciated. 

Note I write and draw see my art and comics at Pinterest. 

Grew up in the San Fernando Valley.  Now I live in Southern Oregon.

Again Thanks.

Make an offer on one item or everything on this page.

Exact shipping and free careful grading.  (By me PMC).  You can pick it up.

        If you have ever bought anything from me in the past please ask for a 10% discount on your purchase over $50.

SHIPPING $4 for one or two comics via 1st class

                  $8 via Priority

$20 for the 1st page of comic art insured 2nd page ships free.


Please email me before sending me checks and money orders (or text).


Robert Gustaveson

POB 1261

Phoenix, OR 97535 (HOME)

Where to mail them.  Again thank you.

Marvel Comics    DC Comics     Original Comic Art     Fanzines    EC Comics

Graphic Illusion Comics and Art (EC Marvel DC Original Comic Art) comicbooks


This is now a catalog of stuff for sale all year long. 

Eternal Sale.  You can make deals here. Pg 1

In the meantime is my 100 page website

with over 110+ different links to comics and art and more I am offering for sale

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$25 or best offer