By Robert Gustaveson


Part 2 

(Part one is fully illustrated by Mike Bennet)


     "Barbara you echo the tranquil beauty of Nature

more spectacularly beloved than any creature in God's creation."

"Actually, I think most of God's creatures are far cuter than I. But thank you.


     What has caused you to wax romantic?"

"The Light that does not struggle with itself, in you my beloved," Ray says

"Thank You, I love you too," Barbara replies.


     A thick and powerful etheric aura radiates from Ray

and Barbara hundreds of feet outwards. This field is

detected by the sensitive creatures surrounding them.

As the couple hugs the environment seems to calm & slow down. 

The crickets (heard as a symphony of angels when sped up

via your tape recorder -- would rival any religious opera)

 in unison they too become silent.


Eventually creatures come out of their hiding

places.  Stars uncountable and bright shine in the midnight blue

sky of February 2009. The Granite rocks and the

heavens seem to commune. Dozens of shooting stars

make one imagine the universe is thinking and the stars are

God's physical brain cells.

     Insects, birds, lizards and fish & mammals indicate

the possible life forms on other planets and here.

Pelicans & seagulls fly and dive for food. A red hawk

looms.  It seems to stop midair.  But hovers and glides.

     A startled deer jumps back through the woods. It

stops, waits, looks, listens, senses. Its fear gone, it feeds.

     Cumulous clouds form and dissolve. The red sun rises

and its glow penetrates the skin and brow of Ray and

Barbara.  Again there is silence.

Now it is Noon, everything is fully awake, alive.

The surf, fresh and breathable, crashes rhythmically

against the mountain cliff splashing cold water which becomes

mist gliding upward and outward over the ocean upon the gentle breeze 

then forming unique ever changing patterns in the air.  

     The ocean heaves like infinitely huge lungs breathing in and out.  

Waves crash relentlessly upon the sandy shore. Each

step a natural foot massage. Ray and Barbara are

walking barefoot naked and unashamed in their back

yard. Soon they will run 60 miles for fun (as the Esselen

Indians did before them--with whom they once traded).

Sunlight dances in circles upon the water. Waves return

to their oneness with the ocean.

Now the sun sets, again it is Red. They take the

energy into their eyes (the only time it is OK to look at

the sun directly is at sunrise and sunset--when the sun is the 

reddest and is actually below the horizon) for natural



     Awake and alive their bliss is squared by their

presence in God's perfect creation--they feel one with all

minerals, plants, animals, humans and the Kingdom of

Conscious Souls. Their relaxation is immeasurably deep

and quite needed for the job they know they must soon



     Minutes later a helicopter looms above the horizon,

the glow of the sunset is the gamut of color from yellow

orange to red purple and light blue to indigo. An

overwhelming sound of Om fills the ears and vibrates the

body. Birds scatter and butterflies die in the propellers.

As the machine draws closer and lands its Tao too

must be discovered. Ray and Barbara close their eyes

and mentally merge with the vibration instead of

resisting it. Ray rises embracing what he knows he must


     A tall thin man emerges from the heliocopter. 

He carries a black leather briefcase in his left hand. He

walks effortlessly as if there were no weight at all to the

briefcase and the contents.

Sporting dark sunglasses a good

tan and a perfectly tailored navy blue suit.

The sun is behind him and his features are difficult to

perceive, strange shadows on his face. But by his gait

Barbara recognizes him. Shiny gold ring on his left hand.

Short hair cut, standard CIA variety. This man is a

servant to all humanity. No prejudice or hate in his heart

at all. Also a love for creation. A glint of sunlight reflects

off the cold steel gun just under his coat. A weapon

carried for over 20 years but never used to kill.

      Smiling widely Hawkmistress dances swiftly toward

this good looking guy. She jumps into his arms and

nearly knocks him over. He swings her around and

kisses her face gently. "Hi Sis," he whispers. "Hi yourself

big guy," she laughs joyfully.

"Barbara's never mentioned having a brother." Ray

retorts. The stranger bows before the couple, his hands

in prayer fashion acknowledging the holy nature of the

Self (Soul) within all men. Barbara and Ray return the gesture.

"We are from the same orphanage," Barbara replies.

"This is Ted, Ted K. Roberts," she says. "I love my big


Ted says: "We were adopted by Godfrey G. Stonewall

the Billionaire tycoon. It is he we must now embrace if we are to

save the environment and this sacred world."

Ray responds: "You mean we are off to show your

father the error of his ways?"

"Why certainly," Ted returns--clowning like one of the three stooges.

"How can he seek profit over the health of humans and others?," suddenly stern and serious.

     The three enter the specially modified copter (has

wings, can land or hover anywhere) and are away. Stars.

The sun appears blue not yellow as had been thought.

Ray wonders where they really are. Hawkmistress sends

a whisper thought not to be alarmed. The atmosphere makes

the sun look yellow by day. Ray's face betrays a slightly

disgruntled look. And he says: "Why the hell didn't any of our

Astronauts tell us that when they returned from space.

Ted declares: "Would that World Governments were

so open and honest with their people. 

     Governments rule through fear.  With money they claim there is a scarcity--

when, as we all know, the Earth is Infinite and there is no

such thing as scarcity. (Except in the lower belief mind of

Man.)  Agreement creates reality, you see. Money buys

Military and Police so the clever (but not good or better)

too often rule (as witnessed by the 1963 Kennedy Coup and Bush Coup of

Nov. 2000. Thank God he was removed from office

after he betrayed his own party and the Congress. This avoided 

theend time he and his pseudo religious cronies try to create.

Even husbands and wives struggle for a little control and power. What a cosmic joke."

 Words from Ted rain jade. "Who watches the watcher, indeed!"

     "Eventually everything will be revealed, this, and far

more. Much of humanity remains asleep. Who is ready

to accept the reality of all the life forms on planet Earth

let alone in outer space. Outer space is...alive. 


It is coming.

Someday we as a race will grow in greater awareness.

Our consciousness will evolve fully. Rather, we will

remember what we are, already."

Ray sighs. Barbara kisses him and they fall asleep

leaning balanced one against the other in the jetcopter .

Stars and a crescent moon are seen outside their window.

A door thunders open somewhere in Philadelphia.

"Montauk project was around here somewhere," Barbara

mentions as she and Ray enter a plush office. A long long

table with ten people sitting. They all rise. A

nondescript ordinary looking man with a slight double chin is at

the end of the table. Removes his bifocals as he rises. His

chair slides back. Meager efforts at extinguishing his obnoxious cigar.

It's pungent scent stifling the ability to breath for all present.

Meager efforts at extinguishing it in an actual gold ashtray.

Some of the others at Godfey's table take a quick exit.

Hawkmistress in the garb of a beautiful 28 year old

enters the room perfect as she is. Her

clothes are light and most sensual. The vibration changes--it deepens.

She looks 17 years old. Ray follows her into the room. Ted

leans against the large shiny metallic doors.

An elegant looking man dressed to a "T" begins to

walk forward. A thin smile creeps around the edges of his

lips as he approaches the two. Barbara says "Hi Dad I

need to talk with you. Do you have a minute."

"Yes, yes of course darling, it's so good to see you again!"

"Come in, come in. Come sit by me." He takes her hand

and she kisses his cheek.

Introductions are quickly gotten through with the

nine other people in the room.

"This is Ray, Ray this is my Dad Godfrey." Ray

cuts Barbara off: "Yes it is a pleasure to meet with you

again." She notices a Masonic handshake--but no one else

in the room perceives it. The two men laugh together for

a moment. "So good to see you again," Godfrey shines.

They sit together and discuss the most heinous crimes

of the various Nations of the world who put profit before

health & money before the value of a single human life.

Barbara, a sensitive, empath who feels the Death of

each creature on the planet implores her Dad to help

them stop other countries from strip mining old growth and other

rain forests (which hurts everyone on the planet ecologically).

All this to raise Beef, to stop exporting cigarettes to other countries,  

and to stop polluting for profit. She explains these profiteers don't realize 

the Earth has its own automatic defense systems and will retaliate. 

Then Man would have to come back in

a different form. Each form is a more difficult struggle.

Learn and change now.

Ted is listening via his earphone just outside the door.

Then there is an Earthquake which sounds like an

H-Bomb going off. Sounds like a Tidal Wave is


Hawkmistess jumps from out of her City clothing

walks to the window, huge wings emerge from her back.

The people in the room, joined by others from nearby

offices gasp in astonishment at this sight. They had

never seen such a thing before.

Suddenly she jumps out the window. People shriek.

But she flies. An aftershock rocks the building. Debris falls.

Hawkmistress and Ray send calming telepathic waves

of Love to Earth and all her inhabitants.

Godfrey says OK, OK I'll stop our Companies Industrial

waste in Mexico and China and elsewhere. I know money

is not true wealth, as you keep reminding me. What good

is pleasure without air to breath? Everyone wants fresh water.

All men are brothers and we need to care for everyone and help

everyone take care of themselves. Food should be free of pesticides  

and growth hormones.

     Godfrey Continues: Common sense and common

human decency will prevail in all I do, think or say, hopefully,"  

he mutters softly his voice trailing off.   "I

...will teach my employees to think for themselves."

Barbara, still hovering outside the window retorts:

"That might be harder than you think."

"I know that blast it," Godfrey grumbles agitatedly.

"That's why I'm hiring you to help run this show. I

realize no amount of money and power is ever enough.

Desires are endless. One always wants more.

True happiness can be found only within ones own sacred Soul/Self.

I will start by buying & repairing all the abandoned buildings for the homeless.

Will you stay?"

"That's a good start. We'll talk about it a bit later" she

says. "I'm always with you anyway--at some level. I'll

assist, if you really mean it." Godrey welcomes

Hawkmistress back as she enters through the window.

Winds grow smaller and disappear. They embrace.

Godfrey whispers: "I do."

Ted says: "Good because I

have all this on tape." Those not in shock giggle.

Hawkmistress says "thanks Dad. Love You."

Ted says: "You promise to close most Nuclear Power

Plants and won't allow more to open?" "Yes." "And

you'll close Plants that you own which pollute." "Yes if

they don't listen to me I'll shut them down for good." Ray

jumps in "will you provide jobs for each and every one

displaced by technology?" "Yes, and create more."

"Giant Hospitals feed on too much electricity spawning

Nuclear Power Plants and by trying to keep people alive who want to  

depart the rest of us are endangered. "They who

would save their own lives will lose them."

Hospitals are not healing centers. They are money

making machines, like Insurance Companies." "That's

harsh" Godfrey says. " But true," Ray retorts. "Keeping

people alive through technology is not quality of life."

Godfrey says "Yet you are pro-life." 

"I see no contradiction between being pro-choice and pro-life.

They are not mutually exclusive. "I use to be pro-

abortion as a way to deal with over population. But since

reincarnation is real that was a foolish choice (once

human you only reincarnate as human). I struggled

twice to get into this body this lifetime. Legal and safe

and allow for free choice and free will and non reactivity. All this is essential 

if we want life to continue on Earth."   ("Why, because fascism is a worse death."  

Hawkmistress answers her Dad's unspoken thought.)

People need to be brought into this world consciously, not by accident.

 It appears we have a long way to go as human beings--much to relearn  

and remember and especially practice.


But five years is like 200 years these days. How can

humanity keep up with technology?" Ted wonders.

"Meditation," is the key. And I don't mean virtual

Meditation. You must do it yourself. And in groups!

Stay away from "New Age" glamour and look hard until

you find a path that works for you and then stay with it."


Tears of repentance suddenly overtake Godfrey and

the reporters and staff & businessmen milling about in

Godfrey's office.

Hawkmistress projects a gentle thought from Desiderata heard only by 

Soul searchers (seekers of enlightenment for themselves and 

(offered but never forced) to others):

"You are a child of the Universe, no less than the trees &

the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or

not it is clear to you, no doubt the Universe is unfolding

as it should. Therefore be at peace with God"

and thus with your Soul.

The sobs are healing. A small child

walks up to Godfrey and looks up into his eyes (the

windows to the Soul) and smiles. Godfrey leans over as

she tugs at his pocket and she kisses him on the cheek

he grabs her in a bear hug. Reporters are crying freely,

releasing years of stress. Cameras on. Souls more in

charge now, personas relaxed. Energy flowing smoothly,

gently; blockages of communication and past hurts

dissolved. Light and love breaking through.

Ray and Barbara are still in telepathic rapport. She is

sending waves of love to all affected by the wake up call

Quake. Not a single life is lost. Her command to all is

"Fear Not." And it connects to the psyche of all those

receptive enough to receive Love and send it back out

again and to generate friction free light

and share it unconditionally will all humanity and all the kingdoms of nature.



Soon the crisis is over for now. Somewhere in the

world an innocent person is hurt or incarcerated

mistakenly. Hawkmistress is there like a Ghostly Specter

to insure swift Justice. First she and Ray heal the Heart

and Soul and then administer physical healing, if still


Copyright 1982, 1994, 2003

Revised 1996 Rob Gustaveson 2001

Note only a few words were added since first written. All my works

are works in progress until someone buys them from me at which time

they get more material -- such as part one and the art for it.


The hover airplane/copter has already been utilized in a film

with Arnold Schwartznegger and Jamie Lee Curtis (who I met once in an

"est" seminar -- sexy goddess). 


I of course have not been compensated

for my idea for it.


Robert Gustaveson


Story 1982 Gustaveson.  

Copyright 1982, 2003, 2009 Rob Gustaveson