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LEO JANSEN Painting Vintage Fine Art LITHO Huge Size 26"x50" Lavender & Old Lace #Realism


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More unedited information on some Fine Art LITHOS original reproductions (I have or may have access to plus more):

This following information is reference material for some of my current listings:


Serenity by Paul Detlefsen 1964
25” X 49”  In the Old growth redwoods, near a creek and a mom and baby deer are looking at us. With a glowing sun light streaking through a light mist or haze. Aaron Brothers No. 17 © 1964

Idyllic Brook by Jenkens no. 2436-46
25” x 37” Aaron pix Printed in USA

Leo Jansen nude study no. 4  larger size than others…
Standing woman with hands clasp, draped with cloth no. 1224-4 Aaron Pix inc. Litho in U.S.A Signed lower left

Leo Jansen nude study no. 7 red head model sitting in ornate carved high back chair with a drape over her lap. No.1530-19 Aaron Pix inc. Litho in U.S.A Signed lower left

Leo Jansen Nude study no. 8 – Blond woman totally Exposed torso draped hips with cloth – in front of of chair -- Aaron Pix inc. Litho in U.S.A no. 1530-20 Signed lower left

Leo Jansen Nude study no. 5 – Red Head woman looking to her left, eyes closed – arm draped over heart, cloth translucent lace draped over shoulder and hips and lower front area -- Aaron Pix inc. Litho in U.S.A no. 1530-17 Signed lower left

Leo Jansen Nude study no. 1 – A very Aphrodite shaped looking down, Blond woman totally Exposed facing with back and buttox twords front, holding ornate chair – picture is of green and blue hue tint -- Aaron Pix inc. Litho in U.S.A no.

1530-16 Signed lower left

Jim Daly – 16 Ύ” x 25 Ό” $50
Cowboys and Miner playing poker and drinking. Signed and Numbered in pencil, Limited Edition black & white lithograph. Mounted on board – ready to frame and hang No. 65/217 – other sizes and numbers below ~

18 x ½” x 25 Ό” – No. 71/217, 64/217, 63/217, 62/217, 70/217, 69/217, 67/217, 68/217 ~

(2) Mail At Last by Jim Daly, man on horse checking mail box

17 ½ x 23 Hand Colored rare: signed lower left vintage lithograph shrink wrapped

The Watch by Jim Daly – Old Timer with hat on and revolver keeping watch

17 ½ x 23 Hand Colored rare: signed lower left vintage lithograph shrink wrapped

The Attack by Jim Daly – Cowboy on horse back with rifle in full gallop hat flying off.

17 ½ x 23 Hand Colored rare: signed lower left vintage lithograph shrink wrapped

The Old Pioneer by Jim Daly Old Man sitting in chair dozing off with rifle across arms

17 ½ x 23 Hand Colored rare: signed lower left vintage lithograph shrink wrapped

12 x 7 Bouquet #4 By Jenkins No. 612-69 printed in USA Aaron pix inc

10 x 12 One Summer Day by Dalhart Winberg, Old weathered gate with small cacti by big old father like tree glowing sky

Small childrens' prints by G Ranck boy with bucket looking up at rainbow, girl sitting holding broom looking up at sun streaks through glowing clouds,
little girl holding bouquet of flowers, girl and boy holding hands walking in wind
oval shaped images with printed matte;
6 x 8”  Yes I am offering these to you ...received from a friend.  If I have more than one of them I always send the best first.

See my about me page / collections to see more awesome VINTAGE fine art reproductions, Lithographs.

Interested in a large purchase let me know.  No telling how many my Pal has.  But I bet plenty!  More than 2-200 or more of some items.  I have 5 of each right now.

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Latest batch of Lithos and Posters (old real original printings 30-50+ years ago with no tack or staple marks), is on this page.  Will add these and others to my ebay store graphic-illusion.

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