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Moon Knight #53 Infinity War Crossover Marvel Comics 1992  
  Capt. America #115 Marvel Comics Silver Age
Heavy Metal  Dec 1977 $29  
  Capt. America #116 Marvel Comics Silver Age
Astonishing Tales #10 Ka-Zar Lord of the Hidden Jungle Barry Windsor Smith MARVEL COMICS  $25  
  Amazing Spider-man #179 Green Goblin Marvel Comics
Marvel Feature #2 the Defenders Marvel 1970's $75 get em cgc'd make more money or have a better collection  
  War Machine IRON MAN mini comic ASHCAN Marvel Comics smaller size
Marvel Feature #1 The Defenders Marvel Comics  Origin Dr. Strange Sub-mariner Hulk $295  
Giant-Sized Defenders #1 (Look under Giant-sized) Marvel Comics $190 more to come right here SOON:
  New Gods #8 Jack Kirby G -- DC Comics
DEFENDERS #1  Marvel Comics $50  
  Starfire #4 DC Comics High Grade
Daredevil #293 Punisher Marvel  
  Venom Funeral Pyre #3 Marvel Comics
Daredevil #257 Punisher Marvel  
  Venom Lethal Protector #2 Marvel
Starfire #8 DC Comics NM  
  Venom Lethal Protector #3 Marvel Comics
Sword of Sorcery #1 Berni Wrightson DC Comics  
  X-men Annual #14 Marvel 1990 Unread High Grade Comics
Destroyer Duck #5 Eclipse Gerber Kirby Buzz Dixon  
  Flash Gordon #8 DC
 America vs The Justice Society #1 DC Comics  
  FemForce #46 AC Comics
Justice League of America  192 bend DC Comics  
JLA 175 DC Warrior of Plasm #1 Defiant Comics NM
JLA 177 DC Comics  
JLA 179 High Grade DC Dr. Strange #50 Marvel Comics
JLA 180 "  
JLA 181 " Guardians of the Glaxy #25 Marvel
Demon #13 Lobo DC Comics Wonder Woman #55 DC Comics
Cyberforce #2 Image Comics ISIS #3 DC TV COMICS
Doc Savage #2 Millenium Comics Starfire #7 DC Comics
Legion of Super Heroes #308 DC Comics Starfire #8 DC
" 309 DC Comics  
  Starfire #6 DC Comics
X-men Ann. 7 Marvel Comics  
  Adv. of Superman  #499 DC Comics
Secret Origins #36 Green Lantern Poison Ivy 1988 DC Comics  
  Web of Spider-man #90
Capt. America #411 Marvel Comics  
  Wonderman #1 double-size
Bloodwolf  #2 Image Comics  
  Adventure Into Fear Man-Thing #10
Savage Dragon #2 with Ninja Turtles thicker Vanguard flip book Image Comics  
  Secret Origins of Super-Heroes 1978 31605 Lightray Dr. Fate Black Canary
X-O Man of War #21 Valiant High Grade multi  
  Frank Miller Sin City #1
Giant-size Werewolf #3 Marvel Comics nice Transylvania  
  Dark Shadows #1 Innovation Comics
Weird Fantasy # 13 East Coast EC Reprint (earlier reprint series) $15  
  Vampirella #1 Deluxe Fomat B&W Harrix Dark Horse Comics
Invaders #19 Marvel Comics  
  Jungle Girls #13  AC Comics
Son of Satan / Marvel Spotlight:  click this link (issued 9-19-19) Marvel Comics for sale.  Offers OK.  SALE.
  Marvel Super-Heroes Phantom Eagle #16
John Byrnes Next Men  #2 Dark Force Comics  
  New Warriors #40 Gold Embossed cover Direct Edition Marvel
Spider-man Holiday Special 1995 Marvel $3  
  The New Warriors #25 double-sized  Marvel
Ribit #3 and #4 Comico Frank Thorne $2 ea  
  Quasar #1 Marvel Comics
Ninja High School #8 Eternity Comics  
  Invaders #36 Marvel (1978)
Rawhide Kid #135 Marvel Comics  
  Uncanny X-men #168 Kitty Pryde  Paul Smith Marvel
Ringo Kid #5 Marvel  
  Uncanny X-men #166 Marvel Comics Double-size
Kid Colt Outlaw #133 MARVEL  
  SteelGrip Starkey #6 Epic/Marvel
Batman #485 DC COMICS                                       $1 (yeah that is the price)  
  The Legend of Kamui #1, #3,  #31 Eclipse Comics
Legion of Super Heroes Annual #2 DC Comics  
  Amazing Spider-man #8 facsimili thin Spider-man Collectible Series Vol 16 Ditko marvel
Maxx #6 Image Comics  


Starslayer #10 First Comics
Lobo Gallery #1 DC COMICS  
  Hulk #418 Marriage Issue $25 obo Marvel Comics
AVENGERS #129 Kang Marvel Comics  
 Free bags and boards
Amazing Spider-man #261 Amazing Great Cover Marvel Comics Hobgoblin  
  Kazar The Savage  #25 Spider-man Marvel
Daredevil #325 Fall From Grace publisher: Marvel Comics amazing work  
DD #324 All High Grade unread unopened) Marvel Fall from Grace  
  The Invaders #1 Double-sized High Grade
DD #321 Marvel  2 Fall From Grace  
Daredevil Yellow Bk 3 Loeb and Sale Marvel  
  World of Krypton #3 DC Comics
Daredevil the Man without Fear #4 Miller, Al Williamson, Romita Jr. Marvel  
Daredevil the Man without Fear #3 "   Marvel The New Warriors #1 Gold Marvel
Daredevil the Man without Fear # 1 "   Marvel Comics Nice format  
  Marvel Spotlight #4 Werewolf by Night Ploog
X-men #227 Marvel Comics Fall of the Mutants  
X-men #226 Double-sized high grade all Marvel Comics Action Comics Superman #685 Funeral For a Friend 2
X-men #175 Marvel  
  X-men Hologram #1 Large Hologram card one bend
Dreadstar #24 (Epic / Marvel) / Stan Lee  
Dreadstar #23 " Speedball #1 Steve Ditko Marvel
Dreadstar #18 "  
Dreadstar #17 "  
  HULK #400 Specail Effect cover thicker
Condorman Whitman #3 (Gold Key comics / Western Publishing)  
  QUACK #5 (Kind of an Underground Comix) 1977 Star Reach pub
Detective # 648 Batman                       $2 (sale)  DC Comics  
  Captain Stern #5 Berni Wrightson Kitchen Sink
Shade the Changing Man #19 $2  
  Rune #1 Barry Windsor Smith Ashcan version $25 obo Malibu
 Comet Man #2 Marvel Chamber of Darkness #6 Stan Lee Len Wein Tear at spine Sal Buscema, Mimi Gold, Ditko wrinkles throughout Marvel 1970 some is new some reprint
Question #1 DC Comics  
  Spider-woman #38 X-men Marvel
Shadow #6 DC  
  Capt. America #2 Deluxe Version Special Edition Thicker
Thor #340 Beta Ray ,Bill Simonson Marvel Comics  
  Starslayer #6 Grell PC Comics
Batman #436 Part 1 of Year 3 DC  
  Doc Savage #1 DC Comics
Batman #419 Ten Nights of the Beast Starlin Aparo DC  
  X-men #222 Marvel Comics Sabretooth
Green Lantern Green Arrow #6 Deluxe  or nicer format thick DC NEAL ADAMS reprint nice paper  
  Punisher War Journal #3 Marvel Comics
Adventure Comics #293 DC Comics Superboy and the Legion 1960's nbc DC Comics Silver Age  
  Batman #372 DC Comics

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