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John Lennon

The US vs Lennon




Double Fantasy

John Lennon & Yoko Ono

Unused alternate cover for Double Fantasy. 

  • Arrived at through a printing process involving 13 negatives.

  • Given to me the day before John Lennon was killed.  Framed ever since.

  • Sotheby's appraised it at $8000.00 in 1982.  Worth possibly $125,000.00 -$350,000  now.  Very rare, real and limited.  Priceless.

  • You will  recall the actual Double Fantasy cover released instead of this wonderful full color one was in Black & White.

  • This is a lot larger than the size of an Album. 

Please inquire for further details if interested in making an offer or in seeing this amazing limited unique & rare print of 3 copies. 


(It was given to me by the guy who worked on the creation of the album cover at a Studio in Hollywood, CA -- Father of my gal at the time).  Original name of the album was going to be:

Double Negative.

  • Only I, the album Producer and Yoko each have one copy.

Make an offer.


Robert Gustaveson

Make an offer

 (email for first contact is wisest)

Or preferably let's meet in person.

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News-media -- Corporately owned

Government -- Corporately owned

Religion -- owned by man and corporations; 

live your own spirituality

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 (they can't really anyway).




 lennon pencil by eostar

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