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Below are old back issue comics, art, fanzines and related collectibles / memorabilia, blb's, pulps, deluxe format comics, Original Comic Art,, Silver Age Comics, Golden Age Comics, modern, bronze, copper age comics available.   Old back issue comics for sale from me featuring some of the best comic artists and writers & grades.  I specialize in Al Williamson, Frank Frazetta, Steve Ditko, Jack Kirby, Gene Colan, Gil Kane and 1000's of others Artists and Authors.  More just in. *


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charlton comics steve ditko war ghost back issues on sale

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gi1.jpg image by comiczar   Copy for sale right now for $35 1st Print guaranteed.  Email me for details.

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3-D Comics


Fantasy Paperbacks; Frazetta, Jones, Smith, Wood, Steranko...more

fantasy paperbacks with awesome art Frank Frazetta Jeff Jones Krenkel Steranko etc for sale Frank Frazetta

Post_Golden_Age comics

Steve Ditko


More pre-marvel (including a so called Prototype) ATLAS comics just acquired.  Just got one with a story entitled Thorr, an Atlas Comic. Not added to page...  Ditko and others.


spawn comics

Starlog Magazine




Underground Comix *

Collectibles / Memorabilia


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Real Old Original only!

Coca-Cola trays

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and other Coke Memorabilia/Collectibles/Antiques.

coca cola trays  (video)

pmc1 (misc.)


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This is all mostly my old store stock and my personal collection.

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Q  Why do you love comics?

A.  For the stories and art.  And they are fun to collect.  And fun to sell and buy.

Q.  Do you collect art and read books too?

A.  Yes

Q.  How much time do you devote to it these days?

A. 1-5 hours a week on average.  In the old days it was 30-60 hours per week.

Q.  Do you do things outside of comics?

A.  Yes.  All my activities are outside of fandom and comics except for the massive San Diego Comic Book Convention which I attend yearly.

Q.  Do you buy comics.

A.  Yes.  See my want list on page 9.  Or email me.  I no longer will respond to all emails just those I can do something about.

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