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Just in 160 Alex Raymond Flash Gordon Strips and 133  Non Alex Raymond Flash Gordon Strips... and 60 Prince Valiant Strips.  Plus Tarzan. Offers ok for 1 or all.

Some have sold but I have most of them see the itemized corrected list at Vintage Newspaper Strips at my site


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 photo IMG_0015.jpg  photo IMG_0013.jpg 

 photo IMG_0009.jpg  photo IMG_0007.jpg  photo IMG_0005.jpg

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Request a scan.

(best way to contact me)


POB 1261




Flash Gordon #1 one high grade one lower grade PLEASE INQUIRE FOR PRICES
Flash Gordon #2 Fine- or better Gil Kane art+  
Flash Gordon #3 Fine or better  
Flash Gordon #4 Al Williamson VG+/Fine  
Flash Gordon #5 VG+ Al Williamson  
Flash Gordon #6  Water Damage  




Flash Gordon    
Flash Gordon    
Flash Gordon    
Flash Gordon #10 staple loose VG+  
Flash Gordon    
Flash Gordon #12  VG or better  
Flash Gordon    
Flash Gordon    

Whitman Gold Key


Flash Gordon #36


King Features

nice art VG- or better nice color and gloss looks great a first glance as all these comics do...  
Also have a few Flash Gordon blb's    

I buy

Comic Books Comic Art blb's books EC Golden Age Marvel DC homepage

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Rob Gustaveson






See my Flash Gordon Big Little Books too.


Hi I've been in mail order selling & grading comic books for fifty one years  ! 


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I give great deals and have done mail order, retail for 51 + expert years. 



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old image have 2 different copies ask for new scan



Hal Foster's Prince Valiant 

There are 60 TOTAL Sun. Newspaper Strips of Price Valiant for sale from me.. 

On youtube under urmzogna is the latest video tape of Hal Foster's Prince Valiant.. 

Click and see them all at my youtube link: link...

Reasonable offers considered always.


 VIDEO TAPE 5 just above.  Updated 2-13-19

  SPECIALS get 'em while they are hot!  Email me.

They all have borders and are shrink-wrapped or sealed in plastic.


Flash Gordon Sun. Newspaper Comic Strips

 (+ more) Originals -- exciting collection!     NEW Videos Added

This ad on ebay from graphic-illusion is offering all my newspaper strips just acquired as a lot.  All offers considered. 

  • *** NEW: Just VIDEO TAPED some of my latest acquisitions

     ***FLASH GORDON Newspaper Sun. Strips and more!!!   

1934-1940-1950's For Sale Just in!

  • ***NEW: VIDEO of the originals I have for sale




  • Part 2 FLASH GORDON Alex Raymond & others:   
  • Jungle Jim, Flash Gordon; ALSO: Prince Valiant by Hal Foster, Tarzan by Edgar Rice Burroughs...




Video #3 of the originals ALL -- ALEX RAYMOND 

FLASH GORDON AND JUNGLE JIM! Original Newpaper Strips/Funnies;  Tape 4 tomorrow! 



***New VIDEO #4 of the old original 1930's-1950's newspaper strips offered here the newest!  

      *Added 10-03-14 Once you see how many Alex Raymond strips there are you will be excited. VIDEO #4 IS PURE ALEX RAYMOND.  BUY THEM ALL NOW!

         Updated NEW EXACT COUNT 10-18-14 !!!  (Lot's of interest in the 1930's so far).

1.  Pure: Alex Raymond Newpaper Strips SUNDAY.  (That's 4-5 groups of Sun. Funny Newspaper strips with the hottest art ever! 1930's-1950's.)

(There are 169 Alex Raymond strips for sure.  (First time counted; sorted out a bunch that could also be Raymond but don't see his signature))  But 169 are Alex Raymond many many from the 1930's)!!! Available to view the actual items at the video(s).... #4 especially and in videos #1-3).  May eventually write them all up!  But will list individually first. 

All reasonable offers considered.  Tape number four shows you just Alex Raymond newspaper strips in all their glory.  But there are tons showing in video tape of my filmed items in tapes #1-3 too.  Forgive my wide guesswork about value -- I do not know the real value yet.  Offers considered.  All are videotaped.  Even the one I say I am keeping is in the deal.  Again: MANY FROM 1930's.  TOTAL 169 or more. $8450. obo EMAIL ME NOW. MAKE AN OFFER.

2Mostly Non Alex Raymond Flash Gordon Group. Is currently included.  Once someone buys it they get all of this.  (Some can be seen at tapes 1-3 of actual items I am selling). (There are 133 not video taped so far). A Few probably by Alex Raymond (See #1 or tape 4 for the bulk of Alex Raymond) and others like Raboy.

ADD TO THAT 22 more Flash Gordon's that are either Raboy or Alex Raymond or another artist.  This lot has not been photographed or video taped yet. TOTAL 155!!!! 

Value $4-$8.00-$25  each up Willing to sell individually.


3. Tarzan (There are 111 unfilmed;  ALSO: HAL FOSTER! / Burne Hogarth (I think, too)+ I listed two so far on ebay).  This lot has not been video taped or filmed yet. 112 Total.  $3360.00 obo


4Misc. Group Included. (More than 24 unique strips in color old and rarish).

These 24 are being listed right now on ebay individually;  + There are some half sheets of Disney's Snow Whites*.)  20 Total

 Will sell directly to you. ASK.

All are on Newsprint.


Buy them all now, if you choose.  Less than 20 are not in plastic, all the rest are.

GRAND TOTAL Sun. Funnies Newspaper is:  around 490-500  Let's talk.

 Many kinds of strips too. See the videos.

  • There are 509 Pages less twenty or thirty that sold.  (Most are in Plastic already.). 
  • Amazing collection. Years are: 1934-1950's for sale from graphic-illusion 


  • Innovative work.   There are plenty of the earliest Flash Gordon in high quality color
  • looking beautiful....1930's!!!
  • I ship throughout the USA (About $6 to ship 1 in a tube). And world (you cover shipping).
  • You cover actual shipping cost; FREE PICKUP!  Old real original. 
  •  I sell comics and comic art and related items and have

done so for 51+ years or more; 21+ years on Ebay.

  •   Sold as is all sales final; but if ever a problem will work with you. 
  • See the image of the stack about 1 foot 11 inches aprox.  With air it is even higher.

Prices subject to change until purchased.   Winning & PAYMENT in full solidifies this deal at that moment.

(No one else can get it but you).

That's  5 groups of Sun. Funny Newspaper strips with the hottest art ever!

1930's-1950's. Being broken into smaller groups and by years and artists asap.

Unless you look at tape 4 and the others you will not have

a sense of this outstanding collection...may video tape the rest next week. 

Payment preceeds meeting or mailing.  Balance due within 3 days of Auction's/buy it now close.

Questions please. KING FEATURES.  +. Also from different Newspapers across the USA.




Flash Gordon Sun. Strips Available $For Free and up each inquire :)

1930's, 1940's, 1950's and a few 1960's are AVAILABLE

see my comic videos at urmzogna

at youtube


almost all SEALED in Plastic


click image   Ask about more

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