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CRUX 18 (8) Steve Epting art Cross Gen (Directly above) $195 SIGNED


Original Comic Art CRUX Issue #24 PG #14 DC 1995 Steve Epting Signed 11x17 $159


Xenobrood # 5 Page 22 OR 30.  The page of art showing.  Above Unsure of line-up page.  Cross Gen $$200 With Overlay

CRUX #4 Page #16 Steve Epting Original Comic Art showing above Cross Gen (Above) $250 SIGNED

BLOOD SYNDICATE #5 Page #6 from DC Comics  $160 Unsigned ORIGINAL COMIC ART  Unsigned

Dr. Strange #31 Pg #10 Original Comic Art -- Marvel  great artwork (Just above) $695

(A word balloon is missing)

Comic Art DR. STRANGE #31 Page #10
ORIGINAL COMIC ART from Marvel Comics
Real COMIC-ART by pencil and ink.


Signed Thomas Yeates Original Comic Art  Page 5 -- DC Comics Art   (Directly Above) $600


Original Comic Art SUPERMAN ANNUAL Issue 8 Page 26 Tom Grindberg 1996 DC Comics art above $140 obo


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