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"Causes Are Without Limit--

When You are the Self you are the Heart of Cause."

By Rob Gustaveson

    The Self as spoken of here is Soul.  You are a Soul.  Soul means consciousness.
Spirit is everywhere equally present.   Your Soul likewise is not just housed in your little body it is everywhere equally present as well.  We seldomly remember we are connected to God literally every moment of life.  It is God in which we live and move and have our very being.  
    I share this with you because I want things to improve for everyone on the planet.  "When you move from the measurable doing universe to the immeasurable
being universe your life will have turned around."  Real deep meditation is a way to move to the "being universe."  Do be do be do.  Be.  "Live in This world."  
     Science Fiction is of the subconscious. Meditation is of the Superconscious.  Three fourths of the planet knows that or believes that reincarnation is real.  Less than 1% know the real reason we are here on Earth. 
     Part of the equation is "every man a Christ."  Seems like a tall order. 
Every child and elder person, son and daughter mother and father to have their innate potentiality fulfilled/remembered/emulated/actualized--into the level of living and being that Buddha, Christ, Muhammad, Ghandi, Yogananda and other Saints of true religions say is possible (because they did it -- they lived it & proved it in their lives and their works do live on).  "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience we are spiritual beings having a human one." 
    You ARE the Soul ever connected to Spirit.
    Spirit is Truth. Truth is God and is All.  One must know and live this way not just read the words of those who know.  You must know it.  And live by example.  And so must I.  WE are children of the One God.  About which naught can be said.
    As the Soul (child of God -- made in His image and likeness) temporarily trapped
in matter we have our Physical, Emotional (Astral), Mental bodies though we are actually our Eternal Buddhic (or Soul) body.    I say to my friends and use to say to my former customers we are Soul and we have a body.  Our Soul is individualized.  The human Soul someday returns to the Father and merges with him yet retains its unique distinctiveness for awhile.  All our incarnations are then remembered.  And that is a special chisled gift -- part of our service to God's creation and to Ourself through him.
    Live the heart of your faith and you are doing God's will.  Pray.  Meditate (what is meant in the bible when John says:  "I die daily" -- a deep form of Meditation).  Many people do not know God.  They have forgotten.  And all they need to do is turn toward him with all their Heart, Mind, Strength and Soul and Love him.  That is all he asks. 
    Blessed are the religions (or spiritual paths) that unite.  No one has a monopoly on Truth.  When you have greater lasting Peace in your life you will know that you are on a correct path.
     It all takes time and practice & patience.  Though some Saints and Guru's (teachers and or enlightend beings) have said there is no distance -- you can know God this instant -- all is God and in God (as proved by the current electric revolution with the internet and so forth). 
    By and through an expanding knowledge of God's will into form rather than Man's separative will into physical manifestation we would remember that we are in the Garden right now.  Heaven on Earth is a reality for those with this sort of all inclusive loving consciousness.  
Through Yoga exercises one can experience greater Light.  But be not caught in even that form.  Meditation leads to God contact. 
     "I am that I am."  "I and my Father are One."  Thou Art That!  No separation.  Oneness. 
     Why are we so attached to our prison cell of flesh?  Trapped in desire like a monkey holding too many cookies with his hand in a cookie jar--cannot take the cookies or get his hand out of the jar until he releases or surrenders them or lets go?!  The Soul is happiness itself.  Get out of ones own way and experience what you are.
     We live in a Universe called "4th ray" harmony through conflict.  That is the nature of this world.  It too is a service project for God.  Born in innocence we die in purity.  God at both ends and all along the way.  But one can learn through Love & harmony rather than pain and suffering.  And Meditation is that.  There are many forms of Yoga and many forms of Meditation.  Real deep daily (or continual) meditation is the goal.
    With billions of egos on the Earth it is not surprising we do not all remember who we really are.  That we are Soul (God).  And it is indeed difficult to appease each viewpoint each moment.  I think one good technique is to constantly ask:  "What is God's Will." And to say "persona get thee behind me, I the Soul shall lead." 
     Turn toward God and suffer less.

 3-05-2000, 2007, 2008, 9-12-2013

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    "Where more people in an area Meditate crime falls."

    Clues, notes, positions of the one same Truth (aka Spirit Divine).  Remembrances.



"A Matter Of Love At The heart Of The Matter"

By Rob Gustaveson

    The Soul attracts the stuff of which matter is made to itself -- thus forming the persona and all worlds associated with the three lower worlds.

    Occultists know God to be a Divine evolving principle.  And through various methods and right activities, disciplines, meditation & prayer teach "the Wisdom."  Not in some cloistered religion but in a walless sort of way.  

     Occult merely means "hidden" knowledge.  Hidden until one looks and finds this knowledge that is actually available to everyone. 

    As we are unique individual snowflake creations of God we are also the same at heart.

     It is our innate oneness that gives us our sense of dignity and rightness in the scheme of things.  For surely Love is the foundation of all that is.

    And for the Mystical person all is God and all one must do is get out of ones own way to experience that God within.  The immortal Soul (ever connected to Spirit Divine).  That which one really is.  For one is not actually the physical body, emotional body or mental body.   You are the Soul! 

     Eastern religions and many western religions acknowledge this.  "Thou art God." But don't say this in public too much lest ye be regarded as unsane.  One is actually "in Truth" only to the degree one actually lives in harmony with all that is.  Those who realize and demonstrate all Life to be sacred are on the path.

     The occult approach acknowledges the Good the True and the Beautiful. 

     One is the space of transformation just by being.  Love all with Gods Love uncontionally.  Divine Love.  Love all people uncondionally and all the kingdom's of nature (mineral, plant, animal, people and the Kingdom Of Conscious Souls).

     And this is the point, perhaps, where the dividing line between occult and the mystical disappears.  Is it not this agreement between the two in which creation occurs (at the least maya seems real).  And the higher reality of oneness is at last remembered.  

The field between the Father and the Holy Spirit is the Christ Consciousness field -- and it is here where our work begins.

-- Rob Gustaveson

1997, 2013


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