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With some rare magazines & unique books.

Jan. 5, 2020 updated

If listed here means I have one copy; most are for sale,

 inquire via email

...All 1st prints unless noted VIDEOS

of my FANZINES comics & Comic ART 4 sale

Personal collection, sometimes for sale.





All are 8 1/2 by 11"  magazine format unless noted; some are thicker

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George Barr Art 

(Cover and story)


$50.00 nfs


  If you click some covers some will show larger images.  

 Berni Wrightson art 


full color





Jeff Jones art 

and much more


Awesome old comic fanzine 

$250.00 make an offer


Psychedelic Review


Over 95 pages of Articles and art and information.


Offers OK.



1st print Tim Leary Richard Alpert much more

Not Bode' I am told. Sure looks and feels like it though.

smaller size 






Heroes Inc. Presents #2




Wally Wood, Animan

Beyond Infinity #1  

 One of two lines that became Graphic illusions Fanzine B&W Yes I admit I published this.   500 copies $50.00 sold out


Me at age 15 with my first self published comic fanzine.

Early work by Mike Bennet and Keith Tucker.


© Copyright Gustaveson

1965 Self published by a kid nfs 

Creator of Cosmic Wind Enterprises

Eon #2  

With photos of Harlan Ellison & Ray Bradbury and others by me $75.00   Tim Kirk art 1967/1968; Published by me.  Print run 500 copies / sold out



Back Cover says The Magazine of Graphic Illusions

 One copy signed by Ellison,

Contains my comic strip Entity-X and a story.

Creator of Cosmic Wind Enterprises

© Copyright 1967, 2010 Gustaveson

Eon #

Steve Ditko Back Cover;

George Barr Front Cover 1969 $55.00



Craig Robertson, Keith Tucker, Mike Bennet, Franklin Littman; Tim Kirk art.

Contains my comic strip Entity - X.

Print run 500 copies  Sold Out

Creator of Cosmic Wind Enterprises

© Copyright 1969, 1997, 2010 Gustaveson entire contents all rights reserved; Not reprinted so far.

  DITKO BACK COVER. Inquire about the cover art for Eon #3 if interested.

Graphic Illusions #1 

Steve Fabian Front Cover, Steve Ditko Back Cover, Ditko Comic Strip

 $35.00 (note the "s" in title) Summer 1971 issue

 Print Run: 700+1500 copies were made total In 1971

Beyond that I have been told unauthorized bootlegs were made.  I have never seen one.  I retain the right to print it but do not plan to.  (Other than the 10 I printed for set up artist pal of Gary Groth who refused to print a retraction even though proof was communicated).

Ditko may have allowed others to print his comic strip (but turns out NO not true!!).  Ask me why revisionist history started in 2005 I have some facts.

I retain the copyright for this publication but also allow the original  individual artists to authorize parts of their own work to be reprinted as they choose for review or other reasons and I refer those who have asked to print it to the original artists as I never allow it. -- Rob Gustaveson 1999

This has one of the earliest Mr. A comic strips (I made that uop but it might be true).  Other fanzines may have had other stories by Ditko in their zines before me.

Cover was returned / given to Gluckson to return to Ditko.  Did it get there?  Just sold for $72000 in an auction.  

Back Cover Steve Ditko

George Barr Folio Collaboration with Jeff Jones, Wendi Pini (Fletcher), Alicia Austin; EC (ec material), more.  Craig Robertson.  Tim Kirk.

gi1.jpg image by comiczar   

© Gustaveson 1971, 2001, 2010, 2014


Front Cover Steven Fabian


Creator of Cosmic Wind Enterprises

Graphic Illusion #1   


This is the 30th anniversary issue special with an article & interior art by Rob Gustaveson.  Read the Stan Lee Article here or online.  There are many unauthorized versions and are taken down when found.  It is on ezine and my original form is available.

Has a Steve Fabian Flyer printed nowhere else.  I use to own and finally sold to pay my gal at the time rent.


Included extras. Low print run! $30.00, Tom Yeates art.  Note no "s" !


© Copyright Gustaveson

front and back covers by Gustaveson

Comics Journal Reprint with my Gerry Conway Interview (for which I was paid!)  Though I never asked.   I also did an interview with Roy Thomas.   I have 13 mini un-transcribed Harlan Ellison Tapes from 1978 Iguanacon. SF Con. I have video tapes I made at S.D. Comic Con.  Most but not all are on youtube...

Inquire about Guts 1-3

By Robert and Jeff GLuckson.


Sold out.  But ask anyway.

(2 showing not available)


--the Magazine with Intestinal Fortitude #4

Have probably

Details to Come Tim Kirk cover, Ditko.

sold out (but ask) $35. 

Member of Cosmic Wind Enterprises


--the Magazine with Intestinal Fortitude #5


By Robert and Jeff Gluckson  



guts5.jpg image by comiczar

Have for sale now

"Part of the lineage of Graphic illusion as two great houses merged.  Roy Krenkel Cover. Ditko.

Members of Cosmic Wind Enterprises

Yes I contributed Tim Kirk and Bode' to Gluckson but got no credit. 

I don't hold grudges..I let go by writing about it.

Flights of Fantasy #1

by Craig Miller

sold out (but ask)


$45.00 TIM  KIRK Cover + +++ 1960's


Member of Cosmic Wind Enterprises

(though he forgot he was a member)

 Galactic Illustrations #1

Keith Tucker 

(Famous Political 

Cartoonist and Animator).

inquire for details


sold for $50

 Member of Cosmic Wind Enterprises

Witzend #1  

Wally Wood   FRAZETTA




front and back covers

Old rare limited.

Witzend #2

Wally Wood $125.00




Have #4

inquire   VG range May have others.


Witzend #5  

Wally Wood $80.00


Elephant Butt cover on Ebay. Added more images...Ditko probably Bode' Wood

Many issues have Wood, Ditko and Frazetta art.

Witzend #8  

Vaughn Bode'

Sick cover.  Great interior; I have on Ebay.  

Has a stain or stains, complete $25.00

   See main page of

For Newspaper Full color full page Sun. Newspaper Strips of


By Hal Foster and Alex Raymond


Museum Quality Shrinkwrap Flash Gordon Sun Strip 1941 $100 obo Sold one framed for $125 a long time ago.  Have some for as low as $5.00 - $10!!! (Those are not shrinkwrapped in lower shape but complete).

Cartoonists & Illustrators "Portfolio" Vol 2 

(really fanzine like slick mag with great art!!!


$35.00 obo probably sold out but inquire.

Energumen #1  

(Canadian B&W with great art) SF/Fantasy oriented $300.00 obo (or nfs)  Note the great  

Alicia Austin Cover  



Energuman #2  

George Barr Cover $85.00


Stains, wear


Energumen #4  

(has my art) nfs=not for sale $95.00 no back cover

Steve Fabian Cover  

great art and great fanzine

has my anti gravity segway drawing I did


Imagination #1  

(Color Cover)

 by Gray Morrow  cover nice shape





$150.00 obo

click to see larger


The Aelfland Chronicles #1  


1975 $35.00

Al Williamson: His Work



$25 might be sold out

 Phantasmagoria #1



$150 nfs   obo


Phantasmagoria #2




Kenneth Smith art  $125.00



Phantasmagoria #3  



Kenneth Smith art etc. $95.00


Larry Ivie's

Monster's and Heroes  #2





RBCC Special #7


on ebay


$49.00 obo

nice shape


Heritage 1A Now own a nice copy  



Heritage 1B  


  maybe sold  

woodd.jpg image by comiczar



Mythlore #1 1969   




no back cover (probably a blank piece of paper), photo offset

rare & unique


Limericks Illuminated 

by George Barr

  great stuff. 1968 B&W nbc Obscure

Super great finely rendered art and lots of it; cover doesn't do it justice; Old printing form


Click image to see larger image


Squa Tront #1 

Inquire for scan and price




Squa Tront #2






Squa Tront #3 


great old rare EC fanzine



Front Cover

I have one copy for less on Ebay now.



Squa Tront #3





of #1 of Squa Tront 

Crandall $59

Ther are other covers too.


Squa Tront #4 

  (ec pub) excellent, lots of previously unpublished material, Great production values, multiple Kenneth Smith Covers and an ec cover too by Graham Ingles.  Corben, Frazetta. 



$190.00 NFS obo

Later issue 



8 1/2 x 11 thick


$35.00 obo

Vanguard 1968




1968 nice $55.00


Back For More

  (All Berni Wrightson artwork in this great soft cover Book) 8 1/2" by 11"  squarebound.



$75.00  nice shape 


RBCC #64  

with one of my early ads, maybe

Rocket's Blast Comic Collector

 $35.00 but ask


on ebay  Feb 2014

Fantuccio cover



click image to see larger



The Monster Times  EC Issue

Tons of material; awesome art and articles.



Newspaper format but slick $45

Still have 5/17



Great Wally Wood Art 

(only, throughout)  

this pro looking fanzine.

Animan Back Cover & Story High Grade; 

Witzend and other material

think I sold it.




White Indian -- Frazetta strips B&W

Have Johnny Comet too.




    Frazetta Publication just acquired.

Trumpet #4





Trumpet #6





His Name Is Savage #1  

 High Grade

Gil Kane's best work

B&W Violent


$350.00 SIGNED

American Artist

  May 1976 Illustration Issue

 Full of Frazetta art with a Frazetta cover 




$150 obo




Carl Barks $40


Badtime Stories

Berni Wrightson





Graphic Story Magazine









Marvel Super Special #18

 Raider of the Lost Ark =#1 of Raider's. 

$25.00 From the 1st great film   nice shape.


Marvel's Epic #1 Nice art, great shape, Frazetta cover $25.00

Have many issues of EPIC



beautiful work -- all... ART & STORY



art3001.jpg image by comiczar

Awesome quality work throughout!


art3008.jpg image by comiczar

has my art  



Foom #15

(Plus I have another different issue)

Howard the DuckSteve Gerber

an in depth interview with Gerber




Jack Kirby 3D Cosmic Poster $15.00 full color obo



double comic size folds out

1st print  11x17 when opened

MidAmericon Program Book contains my ad for George Barr Folio Collaboration (Alicia Austin ad).  NFS Tattered (George Barr Art) Cover.  Lots of art by various fans and pros and fans who became pros, better than a fanzine. 1976 Hardbound inside book is Fine+ or better. $80.00 obo


Spa Fon #2

(I also have a weird Spa Fon in blue with extra material but not really Spa Fon some reprint thing I think) $175 obo.






Better scans available

has my ad in it


Inquire; have better image listing on ebay


Favorite Cover

Savage Sword of Conan

Inquire about others.






Creepy # 16

 Frazetta  VG $15.00 (see box of Warren's)


EC Paperbacks WOW inquire! 






 Eerie #7 NFS

 I collect Ditko



have not priced things for many years



Gosh Wow #3  

George Metzger $65.


has material I wish to keep


click image to see larger



$350.00 1st print


Get this CGC'd High Grade!


On Ebay now.

Marvel Super Special #4 

Beatles Story  NM/M  wow

full color slick



EC Material

Kurtzman, Wood, Elder, Davis 

Roth, Jaffee +++

Mickey Rodent MAD cool


no porn just beautiful old fashioned nudity


On ebay.


Vol 4 #12 December 





May 1963 Kennedy as 

Ma & Pa Kettle ASUCLA pub $30

Nice cover


Make Offer see upcoming Kennedy Page.

sat.jpg image by comiczar





Jeff Jones cover


great art and comic strips

Vampirella  -- Great Art









Comics Land #0 

 Wicked Wanda 1981 zine Italian yet in English

Lesbian buds.

$80.00 obo





Head Comix Robert Crumb

$75-$150 range

ask for image; and another Crumb item too.


Early Steranko Publication, one section;

great art and graphics and articles




offers, 1st prints, one owner



by Jim Steranko

(Name-change was Comicscene later Mediascene Prevues); Super slick full color newspaper format on nice paper with great graphics; in two sections Corben cover on one, Wrightson cover section 2).




1973 Supergraphics Publication






Jim Steranko

His early publication that became 


Prevues, slick newspaper format, 

one section



1st print




Questar #2

Has material I want to keep





Ditko Washes! The best.


eerie4.jpg image by comiczar

NFS Awesome art inside too

Fanfare #1 Frazetta

Buy directly from me...Inquire.



inquire for more


film item


  sper.jpg image by comiczar 


Comic fanzines are rich in material that was possibly published no where else.  In addition they might have the earliest work by certain artists.  Fanzines are of a variety of types and I buy and sell and collect those related to comics, fantasy and Science Fiction and the New Age.

Trades possible.

On Ebay.

 For Sale 


Monster Mania #2 

Frank Frazetta $60.00



Some discoloration but tight


I accept checks, money orders 

and I take mastercharge/visa 

and most credit cards via Paypal and electronic transfers.

Also google checkout is a possibility.

High Grade Stuff

Yes I have a few others unlisted.  And I buy em.


To me.  Then we will make it  happen!  Quality, fast and cheap!


Rob Gustaveson

P.O. Box 1261

Phoenix, OR 97535


underground comix 1960's...for sale!

In comic books and mail order over 40 years!  Former owner of Ninth Nebula 1986--1996, managed comic store chain.



My main site:            

 (See the original art and golden age)  


(See the real EC's)

tons of comics barely listed

Visit it and bookmark it.

My web pages are my on line fanzine....






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Graphic Illusion Comics and Art (EC Marvel DC Original Comic Art) comicbooks
















1st logo painted

 fanzines comics SF robert gustaveson age 15 in front of house  

1st zine Beyond Infinity 1965-ish


fly me away (I like to design anti-gravity cars)

art  ©copyright 1965, 2009, 2018 gustaveson

 I now own a Frazetta sketch.

This page is dedicated to all the great Comic & SF Artists and Authors who have left their bodies but live on as Souls ...

and LIVE ON in their work forever including my friend Dave Stevens & Forry Ackerman




Graphic Illusion Comics and Art (EC Marvel DC Original Comic Art) comicbooks


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Have 400-1200 other magazines...and 25,000-50,000 aprox comics

more of my zines are on ebay right now as graphic-illusion


p.s. I have "New Age Magazines for sale" find the link on my homepage.


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Graphic Illusion Winter 2001 (had extra plates)