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 Invoice & TERMS    

Web Form

This is your "fill it in yourself" invoice form.  Print it or email this to me filled out.

If you choose to pay now via paypal I'll start wrapping your package immediately! :)  Thanks for bidding/buying!  Love checks and money orders & cashiers checks.


You are here because you are either a winner of one of my ebay auctions or you have read one of my ads and desire to purchase something I have for sale!  Welcome and thanks!  


It is all simpler to do if you have done mail order before.  (Merely send a payment; include  your name & address ...and what you order will  show up at your address!   It really can be that simple).   If you have questions do email me.  My terms are you must respond quickly to all emails.  :)




 All these emails work with Paypal.  


I appreciate your business!!!

Please mail your payment   to me here:

Robert Gustaveson 

P.O. Box 1261

Phoenix, OR 97535

Again thank you for your order.


You  are buying directly from me:

(A particular item(s)/comic / art -- fill in what it is please, thanks; ok to just copy the page it is from and circle the item).

Again Congratulations! & Thanks!  (Strongly felt). Contact me anytime.


With your check or money order or credit card (If you use PayPal I ship fastest (subtle hint))*

***(Always go to Paypal's site directly do not click on links in anyone's email.) *** 

I ship via usps.  (All options open).

Please include the following required information on a separate sheet of paper enclosed in your envelope (neatly hand printed or typed. Thanks!)

Your order may be delayed if you leave out any of this information:

Your Name: 

Mailing  Address


State and Zip

Title of  item's you want with issue #'s & listed grade  


use all the paper you need or send an email

and the web page or auction Price* (contact me if you don't know; dealer's buy from me and so can you!):



If won via anything online please Include the description of the item(s) (the name) you won along with  the item #'s too if possible, or just print the email you get from ebay or paypal or me.  And return it with your order.

I usually ship via 1st class mail -- United States Postal Service but all options are open.  You merely cover shipping costs and insurance.  At some point (when the weight hits almost 2 pounds) I use Priority mail.                                          

Your check or money order (payment) must reach me in 7 days or less.   I love Paypal for accepting your credit card because it cuts down on paperwork and I can mail your order in 1-3 days.  

Please email me back now mentioning you received this invoice from me.

Thanks a lot.

Above is required information to speed delivery process.

*(When you use *PayPal please include your name & address in a follow-up email to me and put the item # on all correspondence, at least, if from an auction!). Thanks.

Again, thanks for your order!

  • Subtotal:        $            (Auctions' total, or items total)
  • Postage:       +$         Inquire as to exact cost.  Email me now for more info.  Will ship one comic for just $2.50 in the USA. Each additional comic is shipped for just .50 cents more in same order; Or a deposit of $13.00 to ship art is required. (Unused shipping is  refunded upon request).
  • Insurance You alone are responsible for uninsured items.  I insure expensive items automatically.   
  • Email me if you don't know the amount of shipping. 

All shipping ways are open you merely cover the actual costs.

  • Grand Total Due: $            Checks and Money Orders happily accepted.  I accept PayPal. (easy to use postal fee info.)

I usually ship via 1st class mail.

First-Class Mail Rate US

(I use 1st class but if the weight reaches 13 oz  I will use Priority Mail).

A good time to order other items is now to save on shipping costs (Usually additional items will ship for free in same order!!!)! (Inquire with wants).  Ask for a free catalog.

Thanks very much!


Rob Gustaveson

    Also try to combine all payments for different purchases into one order -- request help from me anytime.  

     Forty three years in: mail order, retail, comic book/comic art buying & selling and grading comics.  Order with confidence!  References.  


This personalized invoice takes precedence over all other invoices you may receive from me (PayPal now may automatically invoice you for me too).

Orders go out within a day or two of payment clearing.

     I accept Personal Checks and Money Orders (and credit cards thru Paypal). 

Copyright 1997, 2001, 2006, 2008, 2009  Rob Gustaveson

Although this is a sample invoice feel free to use it when ordering or after an auction.

I make all my web pages (and they are being upgraded frequently).

Rob Gustaveson

P.O. Box 1261

Phoenix, OR 97535


I owned a comic store for 10 years 1986-1996 (+ 1 year in 1978).   

I collected and did mail order for 43 years.

Been online for over 11 years!  

Retail/wholesale for 43 years too.  Order with confidence.

I want my customers to be happy!  If I make a mistake I'll fix it.



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