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Comic Books and Art: For Sale.

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Some of these comics I've owned since issued!

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Fantastic Four #1


sold long ago 


Drawn by JACK  KIRBY

 and authored by STAN  LEE

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Prices change often but I will update where interest appears. 

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Fantastic Four #8

 By Stan Lee and Jack Kirby



 Complete G or G+; wear even little writing;  Backcover


Fantastic Four #9 

Jack Kirby Art


G-/VG, marvel chipping, 

unnecessary tape on spine;

 Looks nicer than G; 1962 lots of little flaws, small piece out of back cover.  About 2" x 2" NM is $1950 in old guide. Complete.  FF comics are hot.

Third Submariner during Silver Age

Check out Overstreet & completed Ebay sales.





Ask for a price, photo, make an offer, inquire as to availability etc. Contact me:  253-632-3175     541-359-36754


FF #13  Jack Kirby

Intro Watcher!  Marvel Chips.  One big Bend.  Inked by Steve Ditko!  VG+  $500 obo



1962 Red Ghost

FF #18 I might have 2 copies Silver Age 1960's

Mole Man Orig Art with Fantastic Four Character. 

FF #18 if I still have it:  

$600 inquire for accurate grade and price and availablity

I have a great full color Super Skrull Orig art. $50


FF #19 Jack Kirby


Wear, Fine+ or better, chip top, stress at top staple, Ad for X-men 1 inside, pulse pounding action  


  Rama Tut




  These are all my personal collection.    
FF  #22  Jack Kirby Sub Fold, nice gloss and color, tight, minor wear. Fine   

Back Cover






Ask for a price, photo, make an offer, inquire as to availability etc. Contact me:


remember click images to see larger

FF #27 Jack Kirby

Sub fold, nice gloss and color.  

Negligible additional wear 




1st Dr. Strange crossover


Ask for a price, photo, make an offer, inquire as to availability etc. Contact me:


FF #28  Jack Kirby 

Puppet Master, Mad Thinker, Android, VG+/Fine water damage on right edge, wear.   




(X-men too) 


FF #29 Jack Kirby.

FINE/VF great gloss and color minor wear; bends

$475 (one of my fav comics)





FF #31 Jack Kirby 

1964, Excellent old comic, minor wear, nice gloss and color, VG+/Fine+



 Mole Man



FF #32 Jack Kirby  

High Grade appearance Fine nice gloss and color minor wear, w.d.




FF #33 Jack Kirby  

Photo Cover, nice look, w.d.on right side edge, Fine, looks VF+ KIRBY ART




Submariner (Film someday)


FF #34 Jack Kirby  

 Clean, nice shape--really; minor wear Fine or better





FF #35 Jack Kirby  

Slightest W.D. right side cover, Looks ExFine or better, white pages, ding back cover 





Fantastic Four #36

Jack Kirby Artwork! 

Great Gloss and color F/VF (w.d.)



Frightful Four 1964



FF #37 Jack Kirby    

F/VF+ nice gloss and color, minor w.d., one bend








may have 2


FF #38 Jack Kirby  


Fav series.

Best one: $350



Frightful Four 

FF #39 Jack Kirby

 Looks really nice  Fine-ish or better in appearance, hairline wear vertically at spine, some yellowing, Some tears inside at top staple very small. Grade:  VG+





Doctor  Doom

FF #40 Jack Kirby  

 Some water damage on right edge; Nice gloss and color. VG/VG++; Great art and story. 1965

All comics on this page are MARVEL.





FF #41 Jack Kirby 

Could be VF or better, tiny tear back cover bottom, wonderful gloss and color;  Slight yellowing inside.  Fine. Back Cover $195


Frightful Four

FF #42 Jack Kirby

 VF Clean and tight. $250

Ask me what the price is

FF #43 Jack Kirby  

VG/+ wonderful scent of time $195

ask for scan

FF #44 Jack Kirby 


small stain Nice shape! Great gloss and color.

$325 (Inhumans)




FF #45 Jack Kirby  

Fine/VF range or better



SOLD $500

FF #46 Jack Kirby  


VF range

8.0-9.2 or better range

nothing sold by guide or grade; I will ship the actual  item in the image.  I see this comic as going for $1500-$3000 up someday in this shape.

This is from my personal collection. 

(cgc has sold similar comics FF46 for $2000-$4000 already! Range means approximately.









1st Black Bolt sold $500

FF #47 Jack Kirby  

VF/NM range














FF #52 Jack Kirby

 VG/VG+ range


sold for low price $125

Black Panther


FF #56 Jack Kirby

Nice Gloss and color, minor wear. Fine or better. Small tear back cover 1/2 inch or less.Some minor yellowing.










FF #59 Jack Kirby

1967 brittle, looks nice, vivid gloss and color; cuts etc. Looks above Fine but Grade is G+/VG+; Inhuman's, BlackBolt

One of my fav comics ever!





FF #60  Jack Kirby

 Fine  $195 

Dr. Doom steals Silver Surfers powers

prices subject to change and offers are ok



FF #62 Jack Kirby .

 Strong Fine or better; looks new; very minor wear;

Seriously among my top 25 favorite comics.


$350 could persuade me to sell this I have the toy too.





FF #63            

Jack Kirby Art  Joe Sinnott inks


Strong Fine or better.  

Printing/binding a little uneven, bend, 

incredibly newish gloss and color. 

Blastaar 1967




FF #64            

Jack Kirby Art


Looks VF or better, think it had some 

water damage on top a long time ago. VG+;



FF #65             

Jack Kirby Art  $160


1967 Wear, looks nice Fine; Ronan


FF #66  click      

Jack Kirby Art 

This is the next FF #48

I may have 2 copies ask to see scan of the other one.

Begins 2 part origin of Warlock







Leads into HIM who is 



about  Fine; 


1st printing -- promise!

Looks nice!


 FF #67       

Jack Kirby -- so creative Warlock/Him! VG- aprox has stains

(Part 2 warlock origin, key) 

$180 film to come



1st printing (all comics on this page 

are original 1st print 1st series!)*

FF #68              

Jack Kirby Art   $350



FF 68

ff 68.jpg click


Have two, have 1  in better shape for sure, see above) 


Fine- $99

Fantastic Four  #69         

Jack Kirby Art








2nd copy available I think ask!!

ask for grade and other info anytime  

FF #71 Jack Kirby

  wear bottom right spine







FF #76 Jack Kirby

 Wear VG




FF #79 Jack Kirby

VF or better, looks nice $100


 Oct. 1968 

FF #80 Jack Kirby 

VF/NM $150


FF #81 Jack Kirby

Fine/+ some loss of gloss in one of Elemental's hands.  




FF #82 Jack Kirby





FF #83 Jack Kirby





FF #89 Jack Kirby 

VF $100




FF #90 Jack Kirby

One streak on cover from printing error top right, very minor wear Fine




FF #93 Jack Kirby

VG/VG+  Bends Great gloss and color;  tight, clean.

$100 obo





FF #95 Jack Kirby  

minor wear VG/VG+





FF #96 Jack Kirby  

Fine or better









FF #98 Jack Kirby






FF #113

VG+/Fine $65

prices are constantly changing so ask me the price

Ask for a price, photo, make an offer, inquire as to availability etc. 

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FF 110 * may have been 2 printings when issued;

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