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1950's -- VINTAGE comic books For Sale

1st printings

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This is


Back Issue EC comic books for sale 1950's "Golden Age"


Note image problems due to leaving photobucket & them not keeping their word, I am fixing it.

What comics are left?:

Impact 3 EC $35
Incredible Science Fiction #32 EC nice   $250-$385 range

Incredible Science Fiction 30, EC nice $525

Picture Stories from the Bible 4 EC wear  $81

Valor 5  EC  $74
Valor 4  EC $55
Valor 3  EC $92
Valor 1  EC $100
Valor 2 EC $90
ShockSuspenstories #14 EC $219
Piracy 7  EC Comics $115
Piracy 3 EC $100
Piracy 4 $65
Piracy 5 EC $134

Piracy 2  EC $64
Weird Science #10 EC $124

Mad #12 EC wear $60

Mad 16 EC $169
Extra 1 EC writing in logo $149
Extra 1 without writing on cover EC $157
Piracy 1 tape EC $100
Piracy 1 (a 2nd copy) tape EC $65
Crime Suspenstories #27 EC $194
Crime SuspensStories #21 EC Comics $133
Crime SuspenStories #15 EC  $120
Crime SuspenStories #11 EC $149
Aces High 1 EC $142
Haunt of Fear #28 $154

Haunt of Fear #15 (EC 1950) $800-$1500 value alone.

MD 5 EC $25

(Plus 5 not for sale)


      These comics (in the top 2/3rd's of this page just below) are original 1st printings of rare old EC COMICS from the 1950's.  All are complete.

Hi, the comics listed are still available for sale to you unless they say otherwise.  (Note I buy!) 


Make OFFERS or buy with Paypal, check, money order or in person.  Merely email me first. 


Ask me for prices...may be more or less!!!  Buy a lot and I'll reduce price.


The image of these Golden Age comics are actual scans of the item.  Questions, please ask.

Now Available 

Directly from me!  Individually OK!

All In Full Color

Adding Videos now.  See the grade.

Click that which is underlined -- click links to see images of these 1st print EC comics and more!  Many images & prices just added. Graded by two experts, so far, who agreed 99.9% of the time.   


Most honest dealers of comics admit stock of older comics are getting harder and harder to find.  Buy them cause you love them!  Offers always welcomed and considered.


Thanks for viewing, bidding, buying.   Prices subject to change without notice.

Images are scans of the actual item.  


Inquire as to price now!

Also I may have some on ebay right now for a little higher or lower in price.  Make offers.   Buy 1 or all.


images and or links may work



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    EC Comic Book Collection -- old originals; Trades possible.

First half of this ad page all are original  ec comic books !

I will accept fair offers!  Make some now.  :)

click image (not the link) to see actual comic larger.




Weird Science Fantasy #29 *  


Lots of Frazetta Williamson Wood etc.

Details upon Request


If you click on image or link  it may open larger. Further down.


“COMPLETE; sold as is all sales final; very old vintage genuine comic book...see the images; Never improved or modified by me. NICE GLOSS AND COLOR. See the video”





Wally Wood art
Al Williamson art

Last PreCode
New Logo
Adam Link Story by Joe Orlando.

1st series
1st print, ever. video of it

1950's EC comic book!
Slightly larger than modern versions.

  • Amazingly supple pages. 
  • Never improved or modified
Weird Science Fantasy #25 *  



Weird Science Fantasy #25

Complete; Wear. About 61 years old. Authentic original. Paper. Slightly larger than modern comics. Staples are in. Not priced by grade or guide. All sales final. Ever a problem will work with you. NICE, SUPPLE PAGES great gloss and color. Wear on spine (+separated on bottom third spine aprox; Some split on top or elsewhere on spine, all there; Tight inside! Small chip back cover. Back Cover is high grade.



Weird Science Fantasy #25
Wally Wood

Unsurpassed Al Williamson cover and story:
Sound of Thunder (My favorite story in comics).*   
see the condition
video of it...


Popular Science Fiction EC Comic
with a story adapted from Ray Bradbury.*

1st print & series, original
Weird Science #20 *

  photo MP27 20_1.jpeg


Complete; Wear. About 61 years old. Authentic original. Paper. Slightly larger than modern comics. Staples are in. Not priced by grade or guide. All sales final. Ever a problem will work with you. NICE, SUPPLE PAGES great gloss and color. VF range.



Offers always considered.

Weird Science #20
Wally Wood 

Al Williamson


Wood Cover too


Popular Science Fiction EC Comic
with a story adapted from Ray Bradbury.

1st print & series

 For sale from


Weird Fantasy #21 * Image available, ask



“Complete; Wear. About 61 years old. Authentic original. Paper. Slightly larger than modern comics. Staples are in. Not priced by grade or guide. All sales final. Ever a problem will work with you. NICE, SUPPLE PAGES great gloss and color. Wear/split on spine top and bottom otherwise tight. Small tears. Also pulling at staples so only back of staples still holding.”


See the video for condition click link


Ask for image



Al Williamson Frazetta Cover
Al Williamson Story

Kamen +




Science Fiction EC Comic.

1st print & series

Thanks for buying from me.

Been selling collecting and buying for over

50 years

Weird Fantasy #15


Image to come.

“COMPLETE; sold as is all sales final; very old vintage genuine comic book...see the images; Never improved or modified by me. NICE GLOSS AND COLOR. See the video: Water Damage, small tears in margin, staples loose on centerfold. Stamp top splash.”



Wally Wood story.
Three Al Williamson stories.
Kamen does a story.
1st print and series, ever.


Original 1950's EC comic book!
Slightly larger than modern versions.

  • Amazingly supple pages. 

  • Never improved or modified


Incredible Science fiction #30 *  



see it larger click here, then click back.


Complete; Wear. About 61 years old. Authentic original. Paper. Slightly larger than modern comics. Staples are in. Not priced by grade or guide. All sales final. Ever a problem will work with you. NICE, SUPPLE PAGES great gloss and color. Fine+/VF or better range aprox. Some wear on spine but much looks High Grade! Indentations. Back Cover looks Near Mint Incredible Science Fiction #30
Wally Wood
Jack Davis
Joe Orlando
B. Kriegstein

Popular Science Fiction EC Comic
with a story adapted from Ray Bradbury.

1st print & series


Have videos of some EC's at urmzogna at youtube!    
Incredible Science Fiction #32 *   incrediblesciencefiction32

Click might be larger image.


Complete; Wear. About 61 years old. Authentic original. Paper. Slightly larger than modern comics. Staples are in. Not priced by grade or guide. All sales final. Ever a problem will work with you. NICE, SUPPLE PAGES great gloss and color. Wear on spine top and bottom otherwise tight. Small tear lower staple. Contact me to see back cover or to just buy it.  Incredible Science Fiction #32
Al Williamson Roy Krenkel story (Art) possible one with the best art since
Sound of Thunder, entitled: "FOOD For THOUGHT." Detailed.
Joe Orlando JACK DAVIS stories too.



Popular Science Fiction EC Comic
with a story adapted from Ray Bradbury.*

1st print & series
Shock SuspenStories #5 1952



Davis, Orlando, Wallace Wood, Kamen VG (Centerfold is loose, cover almost is loose yet still attached to staples) $160.00 *


Shock SuspenStories #7




Feldstein Cover


Looks nice feels tight

George Evans, Wood, Orlando and more Fine, chip off corner very tiny; Aprox 1 inch Tear on Shock talk page (not on comic panels),  some yellowing.  




inquire may be sold



Shock SuspenStories #9 1953 

ask for image

Feldstein Cover

Reed Crandall, Jack Davis, Wally Wood, Ray Bradbury Writes October Game has photo and article on him too. Yellowing, Bends, possible former water damage, most pages are off white.  Not brittle.  Better cond. than I can demonstrate. G+/VG $99.00


Shock SuspenStories #10 1953 


Orlando, Wood, Kamen, etc.

all are 1st printings

VG+/Fine range $



Shock SuspenStories #10 inquire for image of 2nd one and it's availability  


 spine half inch, small chip.


2nd copy 1st print will add scan+/


$85.00 *



Shock SuspenStories #14 Wood Cover



Wood, Kamen, Kriegstein, Geo Evans

Used in Senate Investigations hearings.

Small stamp, nice art and cover, bends, small tears, stains, pencil, wear.  VG+/Fine $150.00 *
Shock SuspenStories #15



Kamen, Evans, Crandall, Wood 3 stamps cover, Half or quarter inch split top bottom of spine not bad, minor wear.VG+ $150.00 * 
Shock SuspenStories #16




Kamen, Evans

Red Dupe Editorial, 

Rare Story

VG+ $120.00 *
Shock SuspenseStories #18




Evans, Crandall, Kreigstein...


Fine/VF-, nice gloss + $199.00 *

*** ec originals for sale 1950's 1st printings ***

Great art and stories  

Valor #1 Just in ask for details Split most of spine cleanly offers; looks nice though $100. *
VALOR #2  

1955 Al Williamson Cover

Al Williamson, Wood, Ingles, Kreigstein VG+, gloss partly good, split below bottom staple $90.00 *
VALOR #3  

Joe Orlando Cover 1955

Williamson, Orlando, Crandall, Kreigstein Date stamp, 1" on top and 1 1/2" bottom spine split. G/VG $89.00 *
VALOR #4  


Wood, Orlando, Crandall, Kreigstein Cover almost loose but not yet, stains, wear, little unnecessary tape, small tears.  About VG $89.00 *
VALOR #5  

Wood Cover

Wood, Graham, Williamson, Kreigstein

Split and loose spine Grade: G, looks VF or better though.

$74.00 *

EC Comic Books For Sale (originals)





All Originals -- EC's For Sale --1st printings, 1950's

SF     EC's







Weird Science #10


Orlando, Wood, Kamen,

Big clean rip front cover, includes extra piece (from another of the same comic) front cover, wear,; cover detached, stains. G- Looks  much nicer though

$140.00 *

Weird Science #15


Orlando, Kamen, Wood,



5 tiny pieces out margin on bottom inside a few pages, date stamp, wear VG+ almost Fine, many good attributes, nice gloss

$200.00 *

Weird Fantasy #9 1951 Feldstein Cover

Ask for a video of any comic I own if you want to buy the comic

Wood, Kamen, Orlando 3 chips, Bottom spine 2 inch split, off center, VG+ $199.00*
Incredible Science-Fiction #32 1955 Davis Cover Orlando, Davis, Kreigstein, Possibly the best ec art ever: Al Williamson, Krenkel "Food For Thought." Great!!! Fine or better, stress at staples  $385.00 *

Just one copy


         photo MP27 29_1.jpeg  

Still have inquire.

comiczarimages:weird science click link

 Video of a random EC comic:

All 1st prints (NOT reprints)

MAD #12



1954 Wood (3-D), full color, special effects, B&W and more! ELDER, Kriegstein TAPE, STAINS on spine split, fair $60.00 *
Mad #16


Wood art, Elder, Jack Davis...


Comic Book Size & Form!


$169.00 *

All comics have covers and are complete unless noted


Golden Age Comics




complete Fine-ish



Aces High #1



Jack Davis, Geo Evans, Wally Wood, Krigstein



Extra #1




Johnny Craig, John Severin, Reed Crandall

Not Code Approved

bend bottom right cover,  wrinkle bottom first page on right When opening comic the bottom staple is loose from front cover. FINE-/F $157.00 *
Extra #1

(additional copy)



Johnny Craig, John Severin, Crandall

Not Code Approved

Ink in pen in logo and a x stamp, hole punch through top comic, ink signature top splash VG/+, hole punch over ec too.  Small minor wear. $150.00 *


MD #5    ec  


Craig, Orlando... Covers detached, Once had tape, has tears, stamp on cover; complete

$25.00 *

        all complete
Picture Stories From American History #4    


link works

.15 cents


Piece out lower cover, bends, tears, wear, tear, small piece out of margin inside bottom of a page;  



 links work


First price is Guide Price for grade it is in, 2nd price is Overstreet if in Mint

Piracy #1  


Orlando, WOOD art

Jack Davis


Angelo Torres

Tape, grease pencil, bottom corner piece out, writing top splash; G at best but not much worse $65.00 *
Piracy #1 2nd copy  tape nice inquire $100 *
Piracy #2  



Small pieces out, rip, wear at spine VG- Overall looks nice $60 *
Piracy #3  


Evans, Kriegstein, Crandall + Spine freyed yet still attached, some spliting; overall appearance is high! Looks VF but VG+/Fine is best I can give it, bends, nice gloss and color.  Aye!

$100 *

Piracy #4  


Crandall, Evans, Graham, Krigstein Lower staple loose, nice gloss, small stamp, Very very Tight. FINE/+ $165.00 *
Piracy #5  


Crandall, Krigstein, Evans, Ingels 3 stamps on cover, bend, nice Fine- $134.00 *
Piracy #6  


Evans, Davis, Krigstein Very Fine Shiney cover $158.00 *
Piracy #7  


 See below maybe or inquire for image 1955

Crandall, Evans, Kriegstein Fine or better. Light wear $135.00 *
real ec's 1st prints - each graded carefully; complete & ORIGINALS with great art and stories
Note if underlined or linked then click on for image!!!

all comics are  EC 1st print originals


Impact #2 1955 Jack Davis, Crandall G tape, yellowing, Complete, little tears  $60.00 *
Impact #3 1955 Davis G+ tape wear at spine complete  $50.00 *




click images not link        

Crime SuspenStories #3




Wood (early), Craig, (Old Witch) Edgar Allen Poe story, others.

Click video of it


writing as "C" and "S" are filled in by color ink in the logo, wrinkles, wear G or better! Bends, tight and complete though.  Nice color. $170.00  *  Offers always OK 


Crime SuspenStories #9 1952


New Image added

Johnny Craig, Ghastly, Jack Davis, Kamen (excellent)

video of it

VG- wrinkly yet looks nice. $159.00 *
Crime SuspenStories #11 1952

new image added

Johnny Craig, Ghastly, Jack Davis, Kamen,

video of it


small piece and couple inch tear on front cover; looks nice though, yellowing inside cover, VG-, chip, wear      *     $149.00 *
Crime SuspenStories #12 1952


New Image click

Kamen, Craig, Davis, Ghastly...

video of it


VG+/Fine tight $150.00 *
Crime SuspenStories #13 1952


New Image 

Al Williamson!, Kamen, Sid Check (looks like Wood+), Kamen and Craig.

see the video of it

staples loose one barely attached to cover, VG-/VG range, spine, lower spine wear  $210.00 *



Crime SuspenStories #14 1952

New Image

Craig, Ghastley, Peters,...

AD FOR MAD #!1 click the video

Wear, Stamp on cover, open cover see staples pulling a bit,  VG+/Fine


$170.00 *


SOLD $60

Crime SuspenStories #15 1953


New Image

Ghastley Graham Engels, Evans, Craig, Ray Bradbury story adapted too...


click the video:

Writing on cover on "M" in logo, two tiny pieces out of right edge cover, wear, chips, yellowing G-  $120.00 *

 $56.00 sold probably

Crime SuspenStories #19 1953 Feldstein Cover

New Image added

Evans, Reed Crandall, Craig

Used in Seduction of the Innocent

4 small pieces out of edges of front cover, one small piece out out of back cover G or better. Part of lower staple loose.   $122.00
Crime SuspenStories #20 Dec. 1953/Jan. 1954

new image added

Kamen, Jack Davis, Craig

Used in Seduction of the Innocent

G wear Complete, some of spine split, pencil, some wear mice gloss and color, back cover looks nice $56.-$84. book value $127.00

Crime SuspenStories #21

click for image


different issue Tape on inside back cover over small tears, yellowing, complete, great stories and art.

click the video

1954 $144 *
Crime SuspenStories #23 1954


New Image

Evans, Crandall and others

Used in Senate Investigation

sm stamp, VG++/Fine



Crime SuspenStories #24 




Orlando, Crandall...

click video of it

Fair, water damage

54.00 *  SOLD $30.24

Might sell for much more in reality -- This is so for all these comics!

Crime SuspenStories #27



New image

Evans, Kamen, Kriegstein Last issue Low Distribution!

click video of it


Nice gloss and color, wear is very minor, Tight, Fine-/F+

$149.00 *

Click links on left side of ad for images of practically all items.  Images added.

  Links should work if item is here for the Haunt section.      
Haunt of Fear #15


May June



Feldstein story, Craig...

Scarce #1

VG+/Fine $2500.00 * obo


Haunt of Fear #10

Feldstein Cover



Davis, Craig & Davis

grease pencil, small cuts and tear 3 corners front cover G++/VG $60.00 *
Haunt of Fear #13



Ghastly Graham Ingels, Jack Davis, Craig

          G- wear, bends, detached cover, tears, spine is frayed

$60.00 *
Haunt of Fear #15


Ghastly, Davis, Kamen, Evans

Fine-/Fine $320.00 *

Sold $300

Haunt of Fear #18

ghastly, davis, kamen, evans



chip bottom right corner, VG+/Fine- Tight!! AUTOGRAPHED SIGNED inside Cover top!


RIP Ray Bradbury.



make offers

Bradbury EC adaptation 

Autographed by

 Ray Bradbury

March April 1953


probably sold but inquire


Haunt of Fear #25



Ghastley, Davis, Kamen, Evans

Detached cover, complete, Nice gloss and looks nice; VG+/F-



(Also have one in Poor for a low price)

$122.00 *
Haunt of Fear #28



 (also an ec checklist)


Ghastly, Davis, Kamen, Kriegstein

1  1/2 " tear on front cover right side middle VG/+ splotch on cover; low distribution looks nice $190.00*
EC OriginalsOriginal ec's 1st prints
 image currently not there for tales of the crypt will be added again soon     grade 1st price is graded price/2nd price is mint overstreet
Tales From The Crypt #21

the 2nd Crypt


1950/1951 Feldstein Cover

Feldstein Story, Kurtzman, Wood art

Top right corner piece out, date stamp logo in "T".  Small cuts, wear; Good, Yellowing is slight not brittle at all. $199 

may be sold inquire

Tales From The Crypt #25 Feldstein Cover



Jack Davis, Kamen, Sexy Wood art I think

Small piece of tape inside overall this comic looks and feels Fine-, bend. Minor wear. Sold for $219
Tales From The Crypt #27  


Jack Davis

centerfold out;  ungraded, looks very nice otherwise $154.00


Tales From The Crypt #31  


Davis, Kamen...

AL WILLIAMSON 1st work at EC!!!

fold on cover VG+/Fine click image grade higher than claimed sold as is $374.00 *



($900 in NM)

Tales From The Crypt #33  


Davis, '52/'53

Ghastley, Kamen


VG+/F sold

6-08-14 Less than $300

Tales From The Crypt #34


1st printing and 1st series


AUTOGRAPHED BY RAY BRADBURY; Original printing from 1953


Davis, Ingels...

Used in POP lingerie panels



$500.00 my price *  obo

sold for under $150 probably


Tales From The Crypt #41  


Davis... Fine, minor wear $214.00
Tales From The Crypt #42  

See below


Davis Ink top back cover, Unneeded Tape (right edge front cover vertically causing browning stain under tape) G or better $100.00 *
Tales From The Crypt #44  


Reed Crandall, Jack Davis



Probably Sold or Gone


EC OriginalsOriginal ec's 1st prints (click links) About to add new images -- also see my ebay store where these are now listed.

 images work for links here.   New Images added for each Vault of Horror.    
Vault of Horror #20
vau20.jpg image by comiczar

1951 New Images

vau20bc.jpg image by comiczar


Johnny Craig, Ingels, Kamen, Davis VG+/Fine Yellowing $200.00 *
vau24.jpg image by comiczar

Vault of Horror #24




Davis, Orlando, Ghastley, Craig art Focus on Johnny Craig 


G or better wear, looks nicer $126*


Sold for $88

Vault of Horror #25


 1952 New Image added Craig, Ghastley, Kamen, Davis VG/VG+ less than $44*

part of 2 comic deal 6-08-14

Vault of Horror #29


1952  New Image Added


Ghastly, Davis... lots of wear, cover detached, splits on spine, Bradbury, Ink, folds, Almost $89 *


Vault of Horror #36



1954 New photo scan added


Johnny Craig, Classic Jack Davis, Ingels, Kriegstein VG+/Fine, chipping $187.00

all are complete


Those above  are original old EC 1st prints in full color  !

make offers!!!!!!!


EC's   High Grade and As Is.    + 1st printings in this hardbound form but reprints of 1950's comics

Extra 1 EC  Hardbound Book  " $ 35.00

sets have sold



"Rob is one of the good guys in comics."  "Order with confidence."



Mad Magazine 

Card Game

In faded tattered Box, inside contents nice !!!

Parker Brothers

copyright 1980 ec pub $25.00









Strange Planets #1


EC interior are reprints

new low price.

quality wally wood art;

complete all there but last page has chunk out 

Covers off and detached but individually in nice shape has a chunk on last ad page out big,  otherwise looks really nice, complete, this is an old comic book;  old yet is reprinting older stuff $40.00  obo its reprints of EC # more.





ec    pb's:


Tales From The Crypt 1 ec



Frazetta cover

paperback (pb) nice shape, stamp inside


Comic Books reduced to PB size -- old rare


Ballentine 1965 

2nd Print



The Vault of Horror  

EC comics


  B&W Comic Strips of old EC's 1st print 

Ballentine 1965 





 All still for sale 3-2011
Mad Paperbacks



minor wear

  details on request some duplicates $75.00 (all) 2 are old and valuable OFFERS?
Playboy Dec 1957 Harvey Kurtzman Article   great EC stuff
Harvey Kurtzman's HELP


pb nice Comic Strips & photo fun B&W Gold Medal $20.00


The Best of  Creepy


pb nice comic strips Tempo Books B&W interior $20.00


Misc. ec comics -- early ec reprints here down+ More just added 
 From East Coast Comics these EC comics come in a manila envelope 3 comics: Haunt of Fear #12 

Weird Fantasy #13

Crime Suspense #25

nice 1992 full color reprints, nice shape minor wear felt by touch

$30.00 (all 3) real value unknown to me

In manilla envelope Weird Science #2 ec reprints full color  + Shock SuspenStories #12 Feldstein,  Weird Science #3 full color comics

no price on cover, NM/M 1973

$30.00 all 3

Came in a manilla envelope initially:    Weird Science #15 Crypt of Terror #1 high grade reprints

most $1. price on cover

$20.00 for the two

In Manilla envelope Tales from the Crypt #3     Tales from the Crypt #2 Weird Fantasy #1 all NM/M 1992, reprints, full color ec @ $1.50 orig cover price each; 

$30.00 ((OR @ $10.00 each--all in this section))

 I probably have these on Ebay now.  As graphic-illusion

Remember you can buy directly from me anytime.


Mad Special #15 Comic Insert ec Mad comic #3 reprint of the comic MAD + 2 loose ones!  Mad Comics reprinted in Mad Mag without the mag  tattered. Previously detached different issues, details upon request.



Cool larger EC reprints
Shock Suspense #3 Stories  one side cover says #3; It contains Wally Wood art etc. some bending but will go away under pressure; full color nice paper 1986 aka ec classics #4

8 1/2 x 11 

Thicker and similar size to a magazine (ec's blown up in size -- see the detailed art and read the stories more easily) $15.00

 Weird Science Fantasy #24 -- says on one cover etc. full color nice paper


ec classics #7 8 1/2" x 11" 


Crime SuspenStories #18  8 1/2" x 11"  ec Classics #8 My Price $15.00
 Weird Science #17 (one side says this)  8 1/2 x 11  ec classic #2 My Price $15.00 order today

EC   Fanzines     

& Magazines  & More EC Books (Note some zines may have original unpublished material)

Browning old "13th Floor" Wally Wood Checklist

fanzine, sort of, few pages, yellowing

inquire  older 



Graphic Illusions #1

EC Zine

 with Ditko (comic Strip & 1 color back cover); Williamson, Evans, Krenkel, Wood...Norman Lindsay

George Barr Folio collaboration:  Tim Kirk, Wendi Fletcher (Pini) ,  Bjo Trimble, Jeff Jones

Fabian Cover 1st print rusty staples, Published by Rob Gustaveson & Rob and Jeff Gluckson in 1971 $35.00


Heroes Inc. Presents #2 (ec's Wallace Wood art)

Animan WOOD!!! full color back cover Severin   $35.00

Flashback #1 

  Wood and EC Dynapubs B&W reprint Alan Light $30.00

The Monster Times

Vol. 1 #10

  Images Added; wear, bitch'in $35.00


B&W 1972 $35.00  may have sold, inquire



far out make offers  
Rocket's Blast Special number 7 color covers, B&W inside, great article homage to EC   Fantucchio art  SFCA $50.00     

Vanguard 1968

far in  so good $45.00   


Graphic Story Magazine #12 1970  articles and art All Basil Wolverton $25.00
Plus new additions! SEE the FANZINE LINK ON my HOME PAGE
  See my Wrightson Art    


Badtime Stories 1972 T B&W Book


1971 BOOK all art




Beyond Infinity #1

1965/66 1st print fanzine I put out

 has an ec- istic story



Squa Tront #2  


VF nfs $150.

Squa Tront #3

Best ec fanzine!!!






 all 1st printings


2nd prints:   
All nice shape above  -- EC

EC FOLIO #5 $200.00 obo Has Bradbury's  



Need a scan let me know!

     Grades are objective and grading itself is subjective.   Overstreet, Ebay Sales,  and my 50+ years experience (references available) (in grading, buying and selling and collecting comics) will be used to determine this price base; 

 Will separate by title or sell singularly.   Obviously I will deal to sell these comics more swiftly. 

Reasonable offers will be carefully considered.

 All comics are complete (all pages are there) with covers unless noted.  

Shipping info:  You may pick it all up from me (then shipping is relatively FREE). 

 I accept PayPal and checks and money orders or for a bigger deal a cashier's check.  

If shipped:  Shipping / Insurance (required) is on you.  Items will be insured.   (Or at the least tracked). 

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Higher out of the Country to ship.   (Buy a lot I may throw in free shipping!!!) ASK!  I confirm all orders.  Sales are as is. 

 If you buy all that remains now it doesn't include that marked sold or those without prices.   

I have other ec material too I have yet to list anywhere. 


Note sometimes if you click on the image that will allow you to see a larger image other times links will work, eventually both will!  :)  (New servers).

     EC's are great comics for their art, stories, historical significance & just cause you love them.

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Crime SuspenStories #21 1954 tape on inside  back cover over small tears, yellowing, complete, great stories and art.

front cover


Writing in a letter in the logo and margin of splash (pencil)  $123.00

front cover



1953, Original 1st print VF Nice shape, $225.00

front cover

back cover



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