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Old article by Rob Gustaveson 

1985, 2000

 Big Sur, CA

At a consciousness retreat known as Esalen Institute I attended a workshop in 1985 with Peter Caddy who founded Findhorn. A Garden Community in Northern Scotland. Caddy said:

 "A good Prophet is one whose negative prophesies don't come true." "Once warned we have time to correct our actions."

He said we can offset "the doom and gloom prophesies." "These things haven't happened yet and they don't need to."

"It is a mistake to blow peoples minds. It is not the way of life. We must be considerate of other peoples feelings. Genuine love is responsibilty in relationship," Caddy articulated. 

During a workshop with healers and people from various Countries around the world Caddy shared his knowledge on how to make communities work. At Findhorn fruit and vegetables always grow four times larger than anywhere else on this planet. Findhorn has no rules and no laws (except no smoking, no drugs and, oh yes, punctuality--without which there would be chaos). Findhorn sets time aside each day for Meditation.  Intuition is often used in achieving decisions. 

The "core" group consists of an administration section and an educational branch. The heads of various departments are called focalizers. Everyone must be in agreement before they go forward with plans.

"Two worlds are emerging. The old world is falling apart--and that makes news. But the new world is sneaking in too." "The USA's big failing is she thinks what is good for her is good for others too. This isn't necessarily true," he said. "We must balance the masculine and feminine energies within ourselves. We must be more sensitive. In Northern Ireland the people don't work with the left side of their brain. They have a state of "no time" there. They go more with their hearts and work at a more leisurely pace," Caddy said. Caddy said he went to Kauai and Maui to get in touch with other aspects of himself.   "Findhorn was created with vibrations of Love energy. We began with Light and Love and turned that into a material caravan. When someone is at work at Findhorn and they become angry, the person stops working until they can do their job with Love," Caddy said.

People came to Findhorn in strange ways. The first person to arrive was a 70 year old woman. Later, groups of 12 started arriving and this expanded organically until Findhorn had 300 people from 30 different Countries. Findhorn became a graveyard of egos. A Methodist Minister and his wife and sister and two children arrived one day. The Minister thought he'd be taking on a big role with lots of responsibility. But his job became thawing frozen drain pipes with a blowtorch all winter long. Nevertheless he still got in touch with making a contribution--with the Love all around--even as dung fell on him. His wife got a more "important" administrative role.

Caddy spoke on a variety of interesting subjects in this workshop. One tale was about how 75% of the people in the Phillipines are aware of other planes of existence. In Australia (1985) the Aborigines just got back their sacred rock (the largest such rock of power in the World." In 1988 there was a One Earth gathering in Australia and people linked hands around the circumference of the rock. Caddy said a script was written about this tribe by the only white man ever initiated into the tribe. And a film about it cost over 12 million dollars to make. The tribe is a "dream tribe" who are highly telepathic and in close contact with their "space brothers."In South Africa, Caddy tells us, White man is on the path of Spiritual evolution on his return to Eden. While Black men are on the path of involution, getting into matter. An example of this is that the native tribes want to get into chemical gardening. White races are evolving out of matter he said.

The karma of this Country (the USA) is interesting too, he said. "We have White men in Indian bodies, and Slave Traders in black bodies." Caddy said we are moving from competition to co-operation in this world. A way is through communities. He said there is no way to assure all communities will succeed. Many do not. The Esalen Community is based more in directions of Physical and Emotional support he declared. Findhorn's slant is more toward Love and the Spiritual. There is no blueprint for every community to follow. In fact, one of Caddy's recent experiments in creating community was unsuccessful because of greedy land owners who cared only for money. To make a community work, he said, people must come from their personal experience and share it. The New Age style is change from within not violent revolution or rebellion.

--Rob Gustaveson 1985

Copyright 2000 Gustaveson All Rights Reserved

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