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Old comic book Magazine forma B&W some with Color:



The Incredible Hulk




All are 1st prints, originals; 


never printed previously.




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($150.00 Reprint of the 1st 6 issues+; 1st print in this form) NM/M unopened.



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The Hulk Film Will be as Great as the Spider-man and X-men films were.

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Photo of cover of issue:

(Details of each issue below and to the right of it).


Nice time to stock up!


Grade: Extra Fine Condition.


TV show Lou Ferregno (looking) cover; Painted cover.

B&W (Black & White) art inside.


Comic book form, magazine size.

Has uniqued Photos of the Hulk -- Lou Ferrigno too.  In full color.

You may negotiate your best price.  More you buy the lower the cost.

The Hulk #24

Marvel's new hot film about to be released.

Chaykin, Dominick Fortune.







Nice Shape!  High Grade.  Tight ExtraFine/NM


Full Color.  Marvel,  Great Artwork.  65 pages.  All comic book in larger magazine form.



The Hulk #17

Just in time for the new Marvel film.










VG aprox, looks better

Doug Moench, Keith Pollard, Tony DeZunga; Warner, Kupperburg

Not full color but has other acoutrements.

Corner bottom right has shredding through part of mag.  All comic book material, nice detailed creative artwork.  Good read!

Rampaging Hulk #6

Marvel, Stan Lee

Issued 1977

25 years old






Grade:  Extra Fine to Near Mint Condition

Looks and feels nice and tight.


Film is coming!!!

Moench, Ron Wilson, Gene Colan, DeZuniga;

66+ Pages

MoonKnight backup

The Hulk #11

TV's Smash in Full Color

1978 (2)

 Marvel, Stan Lee








Some yellowing on border of cover yet  very tight and high quality throughout!

Look and feel is higher than Fine and the magazine may be in much higher grade.

Over 65 comic book magazine sized pages.

Three Stories.

Doug Moench, Gene Colan; Roy Thomas, Marie & John (ec) Severin, Herb Trimpe


The Hulk #19


TV Sensation in Full Color








Beautiful tight look and feel.  The art inside is a wash!  Atlantian themes with the Submariner.

Usually high priced in guides.  (Guides owned by corporations).



October 1977

Another Story with Bloodstone. 

John Warner, Val Mayerik, Bob Wiacek

Keith Pollard, Alfredo Alcala;

Over 60 Pages.

The Rampaging Hulk #5

Black and White Magazine Sized Comic

 Starlin Cover

Wrinkles on edge of back cover

Grade is Fine, looks nicer, tight, sharp colors. (2)






Mike Zeck, John Tartaglione.  Full color, bigger than life, nice shape, 1979.



Offers considered

Rudy Nebres Portfolio in full color (nice).

Norem Cover.


Looks nicer than scan Fine/Very Fine +

The Hulk #16

Magazine Sized

8 1/2" x 11" tight

65 Pages (2/g $10.)






Grade: Fine Condition



 Looks ExFine at first glance.  Nice looking and tight!

Quantity I may have: (2)


TV show was the most successful comic book TV show for Marvel so far, I think.

The Hulk #14

Magazine Sized Full Color Comic Book

Wilson & Nebres art.

Written by Moench

Over 65 pages in nice vivid color.


Big MoonKnight Story






Super tight with a little yellowing on small area of back cover.  Looks Near Mint.

Grade is VF condition.


Bruce Banner is the Hulk.

Art and Words by Alfredo Alcala, Oliff, Ron Wilson, Moench, Bill Sienkiewicz, Klaus Janson.

Stan Lee; In full color; Marvel at it's 2nd peak.  Lots of extras.

The Hulk #18

Full Color and Magazine Sized; All comic book material; New never before published

Scan cannot do this gem justice.  Has an SC written on it on the top left.  Otherwise looks incredibly nice.

1979!  23 years old!

Soon to be a film!

To see a bigger image please ask for a scan




Need a scan? Let me know.

Hulk #10 Bill Bixby Talks,  Mayerik  ExFine/NearMint




The Rampaging Hulk #8


A lot of grease pencil on much of front cover

The Hulk #27


Last Issue


The Rampaging Hulk #3


Norem Cover

NM/M Bagged

The Hulk #13

$12.50 VG+/Fine

Full color.

2 copies (price is per copy) Each!

The Hulk #15




The Hulk #20

NM $20.00 Nuclear

Nice and tight VF/NM






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These comics come bagged.

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1st printing of Masterworks unopened.


Robert Gustaveson



Checks, money orders, PayPal for all Credit Cards accepted.


Selling comics for 51+ Years.  References.


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New Original More images upon request

Tales to Astonish with the Hulk and Hulk Comics list in the works.  Inquire.

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