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New Videos of some of my back issues for sale:


DREADSTAR COMICS Jim Starlin +++Epic/Marvel

silver surfer comics graphic illusion part 2

silver surfer comics graphic illusion1a

ms marvel + Shogun Warriors comics

epic magazine from Marvel

X-Factor (original X-men) Wolverine

Amazing Adventures comics

Star Wars comic books

X-men comics with Wolverine a collectible sampler

thor comic books part 3 old comics high grade from

thor comic part 1b great old marvel comic books

thor part 1


Videos of my Silver Age and Bronze Marvel comics for sale:



a few videos of my Marvel comics above

avengers comics

 avengers comics graphic illusion1a

spiderman comics
"What If" and "What The" a sampling comic books Marvel 2 'n One and Marvel Team-up comics powerman and iron fist comics
defenders part 3 comics I have in my collection defenders 2 Defenders 1 Marvel comics
wolverine comics X-factor 1a comics the original X-men characters x factor 1b
new mutants comics marvel Golden Age and Silver Age Spider man Comics For Sale + rare Fantastic Four comics Silver Age Marvel JACK KIRBY
spider-woman comics Marvel rare Silver Age Marvel Comics DITKO Strange Tales Gold rare modern too Fantasic Four Silver Age part 2 other Silver age Marvels
Jack Kirby art in DC MARVEL PACIFIC misc. comics warlock comics iron man
Avengers X-men Original Comic Art great silver age marvel comics wolverine in marvel comics presents
x-men comics a deluxe comics DC MARVEL etc. wolverine marvel comics presents more
wolverine 2 comics for sale graphic-illusion on ebay

videos to watch 

just 2 a day that's all we ask 

bond comics watchmen misc alpha flight comics Venom Comics back issues
Wolverine 3 (X-men) graphic-illusion on ebay rare Silver Age Marvel Comics DITKO Strange Tales Gold rare modern too X-men comics with Wolverine a collectible sampler

Independent Comics:

spawn comics *

Spawn * video works



From Image will type a list again someday! In the meantime just buy some from me. These Independent comics are just Videos of them for now. The actual links are at urmzogna & funster13* at youtube.




Marvel, DC and Original Art videos above those vids just above are ready for action.

All comics are for sale and probably all are still available but inquire to be sure I accept Paypal and checks and money orders.




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