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BUCK ROGERS On The Moons of Saturn Big Little Book BLB #1143 Dick Chalkins

Whitman 1934 Phillip K. Dick old real original complete HAS THE SPINE

Free Bag   $95



Lil Abner Sadie Hawkins Day 

Has Spine Complete 1193 Saalfield Old real original 

(Between 1930's and 1950's) Inquire for price. $47.50

and cheap shipping terms via email.  ($5 to ship!) VINTAGE COLLECTIBLE.



And The Vampire Woman

 by Alex Raymond


Big Little Book

Years issued: 1934/1937

ęcopyright dates inside

Writing inside front cover,  

tanning throughout this Big Little Book,  

wear but complete and tight and in Higher Grade.


 excellent shape; 


Nice shape.  Higher in new "guides."



1st print original OLD

King Features; Rare-ish

Every Other Page is GREAT Artwork!

3 3/4th's" x 4 1/2" -- + 1 1/2" WIDE!

Complete, original, old, rare.










The SHADOW (and the Ghost Maker) #1495

Better Little Book  Great art.

Original 1st printing.  Complete.  Average wear good color.  Some ink inside front cover. Sold as is.


Old Overstreet Guide is $57.00  $171.00  $400.00 other guides probably even higher

Thanks for buying from me. 

Year published: 1942 original

Street and Smith. 

Looks much better in person than scans!  Feels tight.   EMAIL



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Capt. Midnight --  Big Little Book #1458

Original 1st printing.   

Complete.   Wear, good color.  

Some ink inside covers.

Thanks for buying. Year published 1943, original.

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G-Man The Fifth Column #1470

Better Little Book 1st print




Original 1st printing.  Complete.  

Average wear good color.  

Some ink / pencil inside covers.

Thanks for buying. Year published: 1941 original


click to see larger buckrogers.jpg $99.00


Dan Dunn Secret Operative 48

#1481 BLB $40.00

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Secret Agent X-9

 $80.00  Better Little Book #1472 




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Will Rogers #1096 Saalfield  $40.00

Will Rogers #1096 Jerome Beatty  SAALFIELD BLB  complete

good spine tight B&W photo and text alternating pages;

A great Man a great Park.

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The Steel Arena  --  Saafield,

 adapted from the Motion Picture The Lost Jungle.

..thicker (a big little book), Photos

spine is missing, complete   $15.90 obo




The Lost Patrol

The Lost Patrol #753 Big Little Book 160 Pages 

with Spine complete

 old real original Whitman 1934 BLB

Free bag with all orders.





















 lostpatrolbc.jpg bc

Lost Patrol      BLB  $15.95

Flash Gordon

Witch Queen of Mongo

#1190 Alex Raymond BLB

 Big Little Book


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In The Water World Of Mongo

Big Little Book #1407 wear, 425 pages, some tanning yet pages are supple, Platinum Age (pre-golden age) wear top spine, 1st print, real original.  Old wonderful item to add to your collection.  Issued in the year 1936/1937 last century!  King Features; Whitman; Great art and story!  (Every other page is a panel of Alex Raymond  art)!

By Alex Raymond. 

$100.00 on sale

See image above bottom right of 4

FG2 this link might work

FLASH-GORDON or this might






Buck Rogers

 and the Depth Men of Jupiter

image returning unless sold

Big Little Book

Chalkins and Nowlan

$100.00 for sale



Shirley Temple 

No Spine

Like a: Big Little Book or Better Little Book: Published by Saalfeld  --  missing spine. Old real original.  Someone wrote 1936 inside in pencil.    B&W photos and text alternating page after page.  Email Me anytime to buy this from me.  Offers.



 Missing pages (Only one that is, later, cheaper)  $5.95

Space Ghost The Sorceress of Cyba 3A CLASSIC.

missing pages 1960's or 1970's lots of art and text B&W BLB has spine


     Mickey Finn Big Little Book old real original.   $10 + shipping $4.

     Complete except no spine. Yellowing wear.  B&W.

MCMXL (see google to translate)   SAALFIELD; There is Comic strip art on every other page --

with text on following page throughout thick small book.  BLB

Buy more shipping is discounted and sometimes (often free on additional purchases

shipped together) free. ***  Applies to all my listings.

Flash Gordon and the Fiery Deserts of Mongo 

BLB (Better Little Book) Whitman 1948-ish Alex Raymond;

Complete; pretty nice shape it is tight and binding is strong; some indentations on some pages; this is like a Big Little Book, B&W, every other page is art...was a comic strip.; Last copyright says 1948 ;  probably 1960's or older.  #1147  All sales final sold as is. $25


            for sale  BLB's


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