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Personal Collection + new acquisitions to sell.


Some of the finest comics ever produced! The best of the EC's

All original first 1st printings!


Hand picked as the best of all time (by me -- they are my favorites for art and stories)!


Weird Science-Fantasy #29

Awesome Frazetta Cover! 1955

Looks like Flash Gordon battling apemen on a sheer cliff.

The Chosen One by Wally Wood;

Adam Link In Business by Orlando;

Genesis by Reed Crandell;

Vicious Circle by Al Williamson

Around Fine Condition. $500.00 nfs  




Weird Science #20

1953 Fine+/EF

Wally Wood Cover Art.

50 girls 50 by Al Williamson;

Wood art: The Loathsome.

The Reformers by Joe Orlando.

Surprise Package adapted

from a story by Ray Bradbury. $390.00     
















Weird Science Fantasy #25 


Awesome Al Williamson Cover.


A Sound Of Thunder by Ray Bradbury  and now a film

and Illustrated by Al Williamson!


Harvest  by Joe Orlando.

Bellyful  by B. Krigstein.


Flying Saucer Report A Wonderful Comic

Story by Wally Wood! 250.00

















Incredible Science-Fiction #32 

1955 Full Color

Cover Jack Davis. VG/VG+, Joe Orlando

Food For Thought: Al Williamson & Krenkel;

The Ultimate Weapon: B. Krigstein; Marked Man by Jack Davis!






Weird Fantasy #21

Full Color 1953.

Awesome Frazetta/Williamson Cover

(past meets future theme).

Cover about to be detached. Still is VG or better.

My Home is by Joe Orlando. Saved by the greatest comic artist

ever Al Williamson.

 Planely Possible by Jack Kamen.

The Million Year Picnic adapted from Ray Bradbury story

illustrated by Elder and Severin.





Weird Fantasy #15 


Full Color 1952

Feldstein Cover. W.D.: rusty staples.

Revulsion by Joe Orlando.

The Quicktrip by the masterful Al Williamson

The Long Trip by Al Williamson

He Who Waits by Jack Kamen 

one of the best stories of all time -- or, one of my favorites:

By George illustrated by Al Williamson--

splash torn in border not in full color art....








Vault of Horror #38 (1954) all 1st print 1st series originals Fine,

 some yellowing, looks nice, minor wear $100.00


Vault of Horror #33 (1953) VF $110.00


Weird Science #7  (Pencil,  yellowing, 1951, EC) $86.00 (above)


Crime SuspenStories #21

 (1954) yellowing  yet supple $49.00

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Panic #1 spine open at top and bottom, yellowing.  $50.00


might be sold inquire.


Offers Considered.  Prices subject to change.






Weird Science #10


Orlando, Wood, Kamen, Wood Big clean rip front cover, includes extra piece (from another of the same comic) front cover, wear,; cover detached, stains. G- Looks  much nicer though $140.00/$660.00
Weird Science #15 1952 Orlando, Kamen, Wood, Williamson 5 tiny pieces out margin on bottom inside a few pages, date stamp, wear VG+ almost Fine, many good attributes, nice gloss $200.00/$485.00
Weird Fantasy #9 1951 Feldstein Cover Wood, Kamen, Orlando 3 chips, Bottom spine 2 inch split, off center, VG+ $199.00/$560.00
Weird Fantasy #13 1952 Orlando, Wood, Wood, Kamen art water damage, cover almost detached,  G/ $133.00/ Overstreet if in Mint would be:  $460.00
Incredible Science-Fiction #30 1955 Jack Davis, Orlando Kreigstein Very Fine $398.00/$520.00
Incredible Science-Fiction #32 1955 Davis Cover Orlando,Davis, Kriegstein, Possibly the best ec art ever: Al Williamson, Krenkel "Food For Thought." Great!!! Fine or better, stress at staples  $385.00/$535.00

Incredible Science Fiction #33

1956 Wood Cover Wood, Jack Davis, Kreigstein, Stain top right corner through comic; overall looks nice, minor wear, comic detached from cover. VG/+ $274.00/$520

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All comics on this page are first printings and originals.

Thanks for buying, bidding, trading with me.


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