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COMICS:  All 1st prints unless noted, 1950's -1996 +, Some Newspaper Strips from 1930's-1960's

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    All 1st prints and new stories unless noted

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DC 1940's Golden Age Green Lantern $450.00




 Ask about a big lot of Funny Comics for cheap I have.

Comic Art


















Capt. America 


by Brent Anderson 


Click on image or email me.  

Got from Anderson directly.

Loved his Ka-zar & Spider-man work as well



 photo 27c8f2618318640690e953b66ae5ab7b.jpg

 $680 obo

Green Lantern

Original Comic Art

Jerry Bingham Probably signed ASK.

(A Spider-man Artist + much more)


4 Sealed Burger King Toys HULK

unopened never played with $18 each obo details upon request  (one is Abomination)

  Cloak and Dagger #1 Marvel Comics  NM
Doc Octopus (From Marvel Spider-man) $11 TOY  
  Marvel Super-Heroes Presents Ka-Zar #19 Barry Windsor Smith Lagre size + Trimpe VG
3 different Green Hornet Toys from Carl's Jr. one is his Mask each $15 obo sealed unopened  
  Spider-man and Iron Man #145 Marvel Comics
4 different Burger King SPIDER-MAN TOYS all unopened still sealed each $15  
  Rawhide Kid #130 Marvel
BIG Spider-man Plastic Ring $5 toy Large  
  Rawhide Kid  #69 Marvel
One Merlin Character.  $16 Toy or special piece  
  Excalibur #1 Marvel, Mutant X-men characters from England
1 Rocketeer toy $12 IMAGES UPON REQUEST  
  Silver Surfer #1Marshall Rogers Marvel Comics
1 Weird Toy that looks like a cross between Wolverine and Ghost Rider but from the Image Universe  Nelvana Playmates Aegis $15 That's all it says on it's foot.  


What If #35 What if Elekra Had Lived Marvel
Beyond the Grave #1 Charlton older 1975  
  Bizarre Adventures #34 Thicker Comics must see skull cover Marvel
Doctor Strange #1 2018 New $4  

Prices Upon Request

Up From Harlem Tom Skinner Spire 1975 $11  
  Rip Hunter Timemaster #29 DC VG-
Marvel Team-Up #150 Last issue Spider-man X-men Louise Simonson Barry Windsor Smith cover Marvel Comics  
  Darker Image #1 VF+/NM- Jim Lee Sam Kieth, Rob Liefeld
X-Nation 2099 #1 minor wear at spine but looks High Grade Metallic cover sold as is Newer;  
  1st issue Special #8 The WARLORD Key 1st issue DC Comics Grell VF
X-men #213 Wolverine and Sabretooth battling it out Marvel Comics Fine or better Uncanny X-men 1st print and series Marvel  
  Kull #1 VG Marvel Comics
X-men (Uncanny) #222 Marvel comics NM Uncanny X-men 1st print and series  
  Tower of Shadows #8 Barry Windsor Smith WALLY WOOD VG Marvel
X-men #139 Kitty Pryde John Byrne, Claremont, Austin VG or better Uncanny X-men 1st print and series  
  PUNISHER #1 (of 5 part mini series) Mike Zeck Marvel Comics VF/NM
X-men #74 VG + Fine or better  1st print and series Marvel Comics

 Images available some at my Punisher page at my main website

  Punisher #2 Marvel Comics VF (Mini Series) Zeck Marvel
X-men #132 NM John Byrne Terry Austin Uncanny X-men 1st print and series  
  Punisher #2 (long series after mini series above) VF or better Marvel
X-men #103 1st print and series  Uncanny X-men 1st print and series CLAREMONT Cockrum  
  Creatures on the Loose #10 Fine or better Bernie WRIGHTSON Marvel Comics
X-men #51 1st print and series  Uncanny X-men 1st print and series JIM STERANKO  
  Punisher No Escape one shot deluxe format VF+ or better
X-men #124 NM Uncanny X-men 1st print and series High Grade (Uncanny X-men)  
  The Cult (Batman) Extra Fine/Near Mint DC Comics Deluxe Format Wrightson Jim Starlin Embossed VF+
X-men #87  Fine to VF range or better  1st print and series (Uncanny)  
  Vampirella #1 Dark Horse Harris Kaluta Cover great art  VF/NM-
X-men #143 VF- NM John Byrne Terry Austin Uncanny X-men 1st print and series (2 Copies) 2nd Copy is VF or better  
X-men #140 VF- NM John Byrne Terry Austin Uncanny X-men 1st print and series Wendigo  
Daredevil Man without Fear #5 Marvel
Secret Origins #40  Double-sized DC Comics Tom Corbett Space Cadet #2 Eternity Comics
Star Wars #63 Marvel Aliens vs Predator #2 Dark Force Comics I mean Horse
Cosmic Powers #6 Tyrant Marvel Comics are usually high grade as this is Crimson Letters #1 Adventure Comics
X-force #2 Parody Press  Adolescent Radioactive Black Belt Hampsters Classics #1
Man From Atlantis #5 Marvel Nice Cond. Starslayer #13 First comics Nice Shape Vamplets Ashcan mini Comic 2018 offers
Wolverine #15 Pt. 6 MARVEL SPOTLIGHT #3 May 1972 WEREWOLF BY NIGHT Fine range zMarvel Comics
Mr. Monster #3 (1985) Eclipse Mad #156 $15 1960's/70's
  Mad #229
Dark Dominion #1 Shooter Ditko Wein others $3 Mad Magazine #320 nice $14
  Cracked #163
GRAPHIC NOVELs: Cracked #156
  Mad #162 Magazines-Comics $15
The BLACK WIDOW  Colderst War 1990 Mad Follies 6th Ann Edition $82
  , Newer Mad #5 Feb. 2019 $15,


  Weird Tales Jan. 1952 Pulp
Dreadstar Jim Starlin 3rd full color printing $9  
  Astounding Dec. 1941 Pulp
  Don Bluthe Rock A  Doodle full color slick Magazine lots of great art
Star Wars Spectacular  60 Photos  
  Swords of Cerebus Aardvark Vanaheim Vol 1 5th Print B&W
Star Wars Return of the Jedi Al Williamson (EC artist) the best  
  Focus on George Perez Book over 119 pages
Vampirella #7 Warren B&W Frazetta +++  
Graphic Story World #7 (Almost a fanzine.  Prozine).  
McCallum Vaughn The Stars from UNCLE $55 see all ten pages






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